The words hit the nail on the head, Li Ji opened his mouth and couldn't think of a rebuttal.

Now that the letter is sent to Shen Tianzhan, there is still no news, and I don't know what's going on. If you want justice right now, you still have to solve it yourself.

"In this case, let us solve it by ourselves." Li Jijuezi Li thought of various ways, "As long as they don't leave, everything is easy! At the moment, I can only hope that the child will not suffer too much and find it safe and sound. come back."

On the second day, the whole day was tormented. There were children begging on the street. A few disguised soldiers pretended to buy things and walked on the street from the owner's house. When they met a beggar, they threw a few copper plates and didn't look carefully. There is no difference.

These children are still there, and those kidnappers must be in the city. This relieved everyone. After a long day at night, there was almost no one on the street. Only then did the children pick up the only rags on the floor and a broken piece, and walked over with difficulty supporting each other.

Two elite soldiers who were good at tracking just followed behind the children and threw some signs along the road. When they were far away, Li Ji and others would go all the way.

None of the child's family members were brought out. I was afraid that they could not help but get out of the way in advance when they arrived nearby, and I was afraid that the unarmed and ignorant of them would make trouble. They stayed in the inn, fidgeting and waiting for the situation here.

Er Gouzi walked in the front, always paying attention to the movement in front of him. Li Ji was at the end and couldn't see anything in front of the black lamp. He could only slow down his pace as much as possible, and don't mess with them.

At this moment, eight kidnappers and a dozen children are nesting in the rented house to count the money.

According to the rules, light a dim oil lamp and start counting money. Whoever asks for the most money can eat two bowls of rice until they are full, and the rest is one bowl of rice, and the one with the least is not allowed to eat until tomorrow.

This is also the most stressful time of the day for this group of children. Because of such a long period of torture, they didn't even have any thoughts to escape. The biggest wish now is to get more copper plates every day, and then hug and eat.

Even some children, in order to earn more money, do not hesitate to hurt themselves, let themselves bleed and be pitiful, so that they can get a few days to eat.

"Nine-six, ninety-eight, three hundred! Okay, you will have three hundred and four today! Good job, continue tomorrow! Book the next one!"

There are more than three hundred children whose legs were beaten and mutilated. After listening to the praise, they took the empty broken bowl and money bag back and stuffed them into the clothes with joy, and then used both hands to hardly give them to the back. People give way.

There was a number of people, and the other man and woman looked at the reflecting copper plate under the dim light with joy, and made no secret of the greedy appearance.

The woman said: "I told you to try here a long time ago, but you wouldn't listen. Look! Sure enough, there are people who are stupid and have a lot of money. A broken child can earn more than 300 copper plates a day. These are more than ten. If the child persists for another half month, we will grow older."

"We've been here for more than half a month. Will we accept it as soon as we see it? We have all three of our kids, don't really matter." The man said with caution.

The woman rolled her eyes, looked at the copper plates, and licked her lips: "Why don't you say you make a lot of money? Here is the emperor who is far away, and there is not even a county magistrate. The officials are those rough men with weapons. What can they do? Don't say staying for ten and a half days, it's a year and a half, it's not a problem! Even if someone finds out, let's pat the ass and leave at any time, as long as we leave the county, who can Looking for us?"

Hearing what he said, the man felt reasonable and just nodded.

After the woman said this, she glanced at the man, and said, "How about the three newly acquired B*stards? This time I am busy making money, but I leave it to you to adjust and teach."

The man rubbed his hands and said, "It's only been a few days, and it's still like that. The family is spoiled, and it is inevitable to be stubborn when I first arrived."

"You can make excuses. Now every day is silver. Give you a few more days, and I will figure out the numbers! If you fix it earlier, let it out is the silver. Don't be reluctant to do it, it's better if it's miserable, it's better to kill it. Something is new."

Over there, I counted the copper plates that a person wanted to come. There were less than 300 copper plates, but there were not too many. There are more copper coins, and there are more smiling faces for counting silver, and you can see some smiling faces when you talk to every child. The children were afraid of misfortune, he kept his face straight, because it represented torture. Now he is smiling happily, in fact, in the eyes of the children, it is more satisfying than eating two more bowls of rice.

The two lurking soldiers heard clearly from the outside, gritted their teeth and wanted to go in and tear them alive. But there are only two of them, and even if they have worked hard, they can't save those children. No matter what I hear right now, I can only bear it! As long as the people behind are here, none of this group can run away!

In a full quarter of an hour, the copper plates are all lost here, and the children are divided into food. The least one actually has more than 100 copper plates. If it is placed before, it must be the most that can eat one more bowl. Now But he could only squat in the corner and watch other children gobble up food.

