In the winter, there was a lot of inconvenience on the mountain, so Li Ji and Er Gouzi moved to their residence down the mountain. After snowing, the snow on the road is easy to clear, and it is not difficult to contact the other side of the city.

Twelve hours in the first day at home, it was always warm. In the past, as long as the two of Shen Tianzhan's servants were nearby, they would come to take care of them even if they were alive. Li Ji said, without nightwatchman with them at night, they do live, Li Ji pay, it is very fair. Covering the quilt at night will not catch cold. If you put a fire before going to bed, the kang will be cold in the middle of the night.

But what about Li Ji, they all nodded happily. As a result, the kang is hot for one night every day, and I don't know how many times it burns at night.

There is a greenhouse in the backyard of the house in the Taiyefu of the county, and some vegetables can be planted in the winter in previous years. This year, Li Ji did not go to waste. Let the family who grew vegetables in the winter by Shen Tianzhan come to help. Sowing the seeds when it is first cold, and when the first snow comes down, a lot of leafy vegetables can be eaten.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi eat one portion every day, and share one portion for the vegetable grower. The rest are sent to various shops and craftsmen to try them out.

After a heavy snowfall, the roads in Daoxian were opened for seven full days. Li Ji clicked on the business situation in the county. Just got on the carriage and went into the city to take a look. At the same time, Er Gouzi's birthday is approaching, which is the day when she met Er Gouzi. Li Ji thinks that Er Gouzi's birthday will be celebrated at his own inn in the city this year. When he is born, the two will go to the mountain together.

There are only the counties managed by the guard troops left in those years, and there are no more serious county princes and government officials.

The early days when the war subsided were fine, but now more than half a year has passed. Where did the warriors know how to manage the people in this county? Force can be suppressed, but the grievances are increasing.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi were sitting on the second floor of their inn eating snacks, watching the people coming and going on the street.

The shopkeeper came up to serve the tea in person, and it was comfortable to ask twice.

The shopkeeper was a subordinate who used to know how to buy and sell under Shen Tianzhan's hands, and now he manages such a big inn.

"Very good, both left and right are in my own home." Li Ji said again, "Business has been good these past two days, and I saw a lot of people when I first came in."

The shopkeeper nodded: "Recently, our county has become lively. In the past, there were few people from outside, and few people lived in inns. Those who came from the country were looking for a farmhouse to spend a few dollars to live in, and they were reluctant to live in an inn. Recently. Maybe people from outside knew that our former county magistrate became the prince's lord, and there were more people who came to see it. Naturally, there are more people who open an inn here."

The second floor is an inn, and the first floor is for meals. The business used to be on the first floor, but now that the war has passed, the business on the second floor is getting better.

Speaking of Shen Tianzhan, Li Ji found it strange to think about it, let alone an outsider.

"Good business is a good thing. If there is not enough manpower, you can hire two more guys to help. Don't be too tired yourself." Li Ji said.

The shopkeeper hurriedly said: "I'm still busy now, I'm sorry, Si Ye, you remember."

At this time, Li Ji on the second floor saw a few soldiers coming downstairs, still wearing armor, holding weapons in his hand, looking strange and scary.

Seeing this, I came to the inn, and the shopkeeper obviously saw him too. His face was not very good, and he hurriedly said hello to go downstairs: "Little one, go downstairs!"

Li Ji is not stupid, he sees something wrong, and asks: "Don't rush away, tell me what those soldiers are doing here. Don't say they are here, they have camps."

If it was a meal, I clearly saw that they came from the opposite restaurant.

The shopkeeper's face was awkward, and when he struggled to write, he opened his mouth and said: "I am dissatisfied that you say that it is tax."

Li Ji raised his eyebrows: "Taxation is a normal thing. It should have been sent to you on your own initiative. Why do you want someone to come over and ask for it?"

The shopkeeper looked at Li Ji and Er Gouzi again, gritted his teeth and said: "Small timid, I am afraid that I may cause troubles. It was okay earlier, but now every county magistrate is in charge of it. It has always been these things. The head of the soldier! Each of their teams is responsible for one street, and this tax…they set it themselves."

