Everything in this city is almost arranged, and we can't leave it alone in the village.

Those who are willing to learn to embroider will gather together, teach them and wait until they are mature before selling the finished products. What kind of food is used in the first shop in the city? If the village has the conditions to produce it, then use the village. For example, when you open a restaurant, the dishes you use are all imported from the village.

Li Ji has the conditions here, and he is also willing to help them. It is impossible to spend money in the street, and to do so is to write to them the way to earn money, and earn more and earn less by their own ability.

Li Qiao'er has really set the title of Shi Ziye Ganmei, and now she is no longer in the village. Dyeing workshops were opened in the city, and Li Qiaoer learned how to dye fabrics and bought fabrics in the city or provided them to garment shops. Although the point is still under Li Ji's name, Li Qiao'er has the right to speak and is considered half a boss.

All the shops are written with Li Ji's name. First, it is Li Ji who made various arrangements. Second, Er Gouzi is staring at Houfu Shizi's vacant job. This scholar, farmer, industry, and commerce, rewards is a lowly industry. Even if they want to be named Er Gouzi, they may not be willing.

Although Li Ji is a scholar, but has no official position, no one cares about business with this status.

Autumn is a good time to harvest mushrooms. The most delicious mushrooms take more than a month. Li Ji and Er Gouzi carried their own bamboo baskets and wore some heavy leather armor to keep warm, looking for game deep in the mountains.

"There are a lot of things in this mountain, and the taste is good. Even if the sun is not enough, it can be dried by fire." Li Ji used a stick to poke aside the pile of rotten leaves and searched for hidden mushrooms.

At this time, pine umbrellas and hazel mushrooms are the most attractive. Even if you can't eat it at home, you can sell it at a good price. Especially the Shanhuo shops that supply to the capital, such things are all rushing to ask for.

There are many mushrooms in the mountains because no one cares about them all the year round. The mushrooms that can be picked are too late to be sent down the mountain to dry. Once the mushrooms are picked, they will be stale and even rotten if they are not processed in time for a few hours.

So I can only dry the mushrooms with the things that used to dry the grass in the mountain dwelling. Although they are all dried, I always feel that the dried ones are not as good as the sun-dried ones.

Er Gouzi squatted down and saw a small pile of hazel mushrooms. With the help of a sickle, he dug out the handful by the roots, connecting large and small together, there were dozens of them.

Before Er Gouzi could speak, Li Ji had already leaned over and looked at it: "It's still your eyes that work."

Er Gouzi handed the mushrooms to Li Ji, and Li Ji had no face to put it in his back basket.

"Pretend to be your own, I don't think it is too heavy." Er Gouzi's eyes are working, they are all half-backed, and Li Ji is at best half a half.

Sun-dried mushrooms and fresh mushrooms are completely different.

There were eight people living in a drying tent. When they got here, they couldn't get a job. The people took the basket and sorted the mushrooms separately. Go and wash the mud and sand to dry it.

If the mushrooms are dried in the sun, the mushrooms must not be overwatered, because once they have been overwatered, the mushrooms are often rotten before they are dried in the sun. Can be dried differently. Because of the high temperature, the water evaporates quickly, so I wash it first, but it is convenient to eat later.

Er Gouzi grew up in the mountains, and it was like playing around in the mountains. Li Ji didn't have that good physical strength. He was so tired that he went into the house and lay down for a while. Er Gouzi followed Li Ji.

"I think there are a lot of dead trees on the west side. You should be able to find the fungus. Go and see tomorrow?" Li Ji didn't forget the next one.

On the one hand, I want to find things to kill myself, and on the other hand I want to get more food for Shen Tianzhan. This Shanzhen was originally a good thing, and the two of them could pick it up and give it to them, making it even more precious.

Shen Tianzhan also sent back a lot of fresh things, like abalone and lobster, most of them were fresh. Li Ji and Er Gouzi had only eaten dried abalone in the past, but they have not eaten fresh abalone.