Er Gouzi and his party finally arrived. A lurking person looked out of the yard and reported to them. The commander was even more adept in combat. After listening to the situation inside, ten people were directly distributed to guard at the corners suitable for escape. The remaining ten people in the front and the back of the yard directly broke into and rescued people!

Suddenly someone broke in and blinded the group of people who were eating. The children were even more scared, screaming loudly in a crowd.

The eight kidnappers didn't expect anyone to find here, and after being frightened, they took out their weapons and confronted each other.

Li Ji came in last, opened the fire-folder, blew out the flames, and directly grabbed the quilt placed on the cabinet in the room and threw the fire-folder on the ground. Soon the quilt ignited into the sky, and Li Ji's face was flushed by the fire.

"To tell you the truth, we have twenty people, all of whom are soldiers. I don't want to endure the hardship and raise my hands and kneel down. Waiting for us to do it will not be so good!" Under the fire, I can see the children in horror. s face. Li Ji saw it, and was even more angry.

In fact, in the whole country, I don't know how many such teams, or how many children there are, who are thought to be begging on the street.

This group of people also panicked, especially when Li Ji entered the house and lit a fire. The heat wave gathered in the room, and the heat turned into an invisible pressure to oppress their nerves.

"Be… a soldier? You are a soldier? Misunderstanding! All misunderstandings! We have something to discuss! It's all from everyone, who doesn't want to earn two more silvers and go back? We have the silver to earn together and make a fortune together !"

The leader who squeezed a smile to express his kindness, but obviously, none of these people in front of him took it.

Seeing that they had no intention of surrendering directly, the commander waved his hand and directly let the people under his hand go up.

They hold things in their hands, and some can write fists and knuckles. How can it be compared to the elite soldiers trained all the year round? After a few strokes, all eight people were pressed to the ground. In order to prevent hidden weapons, their clothes were stripped off, and they were forced out with their hands trapped behind them. There was a woman who was not good at picking up clothes, so she tied it up with a thin quilt and pushed it out. The house is a thatched house, which quickly ignited the grass on the roof.

The fire started, and soon the house was about to burn. Li Ji took a few people to comfort the frightened children: "Don't be afraid, we are here to save you. Don't worry, they won't beat you anymore. Tell me, where is their new kid? I have relatives."

These children were afraid to speak, as if they were afraid that if those people were okay in the future, whoever said those people would torture the speaking person to death.

Li Ji asked twice, but the children were afraid to speak, but some secretly pointed in a direction.

Asking others to take the children out, Li Ji and Er Gouzi looked for the place the children pointed. There is just the kitchen, there are no traces of children at all. Er Gouzi lit his portable Huozhezi and listened carefully.

"There is crying." Er Gouzi said.

"Where?" Li Ji asked hurriedly.

Er Gouzi looked down, squatted down, found a place with a wooden board and knocked on it. It was empty.

It's normal for a cellar to store food in the kitchen. If it weren't for the movement, I would never have imagined that people could be hidden below.

Open the board, the fire light should not be below, so it is not clear. Li Ji shouted: "San'er? San'er is there! I am your fourth grandfather!"

"Grandpa! Is it really you, Grandpa!" The weak and crying voice underneath thought. Li Ji breathed a sigh of relief.

"Finally found it! Come on! I waited for the soldiers to come, and the bad guys were all arrested! It's okay!" Li Ji took the Huozhe in Er Gouzi's hand and took a picture inside, finally seeing three figures.

San'er's voice was very weak, and he cried: "Grandpa, I can't move, my leg is broken."

Li Ji shook his heart. The child has only been lost for a day, so I started it so soon!

Er Gouzi jumped in and touched a child's online caregiver.

Li Ji finds a place to plug in Huozhezi and picks up the child from Er Gouzi. The first one that came up with no strength on both arms might be a dislocation. If you were more frantic, it might have really interrupted.

Li Ji patted distressedly: "Can you still walk around? Get out! Someone outside will pick you up!"

He can't move his hands, his feet are fine. I don't know if I have been locked for a few days, there is no Li Ji on him, so I thanked him for practice and stumbled and ran out.

The second child also broke out. The child is still strong with both hands. After coming up, he hugged Li Ji and opened his mouth and shouted grandpa, this is Li Ji's lost great-nephew.

"It's okay, grandpa is here, wait a minute, I will take the remaining children out."

There is only one left, and the child can feel that he is still feverish when he hugs him. The cellar was cold and damp, and a good person might not be able to bear it. Such a child with a fever would still be left alone!

"These beasts!" Li Ji cursed, and went out with Er Gouzi holding a child.

Those few people were all tied up, gagged, and dragged them all the way to the edge of the county. Some of the more than a dozen disabled children were struggling to walk, and they were all arranged in the courtyard nearby, so that Li Jin and the others asked the doctor to see if any of them could be cured.