Li Ji frowned slightly, and at this moment, he could hear the downstairs clamoring for the shopkeeper to come out: "What is the method?"

The shopkeeper wiped the sweat on his head: "The amount of tax paid is the same as the previous one, which is the same as that of the previous one. It's just…this month, this is the fourth time I came to collect taxes."

"Why didn't you say it earlier!" Li Ji stood up and made a gesture to go downstairs.

The shopkeeper hurriedly concealed: "Fourth master, please think twice! As the saying goes, the Hades are better than the little ghosts. They are only soldiers who ask for money. The fourth master of the people there, you and the world's son? But what a good one."

Youdao is a talented person who meets soldiers, and the young soldiers are used to being arrogant in this hall. Plus, knowing that there are only officers in the county, naturally no one pays attention to it.

Li Ji thought about what the shopkeeper said reasonable, nodded, and thought about going directly to the local barracks to look for it, and Shen Tianzhan's identity as Lord Hou was pressed by the left and right. But looking back, it's not feasible.

Because civilian officials and military commanders disliked each other, especially after the war, those with weapons in their hands looked down on Wuwen Nongmo scholars. Holding Shen Tianzhan down, things are easy on the surface, but if someone behind them wants to make things worse, there is no way.

"Go down, give them as much as they want, don't offend it. But this can't be the case. You can rest assured, there is always a way to solve this." Li Ji had some thoughts in his heart, and the specifics still need to be resolved. Look at Shen Tianzhan's greatness.

That's right, how did the common people like Li Ji succeed in fighting? What can be done is to write to Shen Tianzhan. Nothing else, just think about arranging a new county magistrate here.

The county magistrate is here, and if there is a lieutenant officer, then it is impossible to justify not delegating power to the army. This tax was originally a yamen's business, but Li Ji wanted to see how they got involved.

When the shopkeeper came downstairs and gave the money they wanted, Li Ji asked him to come up to help write a letter.

This letter was sent out, and I was afraid that it would be delayed for a long time in the winter, and Li Ji was not in a hurry at this time and a half. This arrogance as a soldier, just let it go. The more arrogant, the deeper the grievances among the people. How did the previous dynasty fail, isn't it now taking the old path?

Er Gouzi's birthday. In the morning, the two of them worshipped Li Yan's prepared position. In theory, Er Gouzi should fast and be vegetarian this day. However, Er Gouzi is a meatless master, and this is not a serious eight-hundred birthday, so he is not so demanding.

It was snowing outside, and Li Ji and Er Gouzi looked out on the second floor. They could see them in most of the county. This is a small county, and there are not many houses with two floors. Li Ji heard that there are three-story towers and nine-story towers in the capital. Seriously, I want to take a look.

"Today is your birthday, is there any place you want to go? I'll go with you."

Er Gouzi looked outside and shook his head: "I don't like to move when it's snowing, it's nice to be here."

Li Ji took an egg from the table, rolled it on the table, knocked open the glass shell and handed it to Er Gouzi: "Then have an egg first, and then a bowl of longevity noodles at night."

If you are passing longevity, especially large families, they are busy all morning and afternoon, and longevity noodles are also eaten during banquets during the day. It's just that Er Gouzi's age is far from reaching the end of his life.

Er Gouzi took the egg, stuffed it into his mouth and chewed. Li Ji looked at Er Gouzi's bulging cheeks and thought of Songsong and Taotao: "What do you want to eat at night? Let the kitchen prepare in advance."

"You can do it." Chewing in his mouth, his speech was a little vague.

Li Ji was a little speechless: "I came to the city to celebrate your birthday, so that you can eat more good food. If I only need to make it, we will just spend it in the village."

"You're doing very well." Er Gouzi swallowed the eggs, "It's best to cook a few dishes, and let the kitchen cook the others."

Li Ji stretched out his hand to pull at Er Gouzi's face, wanting to say whether he was willing to say anything. Peel an egg and eat one yourself, and play chess with Er Gouzi to relieve boredom.

Li Ji looked at the snow outside the window, and suddenly said, "I want to see what fireworks look like."