Although they are far apart, they think about each other, and think about each other if there are good things. With this intention alone, no matter how far away it is, it is a family.

"Aren't you going to see the children tomorrow?" Er Gouzi reminded.

After the troubled times, many children lost their parents. Some parents were slaughtered after the Wu Jun attacked the city, and some were simply abandoned by their families. Most of the girls here. Even after fleeing, the concept of leaving the boy on the line is still very important.

Another special thing is that the man in the family was arrested to become a strong man and died on the battlefield. The daughter-in-law couldn't bear it and followed him. These days, no one cares about another family, and the child begins to be alone in taking care of himself.

Li Ji found a miscellaneous hospital to house these children, and also found some teachers who could read and read to teach them to study.

The child is the hope for the future. He started to support his family when he was a child, and to support his own Li Ji. When encountering this, he will always feel sorry if he doesn't stretch out his hands.

But this is not for nothing. In the future, these children will either go to test for fame, or go to work in a shop in the future. They will not die from starvation in the future, and have a job to support their families. For Li Ji, he also knows the roots and knows the bottom, so he can rest assured.

There are many rabbits in the yard. Let the children feed and play. After raising up, buying skins and selling meat to supplement the children's meals, Yuci was tired of studying at the same time, and teasing the rabbits was also to pass the time.

"If you don't tell me, I almost forgot." Li Ji ate a strawberry. "Speaking of my father, I haven't given a reply yet. We don't know what Dad thinks about taking in orphans. I'm afraid of causing trouble to Dad. If someone takes it. This group of children is making a fuss, saying it is a confidant after raising, we have not come to clarify it. It's just that the child is pitiful, the child is not big, and I can't help but want them to read and read."

"If Dad can't say it, you can let them move to the mountain. There are more campsites." Er Gouzi said.

The reason why the children are in the county now is because they will return to normal life when they grow up. If you live on the mountain, you will cut off contact with the mountain. It will be a little troublesome to think about living down the mountain in the future.

"That's the only way. Or simply not let the children read. Maybe they will all go." Li Ji sat at the table and ate snacks, and the mushrooms over there were ready.

The mushrooms were made into mushroom fried meat and mushroom soup. It also comes with a few side dishes. Li Ji asked them to taste it themselves. The freshly picked mushrooms are the most delicious and delicious.

Stir-fried meat with pine umbrella and some cabbage. The taste is just beautiful. In fact, Li Ji prefers stewed chicken with dried pine umbrella. The pine umbrella that is full of chicken juice is hollow and chewy. It has a very special taste and taste.

Of course, what is fresh is also a good one.

Li Ji just swallowed a bite of rice, a pair of chopsticks held a piece of mushroom and delivered it to his left mouth. Li Ji ate in and looked up at Er Gouzi. Er Gouzi was smiling at him.

No matter how many times I watched this smile, I felt my heartbeat.

Li Ji was warm in his heart, and the smile on his face was sweet and greasy. There was no outsider left, and there was nothing to be embarrassed about.

The two got up early the next morning. Because he was busy going down the mountain the next day, Er Gouzi was very considerate and did not toss Li Ji. There is no road on the mountain, so you still have to go down on two legs to go down the mountain. There are horse-drawn carriages in Xiashandao Village. Take the horse-drawn carriage to the county.

Go out in the morning and wait until noon in the county. The two went to their restaurant for a meal first, and then went to the courtyard to have a look.

The sound of reading inside can be heard from far away. Someone nearby watched that the group of orphans that no one wanted had books and read, and they wanted to let their children go over for a lesson. Li Ji was not polite at all. He said that he paid two dollars a month, the same price as before the war.

If you are really willing to pay for your own children to study, and send your children to school a long time ago, how can you discuss it with the compound? After hearing the price, I left without looking back.

Some have a thicker skin, and ask why those orphans who have nothing can eat and live there for nothing, and they don't eat other people's homes here, but they have to spend money instead?

