The new emperor raised his eyebrows and said: "Love means…"

Shen Tianzhan was also afraid that he would misunderstand that he was in order to make the decision for his son. Of course, there was this element in it.

"Since it is a family letter, there will be no concealment what is written here. Weichen's humble opinion, such things, I am afraid that this kind of thing is common in this country." Shen Tianzhan said, "Weichen courageously, dare to ask the sage, In recent days, in places where the military has not arranged local officials to manage them, how much tax has been called in?"

The new emperor manages everything every day, and the top of the treasury is the top priority. One of the main reasons for the collapse of the previous dynasty was the deficit of the national treasury. When the former emperor was sober, the treasury had already been swallowed up by treacherous officials. Later, the emperor lingered on the couch, and the power ministers headed by the queen mother and the queen became more unscrupulous.

With such a lesson ahead, the first goal of the new emperor is to expand the treasury. This way, and after I entered Beijing, I have copied many fat officials' homes, and now the treasury is very full. On the top of the taxes, the places where the officials have been arranged to go there are not known how much local taxes are, but the rules they pay are the same as those of the previous dynasty.

As for the places that were temporarily taken over by soldiers, the Ministry of Households asked about taxes in the past. Basically, they returned to the soldiers who didn't understand taxation. So they didn't manage them for the time being, so no one would go into the details. Even if I want to go into it, I don't have the manpower to investigate.

The new emperor frowned, looked at the case, and said, "Aiqing means that the local soldiers will collect taxes privately to oppress the people?"

These soldiers are all fighting the world with the new emperor. If it is a change of person, I am sure not to say anything. But Shen Tianzhan is no ordinary person.

He straightened his back and said bluntly: "Return to your Majesty! Yes! Your soldiers are hollowing out your country!"

These words were too explicit, the new emperor slapped the table and said angrily: "You are presumptuous!"

Shen Tianzhan raised his hands on his chest, neither humble nor overbearing: "The minister is guilty."

After the anger passed, the new emperor calmed down, his body softened, but he held his hands fiercely. It's easy to fight the country, but it's hard to keep it. This sentence is not empty talk. Those generals who followed him on the battlefield, especially those who followed him first, were mostly the bottom and most oppressed type of people.

With the new emperor turning over, Tao has now become the master of this country. Their status has improved, but their hearts are calm, or to be explicit, their quality has not kept up.

They have risen too fast, and they haven't even taught them how to hold high positions.

So after a place was laid down, the soldiers who stayed there to guard the city became the emperor of the earth. In a place far away from the emperor Tian Gao, wanton and reckless behavior.

When the war just ended, there was nothing. The people only asked to be alive, and they didn't ask for anything else. But just waiting for the world to be peaceful, their unscrupulousness will be piled up into the siege wood pushed to them.

The long-term way for the superior is not to blindly oppress, but to enjoy the superior, so that the people below find it very good and satisfying, rather than blindly asking for it. They were too oppressed, so the rebound overthrew a dynasty. Now they are the ones who oppress others with greed and without restraint.

In private, they are great heroes of Wu who have thrown their heads and blood. But in terms of selfishness, their greed is also pushing Da Wu to the edge of the cliff.

The new emperor took a few deep breaths. In fact, the new emperor is not big and looks younger than the county magistrate. This year is only in his early thirties. Knowledge is indeed good, otherwise it would not be possible to become the master of the world. It's just that after all, he is not a person who freely learns the art of the emperor, and many things still pale in comparison.

"Since Ai Qing said that she was retreating at home for three days, she must have gained something."

The county magistrate did not conceal, and honestly said: "Return to your Majesty, according to the humble opinion of the ministers, now that the world is stable. There is no king in the world, and the coast of the earth is not a king! So where is the need to distinguish between the previous dynasty and the current dynasty. Local army Domination is not a good thing in the long run. It is better to use the former officials to solve my urgent need."

The new emperor frowned and looked at Shen Tianzhan with scrutiny: "Shen Aiqing, you know what you are talking about!"

