It was cold in winter, Li Ji and Er Gouzi went to see the camp. Livestock on the campsite makes a lot of money on weekdays. Although the harvest on the mountain this year is not as much as that under the mountain, fortunately, when it was planted, three thousand people planted it together. Now two thousand people come to eat, which is not enough. And I made a lot of money by buying skins, and I bought hundreds of catties of rice. I eat rice every two or three days in the camp. It's a luxury.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi didn't go back, they were the focus of everyone. Of course, the two are the focus no matter where they go.

There are not many young people left in the camp, and even fewer with children.

The child born last year will just leave this year, so round and cute. Another family who gave birth to the child has taken the child down the mountain. This family is also considering whether or not to go down the mountain. However, the child has a good life on the mountain, so for a while, he will not have the thought of going down the mountain.

Li Ji picked up the child, who had just put on a new cotton-padded coat, making her fleshy body rounder. He was soft in his arms, still carrying a burst of milky air.

Li Ji quite likes children, but just like it. It takes too much energy to raise a child. Li Ji and Er Gouzi are busy on weekdays, and they don't have enough time to be intimate with each other. Where can I have time to take care of the children? If you meet a naughty person, it's not enough for a headache.

"Climb!" The child yelled vaguely, but the little hand saw the rope around Er Gouzi's neck, which was not honest with Li Ji, and reached out to grab Er Gouzi's direction.

Li Ji was unskilled in holding the child, and for fear of falling, he hurriedly returned the child to his parents. When the child arrived in his parents' arms, he was not honest, so he stared at the red rope around Er Gouzi's neck, groaning inwardly.

Er Gouzi felt her gaze, pulled the red string around her neck, and wore out the jade that was not very good in color.

The child grinned and reached out to want. When a child of this age saw what he wanted, Er Gouzi was really serious and shook his head at the child: "I can't give it to you."

The child waved this little hand and stretched out to grab it. The child's parents were very embarrassed, and he took two steps back to apologize: "I'm sorry, sorry, the child is still young and naive."

Er Gouzi is now the son of the world, and he stretches out his hand to ask for something, is that enough?

Neither Li Ji nor Er Gouzi are mean people, so naturally they would not take this little thing to heart.

"What's the matter, kids, they like brightly colored things. If they are held by them, they can play with them, but this is a relic given to Er Gouzi by the mother, so I can't move it. Shanxiatou is good at embroidering, yes. I will bring her two embroidered handkerchiefs to play with."

There are only a few girls in the camp, this is the smallest, and they will always rush to these. There are not many children on the mountain now, there are less than twenty in total, of which only four girls. Those who have sons at home are all considering moving down the mountain.

Although the days at the bottom of the mountain are not as comfortable as those on the mountain, at any rate there are many girls, and the son at home is not a bachelor.

It is also heard that there are many girls in the county yard. Someone also mentioned to Li Ji about taking some girls up the mountain, so that those who are not afraid of men without daughters-in-law, as long as they can thrive and pass on from generation to generation, no one will run down the mountain.

Where is Li Ji willing? Now in the compound, boys and girls are studying together, two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon. The rest of the time is basically women embroidering, and men practicing some martial arts. The prospects are good for another three to five years. It's not that Li Ji doesn't look down on the children in the camp on the mountain, but the road ahead is different, and you can't live together.

Besides, Li Ji's own marriage is decided by himself, so naturally he also thinks that the marriage of others is also in charge. He can't control the children of others, and the children he adopts are naturally the masters.

The child has reported it, so go to the army to take a look. They have long lost their military flags and no serial numbers. They are still wearing armor and holding weapons, and now they are just defending themselves.

"Give a courtesy to the commander." Li Ji took Er Gouzi for the compilation, and the commander helped them up.

He laughed at himself: "It's kind of me. I don't have two valuables anymore. Sit, Pu'er, which has been fresh for ten years, tastes good after drinking it. I know you are a tea lover, come and taste it."

Li Ji likes to drink tea, and when he is bored these days, he really listened to the doorway of tea. Just started drinking tea.

Pu'er is said to be the better tea as it ages, and the longer the time, the higher the value. A piece of twenty-year-old tea bricks are all priceless.

The tea came, and Li Ji rarely and Pu'er, tasted good tea and praised it. Looking at the commander with a smile, "Now the entire camp falls on you."

It was always managed by Shen Tianzhan before. After all, Shen Tianzhan was the grandfather of the county at that time, so he could arrange it more securely. Now Shen Tianzhan has been "recruited" by the court, and the only officials in this camp are the commanders.

"Why don't you come and help?" The commander smiled.

Li Ji shook his head repeatedly: "You can spare me."