Li Ji is not considered to have seen fireworks. In previous years, there were two people in the village who were willing to spend money. The fireworks that were not very decent bought were set off on New Year's Eve. There were only a few small ones, and they disappeared after two.

It is said that during the New Year, the official houses in the city will display a lot of big fireworks, which is very beautiful. Li Ji likes this kind of empty head and brain, and has always wanted to see it.

"What is a firework?" Er Gouzi had never seen it.

Li Ji shook his head: "I'm not sure, anyway, it's something very beautiful. Anyway, you said that we are both so rich. It's okay if we set off fireworks on your birthday, right?"

Er Gouzi would have no opinion. Li Ji went straight downstairs. It is rare that he grew up like a child and asked the shopkeeper where he could buy fireworks.

If you say something in advance, you can be prepared. The shopkeeper had served Li Ji and thought it would be like one, and he hurriedly said: "There used to be some fireworks in the Houye Mansion, but I look for it now. Most of it has been on for a year or two, I'm afraid that the tide will not return. It's unsightly. Don't worry, just smile and arrange for someone to find someone who makes fireworks. It should be possible to buy them."

Li Ji nodded: "Then it will be troublesome."

Er Gouzi accompanied Li Ji downstairs. Seeing Li Ji's look of expectation, he only felt that the more he looked, the better.

Li Ji looked back at each other, speechless. With a smile in his eyes, Li Ji jumped up the steps a few steps, took Er Gouzi back to the house and continued to play chess.

The four ancestors wanted to watch the fireworks, how could they not arrange them. Those who have been with the two for a long time know that Li Ji and Er Gouzi, although Er Gouzi are the most serious sons of the world, it is Li Ji who really does not provoke them.

Of course, this is not to say that Li Ji is so mean, it can only be said that he is really good in life.

I bought the fireworks. The more gorgeous and beautiful the fireworks, the higher the price, but in this small county, the most expensive fireworks are only ten taels of silver.

Twelve taels of silver is a huge number for ordinary people, but for large families, especially for people like Li Jiergouzi who sit on the golden mountain and silver mountain, it is nothing.

It's just that civilians set off fireworks, and it is supposed to be reported to the government. Nowadays, there are no government offices, only military commanders. The shopkeeper personally brought the money to the door to say something, but it turned out that more money was used to arrange the military commander than to buy fireworks.

If it is a normal government, even if it is more greedy, a few coins will pass. In a clean government, just say it, and you won't use it at all.

How much can the inn earn in a day? It was cut away by them with a single blow.

Of course, I can't tell Li Ji about this. Today is the birthday of the son of the world, and you can't find this bad luck to make the two masters feel bad.

In the afternoon, Li Ji was busy cooking for Er Gouzi. Even the longevity noodles are made by Li Ji himself.

Er Gouzi is the little birthday star, so he can't let him reach out to work. Fortunately, there was a buddy who helped to start the fire, and Li Ji was busy coming over.

Er Gouzi loves potato stew and chicken, and he has fried a few side dishes that are often made at home. Nor can Li Ji be blamed. Li Ji can cook a few dishes in total. Before they met the grandfather of the county, the two turned over and adjusted the dishes they ate.

Er Gouzi thoughtfully wiped the sweat from Li Ji's hair, and his face almost burst into laughter.

Li Ji sat on a small stool and watched Huohou. In fact, you don't need to worry about it at this time, the cook in the inn will watch it come out at that time. It's just that Er Gouzi wants to eat what Li Ji personally makes, so it looks like it has been done by Li Ji alone.

Li Ji sat in front of the stove and watched the burning stove, and at Er Gouzi sitting next to him. It seems to be back two years ago.

People can't stand back thinking about it. I can't hold back thinking about it this way.

"I'll go back to the village to celebrate your birthday next year. Let's spend it alone." Li Ji said.

"Yeah." If it wasn't for Li Ji, take him to the city first. What Er Gouzi wanted most was to spend time at home with Li Ji.

No matter how good the conditions are, what kind of father you have, and how many family possessions you have. The best days in Er Gouzi's heart are those with Li Ji.