Li Ji didn't want to mess with them, and only replied: "If your child is also an orphan, he doesn't need money to provide food and shelter."

If it weren't for Li Ji's current wealth and power, just such a sentence would be a lot of beating.

Entering the courtyard, is Erying sweeping the floor in the courtyard? Looking up and seeing Li Ji, he hurriedly smiled and called out: "Fourth Uncle is here!"

Both Li Jin and Erying are here to help, and Li Ji gives them one or two silver every month. Mainly responsible for the children's food. The general groceries in the yard were all done by the children after class. Er Ying was clean. Seeing that there were fallen leaves in the yard, I couldn't see it, so I swept it with a broom.

Without their son, Xiao Tudou, Erying's body was weak and she was afraid that he would not be able to regenerate. Their husbands also discussed that there are so many orphans in the yard, and they have to find a close eye to adopt, with an incense-passing one.

"Busy? I don't know the time. I was picking mushrooms in the mountain yesterday, and I lived on the mountain at night. I came down from the mountain in the morning and went to the county at noon. Have lunch." Li Ji Erren and Erying sat down on the bench in the yard.

Erying said: "Where is it? You can come and see, everyone is happy. Two days ago, I was kind of a kid in the yard asking when my fourth grandfather would come over again, which caused several little girls to cry."

There are more girls than boys in the yard, but they all study together. Although there are fewer opportunities for women's photos than men's, there is even no way out. Basically, you will get married when you reach the age. However, even if they are married, reading and reading can give them the capital to choose a better husband-in-law, instead of being an orphan, standing there like a cabbage and letting people pick and choose. Xiaoyingzi is also in it.

"I've been talking about it." Li Ji chuckles, "So the children are all used to it. It's good to be able to adapt. Are there any new children in these days?"

Erying said truthfully: "There are two more daughters. One of them was sent by her uncle. I heard that it seems that the younger sister returned to her husband's house without her husband. It will be difficult to find someone else to bring a towing oil bottle to marry in the future. I wanted to take it. She sold it to wealthy people as a maid, and even sent it to the brothel. However, this world is still not stable, and few people want it. I sent it here when we heard about it."

"If you encounter something like this, the flowers will remain. Let's cultivate it. No matter how bad it is, we can embroider and dye cloth for clothes. As long as they see it in the future, they will not dare to look up." Li Ji's remarks are exaggerated. Exhaust.

Erying listened for a while, but didn't go to her heart, and followed Li Ji's words: "Yes, right, right, telling them to abuse good girls. Anyway, many people have the heart to talk about it. This is something. None of us dared to call the shots, so we have been waiting for you to come over."

In fact, Li Ji can support several hundred more children, but it is definitely impossible for a child who grows up in such a large yard to find someone with a healthy parent. If there is a child who wants to be like the normal child next to him, Li Ji can't stop it either.

"It depends on the conditions. For example, those who have no children or want a son to go back to spread the incense, let's see which child is willing to go and send it. For example, those who have healthy children and want to come and have children, most of them are for one. A servant who does not spend money is really rare to be good to a child. It is also rare to ask a girl to be a child bride and wife. We are enjoying the children here, and we don't see if they are sent out to suffer." Li Ji turned his head and settled the matter. Up.

Li Ji's words make sense, and Erying nodded.

After talking for a while, Li Jinzheng came back from outside with a cart of vegetables.

There are vegetables over there in the country, but it's too far away, and it's troublesome to transport them back and forth. Fortunately, vegetarian dishes are cheap here. Buying such a cart with fresh seasonal vegetables once will be enough for the children to eat for two or three days. As for the meat, there are already a lot of dried bacon, so you don't need money to buy it.

"Four Uncle!" Li Jin yelled, with a smile on his swarthy face, watching his life go well.

"Went to buy vegetables? There are a lot of things. Are there still people growing lettuce here?" Li Ji looked at the vegetables in the car and saw that they were all fresh. There are so many children, in fact, such a cart of food can't last a few days.