Don't say it is the former dynasty, even if it is an emperor of a dynasty, there is a saying that one recruits the emperor and one recruits. Even his father's old officials can't believe it, how can he trust the former officials.

"Weichen knows. It's just that weichen dare to ask your Majesty, can you have a better way?"

This question puzzled the new emperor. The new emperor squatted before he said: "We two monarchs and ministers don't need to say those decent things. You know, they are Xia Guo's old ministers, how can they really do things for my great Wu."

This is also the reason why Shen Tianzhan studies ancient books in seclusion these days.

Shen Tianzhan said: "The new dynasty is established, and the saint's kindness is spread all over the world. Not only did he accept the old ministry of the former dynasty, he also restored the sons of the officials of the Imperial College, so that the descendants of the official family can receive the best teachings, and contribute to the country in the future, but also win glory for their families.

Does the new emperor understand what Shen Tianzhan means?

"Are you talking about Proton?" The child stayed in Beijing to study at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Laozi was assigned to serve as officials across the country. If they had any unruly intentions, the children would naturally not dare to make mistakes in the hands of the emperor.

"Holy kindness, how can there be such? Your majesty is only concerned about the country and the family of the officials. After the loyal ministers, your majesty will naturally care about success. The best teaching in the Imperial Prison is the best place to go. If it is a traitor, All of the children he brought up were not correct in their minds, and his Majesty also took precautions."

Such remarks came into the heart of the new emperor. The new emperor's heart type pondered repeatedly, and then he said: "Shen Aiqing, you know what you mean by this."

There is no impermeable wall in the world, and Shen Tianzhan's offer will soon be spread. Those who were reactivated but sent their eldest son to the emperor to be protons, fearing that Shen Tianzhan would hate Shen Tianzhan in their bones. Shen Tianzhan will definitely be cast aside. She was originally from the old ministry of the former dynasty and was rejected by the officials copied by the new emperor. Now she offends the former dynasty. Shen Tianzhan wants to leave her in an isolated situation and suffer from the enemy.

Shen Tianzhan said: "Weichen knows that we only ask for a clear conscience. We are worthy of the people in the world."

"Okay! I have no regrets if I have this loyal minister. I have come to draft it! The position of this household minister has been vacant and no suitable candidate can be found. Shen Aiqing has quite some insights in this regard, and you will work harder. Choose a day to take office. ."

Shen Tianzhan is already the third-rank Zuodu Yushi at this time, and now the new emperor has given him the position of the second-rank Hubu Shangshu! They are all official positions holding great power, which shows how much the new emperor attaches importance to him.

Zuodu Yushi supervises all officials and sovereignty. Another name of the Ministry of Households is the treasure house of the country, and the Ministry of Households is naturally the main wealth. The two powers were in his hands. At this time, Shen Tianzhan was absolutely in the limelight.

Li Jina didn't know how much waves his letter caused. After Er Gouzi's birthday, the two of them went to the city twice to see the business and the courtyard, and spent the rest of the time in the village.

When people came to wait on them, the two didn't stop them. They didn't let others interfere when they were cooking, and they would let them do the rest of the work. The two ate, slept, and ate, not to mention more leisurely days.

Li Ji's birthday is coming soon. Li Ji insisted on eating vegetarian food to pay homage to his parents, but the fireworks he wanted to see were indispensable. Prepare early, and mess around with Er Gouzi, that is, you are tired of being with you and my teeth.

I went to the county again, when it was officially snowing in the middle of winter. When they entered the county, they got out of the carriage, wore thick clothes, and strolled down the street.

There are a lot more people on the street now than in previous days. The number of people in the county is also increasing. When the war was chaotic, if those who fled were still alive, they would gradually move back. Many outsiders knew that there were very few people who died during the war. Some even gained a lot after hiding in the mountains. They firmly believed that this place was a treasured land of geomantic omen, so they tried their best to move in.