"Yes, your business is booming right now, and you have always had no energy to get out of it. But the arrangements were very good when Lord Hou was there, and now they are all managed by the old methods, and there is no trouble."

The commander absolutely obeyed the order with the thousands of soldiers under his hand, and the remaining people with less than a thousand people could arrange it no matter what.

"I didn't expect so many people to stay. After all, we can't have private property here." Li Ji remembered that a few months ago, it was completely different from now.

"Actually, getting used to this kind of days without private property means getting used to it. Don't fight or grab, starve or not freeze. Isn't it good in this life? If you live separately, those who have big abilities don't have to worry about it. Naturally, those who make money don't worry about eating and drinking. Those who don't make much money may have to endure hunger after a year of tiredness. In contrast, life on the mountain is naturally more comfortable."

The mountain is free and there is no worries about food and clothing on the mountain. Each has it's own benefits.

Li Ji nodded and understood: "But now there are too few children, I am afraid that in a few decades, there will be not many people on the mountain."

Li Ji's words are not cool words, but real thoughts. It is a pity that so much land has been cultivated in this mountain.

The commander thought about it and said with a wry smile: "It may not take decades. Now Wu Guojiang has not been completely stable, and has not established a foothold in all aspects. If we wait for them to gain a foothold, our mountain is no different from mountain bandits. They will definitely come to encircle and suppress them. Even if they don't encircle and suppress them, Lord Hou will circulate in it. This disbanding and descending from the mountain is inevitable. These soldiers actually have families, but now let's not say that they are returning home once every three years to visit relatives. Even if you can go back, it's two different things."

And even if I went back, I don't know if my family is still there.

"With Daddy, don't worry too much about these things. The left and right will not put our lives in danger." Li Ji sighed after speaking, "The war is over, but the dangerous consequences of this war are more likely to be. Wait a few years for it to disappear completely."

The atmosphere was a little stagnant, and then the commander smiled and said, "Forget it, leave him alone. If God didn't give me a way to survive, death would be a relief. Back then, in the summer dynasty, the days were very unhappy, so much now. I am still happy and quiet."

"Look at what you said, if God really doesn't give a way to survive, it is impossible to let the smashed door live at this time. Even if you say it to the worst. The mountains are easy to defend and difficult to attack, and it is even harder to find them. Just go wherever you are. And it's probably impossible to see this kind of scene."

Li Ji remembered that when he was first with Er Gouzi, he was trembling, for fear of being known. At that time Er Gouzi said, and hid in the mountains when he was found. Although young people are lonely, they are isolated from the world, safe and at ease.

"It would be great if the new emperor could allow the mountain to exist like this, and it would be a big deal to offer to the court every year in the future." Li Ji couldn't help thinking, "At that time, you can go up to the mountain to live your life. Although you can't walk around here casually," Li Ji couldn't help thinking. I'm a little bored, but the food and drink are the top ones."

The commander did not answer. In fact, he thought so too. Is it just that God can really make them do what they want?

I held the commander's office and chatted for a long time, and went back to sleep in the giant tent at dawn.

The mountain road is too much, so it's not so strenuous. On the way, Li Ji is still joking with Er Gouzi: "I've seen a big man after all, and I'm so scared to kneel when I see officials, but now I've been chatting with the dignified commander for a long time. ."

"Your father is Hou Ye." Er Gouzi said with a smile.

Li Ji didn't expect Er Gouzi to say such a sentence, and he reacted afterwards: "Yes! My son is still my daughter-in-law, who should I be afraid of such a good housework? Maybe I will see the emperor another day, and my legs won't tremble anymore. ."

On a steep slope, Er Gouzi went up and turned around and pulled Li Ji. Li Ji looked around and said to Er Gouzi: "Let's just walk out of a path in a daze. Now if I were to walk by myself, I could also find a home."

"You can't go. There are wild beasts." In fact, the two of them have encountered dangerous beasts when they walked this way. But fortunately, the two of them had all the preparations, and the Er Gouzi were great. Anyone encountered on the road was either beaten away or simply became their prey and dragged home to eat.

"I'm just making a metaphor, where I dare to really go. I dare not go where there are no beasts on the edge of the mountain. What if I get lost again, I can't see you."

Li Ji remembered that Er Gouzi had lost his childhood. Li Ji had been lost in the mountains twice. The feeling of fear and despair was so impressive that it was hard for him to forget it.

What's more, Er Gouzi was so small back then.

"You must be very scared when you first lost it." Li Ji said, "In this deep mountain and old forest, just take it now and say, if I didn't have you, I would definitely be crazy."

Er Gouzi thought about it, and said, "I'm really scared. I've got used to it after a long time. But now I can't. If I alone can't get out in the mountains and can't find you, I will definitely be crazy."

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