"Because others don't grow them, and some of them deliberately grow these. They can be harvested before they are frozen, and they can be sold for a good price. After half a month, they will be frozen, and I can hardly eat them when I add them. Give the children more food while now."

Someone came out of the house to help move the vegetables into the kitchen. In addition to the two teachers, Li Ji also hired four long-term workers to help. In this way, the children can be taken care of, and the grown-up does not need to be too tired.

"Parents call, do not delay. Parents order, do not be lazy. Parents must teach, you must listen carefully. Parents must be responsible, you must follow…" The children's voice came out Lang Lang, Li Ji listened for a while, and his eyebrows frowned. The tighter.

When I was in the mountains before, I never saw the county magistrate teach the children. Li Ji never stopped, so it was strange to him.

Li Ji listened for a long while, and there was something to teach children common sense in life, and there was also something to tell children how to obey. Li Ji's playing environment is different, and it is different from what others think. Somehow, it is very uncomfortable to hear these words that educated children must be obedient.

The children are Miaomiao, the future, so they become puppets hanging under the rope?

Li Ji said: "Go and tell sir, this is no longer necessary, so let's change it."

Did not say why. However, given the weight of Li Ji's words now, no one would ask why.

Li Ji doesn't understand the big right and wrong, and doesn't understand the big truths. He just felt that these children were originally orphans. Teaching them how to honor their parents, isn't it piercing their hearts? What's more, there are some concepts that may not be correct. There is no need to force the seagulls to teach them when they are not sensible.

A long-time worker came into the school and said, and soon the voice of the children stopped reading. Then it changed, and the sound of Lang Lang reading came out again. Because the children were all just enlightened, and they were learning superficial and easy-to-understand things, Li Ji listened for a while but didn't hear anything unpleasant, so he didn't listen to it anymore.

Li Ji and Li Jin's couple had a chat together for a long time, and then the get out of class ended at the school. The children ran out in brook, and some children were still chasing, so it was so lively.

The teacher said several times to quiet them, and gradually came to Li Ji.

The children are called Li Jin and Erying's uncle and aunt. If they are called Li Ji, they simply call him the fourth grandfather according to seniority.

Li Ji was used to being called, so he didn't think much. Such a group of children came over but called him Grandpa Four. The show was big enough.

Li Ji smiled and nodded, letting them go to play. The rabbits in captivity were jumping around, and some children went into the enclosed ground to grab grass and feed them. In addition to the convenience of going to school, this spare time for studying is just like this.

Yingzi kissed Li Ji and ran to Li Ji to talk to Li Ji. Li Ji asked her some interesting things, Yingzi looked more cheerful and talked a lot.

Yingzi looks good, plus she is the only girl under Li Jin's name. There are many boys in this yard showing kindness to Yingzi. Fortunately, they are all children, not so much thinking. Although the little girl next to her is envious, no one is jealous.

After staying for an afternoon, Li Ji and Er Gouzi both returned to the mansion where Shen Tianzhan lived when they were the grandfather of the county.

Although the county magistrate's mansion is not specific, it is usually prepared by oneself, or simply the county government. It's just that there are specific rules everywhere. The former county magistrates basically stayed here for a few years before being transferred away, and the residence was reserved for the next one.

However, after experiencing the chaos of war, Shen Tianzhan jumped to become Lord Hou again. I believe that even if he comes to the county magistrate again, he will not dare to live here. Even if they want to live in, Li Ji and Er Gouzi are eligible to live before the new county magistrate arrives.

The mansion is too big, with only five or six people taking care of it, and they can barely guarantee the superficial scenery. Those who need to be dressed up like the back garden are no longer look like this at this time.

The lotus on the lake was originally taken care of, and the flowers bloomed just right, but now they are piled up in ponds, and more withered than in full bloom, there is no way.