According to this momentum, I believe it will not be two years, and I am afraid that it will be much more prosperous than the previous period.

After the war, there were many beggars, and Li Ji would pick up more copper plates on weekdays, and throw two when he encountered them on the road. Those who go out to pray are always better than those who sell their wives, burn, kill, and loot.

The two were beautifully dressed, and the begging people hurriedly said good things when they saw it. After listening to the auspicious words, Li Ji took the money to listen to the auspicious words and gave two rewards.

Just after throwing two copper plates, the begging child practiced to give thanks. Li Ji only saw that the child was twisted with one hand, and he was a disabled child.

I don't know if it was born or later. Li Ji felt distressed, and threw a few copper plates in, knelt down and asked, "What's wrong with your arm?"

That good boy has a dirty face, so he doesn't even know both men and women. With a dull expression, he said, "It's folded."

Li Ji only said that there was an accident during the war. He reached out and touched the top of his hair and said, "Poor, come with me. I have a large courtyard with children of your age, where you can get enough food. How about teaching you to read and read?"

The child trembled and shook his head repeatedly: "Don't dare, I won't go! I'm fine!",

Li Ji was a little strange, but he was short-sighted and didn't understand what was going on. The child is unwilling and can't force it. Li Ji sighed and handed him the roasted sweet potato he had just bought in his arms: "Take this one and eat it."

Li Ji has it at home, but when I just came here, I passed by a stall selling roasted sweet potatoes. The roasted sweet potatoes tasted sweet and cold. Li Ji saw that the hawker was not easy, so he bought two.

The boy seemed to be hungry. He didn't even peel off his skin. He opened his mouth and took a bite. When he was hot, he couldn't close his mouth from ear to ear, but he was reluctant to vomit out and swallowed quickly. He only burned the tip of his tongue and numb, and took a second bite greedily.

Li Ji looked sad, struggled a little, and left with Er Gouzi.

I went to various shops to check business and listened to their accounts report. Li Ji didn't know how to check accounts, let alone understand the changes in those numbers.

However, Li Ji trusts these people because they are the people Shen Tianzhan used to be around. Li Ji believes in Shen Tianzhan's use of human means.

With a playful mind like this, I didn't go until the afternoon. Sitting on the carriage, Li Ji was still a little strange: "There are more people in our county, more people have moved here, and there are more beggars."

Er Gouzi said, "Not only are there more beggars, but also more disabled people. Before, I saw begging people who were too poor to eat or were sick. Very few people have disabilities."

If a disabled person still has someone at home, he will be taken care of, and a person with inconvenient legs will not be allowed to beg along the street.

Li Ji didn't think about it: "Yes, this war has been less than a year ago, and it has always been the wounds suffered during the war. It's pitiful."

There were only three or four children with disabilities along the way. Li Ji looked at the pitiful child and gave some. He specifically ordered the store to be kind to those who begged. Even if there were too many beggars, the porridge shop set up by Li Ji was still there. Now he insists on serving porridge to make you hungry. All of them went over to eat a bowl.

It is impossible to give rice to porridge, and Li Ji can't afford it either. Most of them are mixed grain porridge. Give me more. The porridge is quite thick and not full, but it is enough to sustain life and not starve to death.

Li Ji is not the one who sheds all his family wealth to do good deeds, and it is pretty good to be able to do this.

"Why don't I say that I've heard this battle, but the injuries suffered by the people will have to wait for many years to completely fade." Li Ji sighed, and was more grateful that he had another Er Gouzi and Shen Tianzhan. Without them, Li Ji would still be the poor boy.

After the war came, Li Ji's small body, the soldiers came and couldn't find the oil and water, and he was afraid that Li Ji slashed out of anger.

The more he thought about it, the more ridiculous, Li Ji shook his head and smiled, turned his head to meet Er Gouzi, and reached out to touch Er Gouzi's hair.

I saw it in the city, but Li Ji didn't take it to heart, and went home to continue living.