The dishes are out of the pot, the chicken has been stewed for a little longer, and the chicken is very soft and rotten.

They brought them up to the second floor one after another, and Li Ji and Er Gouzi were not in a hurry to eat. It's colder, and the heat in the house during the day can still open the windows to look outside, but at night it's even colder, and it's a bit cold when you open the windows.

I deliberately asked the guy to add two more charcoal basins, and only waited for the temperature in the room to rise, then opened the windows and waited for the fireworks to be set off outside.

Pour twice the warm wine, and the two of them looked out the window intently holding the wine glasses.

The more I haven't seen it, the more excited my heart is. Li Ji looked forward to waiting. The guy outside saw that the window on the second floor was opened, and quickly lit the Nianzi. Soon, the same kind of fireworks exploded with colorful and dazzling fireworks, and Li Ji's eyes were all alive.

Li Ji saw it for the first time. It turned out that there are still such beautiful and gorgeous things in this world. Fireworks are indeed a masterpiece of flames blooming in the sky. Li Ji couldn't find any vocabulary to describe, but just stared blankly, his face was amazing.

Er Gouzi looked at the fireworks and Li Ji, whose face was so beautiful that he was deserved by the fireworks. Seeing his stunning and satisfying look, Er Gouzi also felt that this firework is really the most beautiful thing in the world.

The fireworks lasted for a long time, until when Li Ji was willing to look away, the fireworks had not burned out.

Li Ji looked back and saw Er Gouzi looking at him intently. He lifted the wine glass and raised Er Gouzi's arm: "Drink a cup of wine."

Li Ji was only temporary, and the two of them had their arms crossed. Drink all the wine in the glass.

Under the fireworks, the two looked at each other. Er Gouzi's birthday this year is very happy.

For a table of meals, the inn prepared a lot of delicacies and delicacies, but when the meal was over, only Li Ji's cooking was left.

The two had a meal together, there was nothing to say about it. After the meal, the guys came in to clean up. The guys looked at the pile of bones like a hill, and the messy dining table, their faces were a little stiff with laughter.

They all retired after they were cleaned up. Both are drunk. The warm wine is very intoxicating, the wine is delicious, but the feeling of entering the stomach is the same.

Li Ji fell on the bed, and Er Gouzi went to plug the door in. Walked around to the bed and looked at Li Ji.

"I'm back! Why did you go?" Li Ji was a bit guilty when he was drunk. The more drunk he became, the more obvious the second.

"Put the door in."

"Oh, the door should be plugged in, otherwise someone will come in and be annoying." Every town under his head. Li Ji was uncomfortable, reaching out to touch the pillow and couldn't touch it. Looking at Er Gouzi again, he felt a double image, "Don't shake it! I'm drunk, and I can't see it clearly when you shake it.

Because Li Ji's face was so drunk and red, Er Gouzi bowed to untie Li Ji's clothes.

After getting drunk, Li Ji thought of nothing, and when he rolled, he didn't let Er Gouzi touch him: "Didn't you do it yesterday? Why are you here? I want to sleep, not to do it with you."

In Li Ji's impression, most Er Gouzi had to undress him. If he was awake, he would hide the sordidness in his heart, and he would not understand at all when he was drunk.

Er Gouzi stopped in mid-air. Li Ji is so attractive tonight, it really made him right.

Er Gouzi will never force Li Ji, but it does not mean that Er Gouzi will not persuade Li Ji.

Li Ji climbed onto the bed in slippers, lay beside Li Ji and whispered softly: "You think you did it yesterday, but you don't want to do it?"

Li Ji nodded.

Er Gouzi continued, "But I did it yesterday, and I want to do it today."

Li Ji is a little confused, why the two think differently?

Er Gouzi continued to seduce: "We are a couple, yours is mine, and mine is yours, right."

Li Ji nodded.

Er Gouzi smiled like a cheating fox: "Then everything can be exchanged."

Li Ji nodded again.

Er Gouzi's lips rubbed Li Ji's ears and said, "Then let's exchange ideas. From now on, I don't want to do it because I did it yesterday. You want to do it every day, okay."