The fruits in the fruit forest were basically rotten and fell on the ground, and there was no room to clean them up.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi came over, and didn't get up diligently, so they lived in the small yard where they used to live. The servants left in the house boiled water. After bathing, the two fell asleep.

After tossing for half the night, I got up three poles in the morning. When people arrived after going out, Shen Tianzhan's letter finally arrived.

There happened to be someone who could read in the mansion, and Li Ji hurriedly called for him to read it.

Winter is coming soon, and the capital is warmer than here. Shen Tianzhan was sealed as a third-rank Zuodu Yushi, and was an official specializing in monitoring officers. Very powerful. Xiao Tudou also studied hard, and Shen Tianzhan found him a Gongsheng to be his husband, and he is not bad now.

As for the children, Shen Tianzhan told them to feel free to do whatever they want. To be honest, Shen Tianzhan's grandson is not his own, and the emperor is extremely relieved of him. So even if Shen Tianzhan really wants to cultivate his confidant, he doesn't have much hope in the future.

After a few words, Li Ji was sad when he heard what people did not read. Close the letter carefully. Not in a hurry to reply. I went back to the mountain and packed up all the mountain products I prepared these days. Li Ji said that people wrote the letter, and then dragged the post to the county magistrate to send it back.

The county magistrate was worried about Li Ji, and Li Ji wanted to tell the county magistrate about his current good life.

Now Li Ji's business is blooming everywhere in the county town, because of the family property left by the county magistrate, he started earlier than others. I believe that in another three to five years, the situation will be completely better, and Li Ji's business will bring one mountain after another.

This small county can't bring much income from silver, and Li Ji will not expand his birthday to other counties. But it does not mean that Li Ji will not cooperate with people from other counties. When the time comes, find a reliable joint to supply them. Let them go outside to open a shop. It has nothing to do with Li Ji, but consumes a lot of goods, and sells small profits but sells more. Even the profits are probably due to the money earned in this small county.

At this moment in the capital, Shen Tianzhan can be regarded as boundless. The emperor really reused him. After several conversations, the new emperor had just ascended the throne. It was easy to fight the country, but it was difficult to take care of the country. There are few people around him who are capable of governing the country, and Shen Tianzhan quickly gained the trust of the new emperor.

Nowadays, even though the generals who are fighting with the new emperor do not look down upon him, the civil servants in Jingli are basically polite to Shen Tianzhan and do not dare to offend him at all. Wrap the newly appointed prime minister.

Now most of the real power is still in the hands of the new emperor alone. Although exhausted, it is better than safety. Shen Tianzhan is one of the few officials with real power, and naturally attracts attention.

It's just this attention that also brings danger. On that day, I will see the old political enemies who have become commoners. I once heard him say that the tree attracts the wind. Shen Tianzhan's future may not be as good as his.

Shen Tianzhan didn't think this was a curse. If he has a wrong step. This is really possible in the future.

It's just that Shen Tianzhan now has no turning back.

After reading the things and letters sent by Li Ji, this was the happiest time for Shen Tianzhan. Take it to the kitchen first, and have eaten these recently. Although the letter was not written by the two sons, the habit of speaking in his heart belonged to Li Ji.

At the end, there was a blunt sentence: "Delicious, sleep well, and wait for you to come back." Obviously Er Gouzi said.

There was not much content in the letter, but it was just a few pieces of paper that made Shen Tianzhan look at it and then reluctant to put it down. The distance is widened, such a family letter is so precious.

On the other side of Li Ji, the freezing was a few days earlier than in previous years. I woke up and opened the door in the morning, and the window was foggy. When the mist cleared, frost hung on the bare tree. Only then did I know later that it was frozen.

Winter came quietly again.

Lying on the warm Kang, Li Jicai suddenly asked: "How old am I this year?"

Er Gouzi didn't understand, and looked at Li Ji with his head tilted.

Li Ji counted by himself: "I almost forgot, I will be twenty-one in the New Year."

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