Just two or three days of work, Li Ji and Er Gouzi just finished eating at noon and planned to take a nap, when they were awakened by a burst of crying.

When I went out, I saw two servants blocking the villagers. Four people came, crying and shouting at the door called Li Ji. At first glance, Li Ji looked like something went wrong, and hurriedly walked over and asked: "What's wrong!"

Among the four, a woman in her twenties begged: "Grandpa Four! We know you as a capable person. I beg you to help me think about something! There is a kidnapper in the village, and I abduct my third-born son." Up!"

After the war, the kidnappers did have a lot more photos than during the peacetime. Especially in the remote areas of the poor villages, the kidnappers could not find a kid who had taken them.

Human trafficking is a normal thing in theory, and the dentist is a human trafficker recognized by the government, but the premise is that the people who buy and sell are all slaves. Farmers are all beloved, unless they surrender themselves and sell themselves, they will be abducted and bought is severe punishment. In serious cases, they may be plagiarized!

It's just that in this world, where the local officials are not complete and no one manages, this kidnapper is rampant again.

"Then don't look for it!" Li Ji was anxious too. They were all children from the village. Li Ji felt distressed even if he didn't know him, let alone knew him!

"Where can I find it!" The daughter-in-law was crying so hard that she couldn't get angry, and the man next to her also wiped his tears anxiously.

The old man who looked like the father of a couple said: "There is nowhere to find it! The villagers have helped to find it! I knew someone saw that the man came from the west. Now it's half an hour, why don't you run away? It's been more than ten miles, how can I find it!"

Li Ji panicked in his heart, and his thoughts turned abruptly, and he said directly what he thought: "There is still a lack of orphans in this world? Even if it is a kidnapper, there are some children without parents or mothers, how can we run all the way here to kidnap children? Up!"

The old man's face was anxious, his eyes flushed: "It's because of this that I'm even more anxious! I've heard about it since I was a little kid, and some kidnappers specialize in picking up children who are big in their palms. Throwing on the street for food! The spoiled child has no opinion, and has no thought of running when he is afraid. The children who come out of the war have seen everything without a father or a mother. The ghost is easy to run away! Now I am not afraid of the child being sold. If you are sold to a good person, at least they can be raised as a baby, but if you are really disabled and beg for food, then you will suffer!"

The child was kidnapped. Nine out of ten, you can't find it back. Boys were abducted, in addition to selling them to be slaves, they were also the roots of offspring to families without sons. No matter which one it is, he can live a good life all his life. But if you are really beaten and disabled to beg for food, then life is better than death!

Li Ji heard about this for the first time, and said with doubts: "Can it still be like this?"

The old man tapped on the cane: "Isn't it!"

As soon as the words fell, the crying became louder.

Suddenly the disabled children he met in the county popped up in Li Ji's mind. For a while, he only felt that his scalp was numb!

The kid I met at the beginning, when I heard that I took him to other places without begging, he was definitely not jealous, but fear! If, according to the old man, he was abducted to beg for food, then he must have thought about running away before, and learned a lesson after being caught back, so that he didn't even have the desire to escape!

Li Ji hurriedly said, "I saw disabled children begging for food in the city! I have also met several! If they were abducted by that group, they should still be in the county first!"

When Li Ji said so, the woman rolled her eyes and passed out.

Li Ji knows this family, and it is Li Changfa's family. When I first met Er Gouzi, his family brought multi-grain noodles and steamed buns. Li Ji's memory is still fresh, because he ate eight of half a catty of mixed-faced buns and Er Gouzi in one meal!

Li Changfa's family has always been kind, and even suffered such a bad thing.

Li Ji turned around and saw the snow on the mountain. He clenched his fists, turned his head to look at Er Gouzi, biting at the root and said: "Er Gouzi! Go up the mountain and find the commander! Send Qiaozhuang's elite soldiers down the mountain! I don't believe in this oblique, it can really allow them to ride. This evil is free!"