Li Ji nodded without thinking.

Er Gouzi immediately lay down and closed his eyes, and deliberately said: "Then I don't want to do it, I did it yesterday."

Li Ji quickly adapted to Er Gouzi's thoughts and brought them in very quickly. Busily propped up: "No, I'll go to sleep when I'm done."

Li Ji couldn't hide the smile in his eyes, and changed Li Ji's words to her: "Didn't you do it yesterday?"

"You ate yesterday." After speaking, Li Ji began to take off Er Gouzi's clothes.

In the middle of the night, half asleep and half awake, Li Ji suddenly understood something: "Did I be fooled by you."

"No." Er Gouzi was telling the truth, after all, Li Ji agreed with every sentence.

"Oh." Li Ji turned over and fell asleep.

The next morning, Li Ji forgot everything about last night. He only remembered that the two of them were turning their heads upside down, but this kind of thing about old couples and old wives was so normal that Li Ji didn't even go there. Go inside.

But the fireworks are so memorable that Li Ji couldn't help thinking, waiting for the day of his birthday to set off the fireworks. Right in the village. I watched it with Er Gouzi and drank a cup of wine.

A few days later, Shen Tianzhan in the capital. Shen Tianzhan received the letter from Li Ji and frowned when he read the content in the letter.

With the establishment of the new dynasty, this urgent need is naturally the distribution of local officials. The new emperor has no experience in governing the country, so he relies on exploration for everything. He didn't dare to use too many former officials, but there were too few people on hand.

It's not that I don't want to arrange people to all parties, but the situation does not allow it.

Shen Tianzhan frowned. This is definitely not the only situation on Li Ji's side. It must be a common phenomenon across the country.

If you let it go. This country of Wu, which has just been established, is afraid that it will be precarious again.

Shen Tianzhan never considered allegiance to a certain emperor, what he really thought in his heart was the people of the world. If the smoke rises again, it will only be the people who suffer.

Shen Tianzhan was bored in the study for three days. At this moment, he really wanted to have Li Ji by his side. Li Ji always has some fresh ideas, even if he can't get along with the solution, it can give Shen Tianzhan more inspiration.

Shen Tianzhan read through the ancient books, in fact, there are not many records about the founding of the country, and most of them have specially beautified elements, as if becoming an emperor is respected by the people of heaven. After the upper ranks, he swipes the prosperous world with a big pen.

But in fact, the establishment of a serious empire is not so easy.

Three days later, Shen Tianzhan's eyes were still bloodshot, and he was busy attacking the emperor.

The emperor had a great affection for Shen Tianzhan. Now speaking, Shen Tianzhan is the emperor's most trusted courtier besides the meritorious ministers who fought with him. One is because Shen Tianzhan's knowledge is very high, on the other hand, Shen Tianzhan is not a sloppy person.

After the establishment of the new country, the civil officials, especially those who stayed from the previous dynasty, met with the emperor, and they were more or less cautious to please. These people don't know that they may not be appreciated by the emperor if they bow their knees. But in this case, who can control those? Don't ask for merit, but ask for nothing.

Only Shen Tianzhan, when facing the emperor, should have a lot of respect at all, but he was righteous between the lines, and he was quite magnanimous and romantic.

Therefore, the emperor had a good impression of him, and he was more and more reusable.

"Shen Aiqing is here? I haven't seen you in the previous two days, and I'm still sick. Now that I see nothing wrong, I can rest assured."

"Sacred Atonement." Shen Tianzhan didn't feel that he really cared about him. "Enlighten the Lord, the minister has delayed reading the ancient books day and night, and now come here and formally present the harvest of the minister in the past few days."

"Talk about it." The emperor put down the memorial and looked at Shen Tianzhan.

Shen Tianzhan said: "Three days ago, Weichen received a letter from his hometown dog. The letter said that the county was taken over by the army at this time, and the taxation was also done by the army. Each army manages the tax on a street. The tax payment, also Follow the rules of the previous dynasty. But, according to Inuzi, there have been four cases of taxation in a month."

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