Er Gouzi didn't know what Li Ji planned, but Er Gouzi never had any opinion on what Li Ji wanted to do.

Er Gouzi went into the house to change his clothes and went straight up the mountain quickly.

Li Ji went to the family to enter the house and said: "To tell you the truth, I am not sure if I can catch people! But as long as there is a little possibility, I will not let it go! The child I grew up looking at, can't Let him be kidnapped like this!"

Li Changfa's daughter-in-law was pinched awake, woke up and looked around, and started crying when she reacted.

Li Changfa couldn't help wiping his tears, suppressing his emotions as much as possible, and said to Li Ji: "Grandpa is the number four in our village, you are the best. If you can't help it, then it's the life of the third son of my family."

Li Ji didn't have much hope, but he had to do more.

The other side of the mountain is clearing snow down the mountain. I don't know that it's because I don't have to worry about eating and drinking in the camp, and I am not in a hurry to get to the bottom of the mountain to trade. Therefore, the speed of clearing snow is very slow, and there is still a long mountain road that has not been cleared. This way, only people who grew up in the mountains like Er Gouzi can pass.

Er Gouzi didn't know what Li Ji was thinking, but he could tell their conversation to the commander. Li Ji has little experience in handling affairs, but the commander is very personal. After hearing this, I immediately picked out 30 elite soldiers and strong generals, and personally led people down the mountain.

Shen Tianzhan is kind to the commander, and now Shen Tianzhan enters Beijing alone, Er Gouzi and Li Ji are his only concerns. Li Ji has something to do, so the commander will naturally not stand idly by.

Just waited until it was dark, and a group of people came down from the mountain!

The first half of the road is easy to walk, and the remaining half is basically covered with snow. Walking in the snow consumes the most energy. Except for Er Gouzi, he has no discomfort, sweating, and panting.

After entering the house and roasting, rested for a while, and rushed all the way to the county.

Although Yamashita raised horses, there were only four of them, which were used by Li Ji and the other two to go to the county to pull a carriage. Because of the war in the village, the cattle were either killed before the war, or Wu Jun was taken away and slaughtered by gluttons after the fight.

Fortunately, Daoxian is not too far away, and it only takes more than half an hour to walk.

Stay in the inn opened by yourself. Five or six rooms are enough for everyone to live in. It is safer to live in a trusted place right now. If you live in a nearby inn, walking as a soldier is different from ordinary people, and if the shopkeeper suspects to go to Wu Jun to inform the police, it is dangerous.

There are other guests in the inn, so it's hard to get them out, so I can only discuss it as quietly as possible.

Naturally, I don't see beggars at night. Tomorrow will only wait for the disabled children to come out, and only wait for them to go with them at night, and they will always find their nest!

As long as the old nest is found, the child can find it back!

This is the only way and the last way. For fear or fear, they abducted the child and left in a hurry, afraid that someone would look for it. If a person leaves, looking for a needle in a haystack in the future will not be able to find it again.

Li Ji still wants to appease Li Changfa's family, and on the other side he is worried that they will just leave like this. I was worried about talking to the inn shopkeeper, and the inn shopkeeper comforted: "Four masters can rest assured that they will not be able to run in a short time."

"What do you say?"

The shopkeeper said: "If they had stolen the child before they were discovered, they would have done it before leaving. But in this world, there is no county official, and the place is remote. If the child is stolen, they dare to walk in the street. Come on. Recently our county has a lot of people, and many wealthy owners feel that the feng shui here is so good that they move here. The richer, the more money they can ask for food, they are reluctant to leave."

"Even if there is no county official, there is also an army. Are they afraid of being arrested and sent to the army?" Li Ji questioned.

The shopkeeper couldn't help but sneered: "Fourth master, do you really think the army can take care of this? They are the masters who only recognize money. Even if they are arrested and sent to them, they are the ones who use disabled children to beg for food. Hundreds of dollars. Tucked in eight taels of silver, afraid of injustice?"

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