There are only two doctors left in the county now. One is invited to the courtyard and the other is invited to the inn. San'er was reunited with his parents in the inn, and the doctor also showed San'er legs in the inn.

San'er's parents and grandma couldn't help but cry hard on San'er, and the grandfather also wiped tears from the side. Looking back and seeing Li Ji, he knelt down with a plop.

"Four uncle! You are really our great benefactor!" The gesture is about to kowtow. How could Li Ji dare to receive such a gift from him at such an old age? Even if his seniority is there, Li Ji is afraid of losing his life.

Reaching out to help people up, Li Ji said: "It is a good thing for the child to find it back. Douzi is from his family, don't be so polite. The child is suffering here, let the doctor take a good look."

The bones are broken, and when the child is not very old and is growing up, as long as he looks good after it is attached, he should not see any problems in the future and he will not become lame.

It didn't take long for him to be sober. If it takes ten days and a half months, it will definitely cause the root cause of the disease.

The child is okay when he gets it back, and the doctor takes the bone to the child. In the end, San'er was a child, struggling with pain and didn't cooperate at all. In the end, it was his parents who helped hold the person, and this was done.

Busy is in the middle of the night, the doctor prescribes medicine, wipes sweat and intends to go back and rest.

Li Ji gave the doctor a few taels of silver: "I also know that you have worked so hard, but there is still a child injured in the courtyard. It is not good to have a doctor over there. You are too tired, come and help!"

He gave a lot of money, and the injured were all children. The doctor nodded, packed up his things, and went to the courtyard with Li Ji and Er Gouzi.

The two newly arrested children are both heartbroken and the easiest to heal, so these two are the first to be treated. The feverish child received a heavy blow in the back, and it might be overwhelming. The dislocated arm was okay, and it was more frightened. Just take it back and eat some calming decoction.

Behind them are the children who are believed to be disabled.

Not to mention those children who have been fractured for a long time, even those children who are only dislocated are difficult to treat. Because the dislocation is too long. Ordinary dislocations are not considered sick, and they will be reconnected if they know something about it. However, this dislocation has not been reconnected back to back. After years of misplacement, it will take a lot of effort to get the bones and flesh out of shape and want to get them back.

These children are full of fear and vigilance when they first come here. They don't know what they will face in the future, and they are also afraid that those people will come back suddenly and then take them away.

The doctor and the group of people working in the compound were comforting, and even brought a few children over to speak with them.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi came over and brought another doctor, which relieved the burden of the previous doctor, and the two doctors diagnosed and treated faster together. Those who could not be treated would be like this in the days to come. There are still some possible cures left, and the doctors try their best to think about it.

When Li Ji came here, he remembered that he quickly made people busy to make a good meal for the children. When they first arrived, they were eating. The lights were dim and they didn't see what they were eating. But since the meal was not finished, he must be hungry. Belly.

Knowing that they could not have enough to eat for a long time, I was afraid that they would suddenly have a bad greasy stomach, so they could only eat lean meat porridge that was well digested, which was cooked and rotten with some salt. After the cold and the cold, each child will be given a bowl, and if they are not full, they will eat when they are full.

Every child took the bowl and didn't even use a spoon, raising his neck and drinking.

They haven't been late for rice for a long time, they haven't been late for something so delicious and delicious. Most of them cry while eating sugar, but after eating the rice in the bowl, they dare not ask for it again.

The woman who was helping with the meal was still in her heart. Seeing whose bowl was empty, she added a spoon, and almost everyone stopped after eating two bowls. All of them are so thin that they can't support them all at once, because they can't stand them. Those with handicapped arms, some people are holding a bowl and feeding them bite by bite. The children are full, so be wary of letting go.

Some clever children help ask some questions, and then tell Li Ji the answer.

Some children don't even know where they are, or even how long they have been caught. Some were taken in when they were babies, and when they were young, they were held by older children and begged along the street. Some people saw a younger sibling who had to take care of a child with a disability, and felt pity that they could give more money.

There is only one meal a day, or only children who have more money can eat it. Most of the foods eaten cannot be named by children, and only older and more knowledgeable children can tell that it is bran. To put it bluntly, it is to feed the animals.

Under normal circumstances, it is a famine that fills the hunger when there is no food, and it is indeed the main food for these children over the years.

How can a child get one hundred copper plates a day, and even one copper plate can buy a bun that is enough for a child to eat in one day. But these people carry money in their pockets, and these children are animals!

After hearing this, let alone the children in the courtyard crying, the adults also followed with red eyes.

At dawn, the children had all eaten, so we arranged for them to go to sleep. In order not to disturb them, my husband will not teach anymore today. The children read books for a while if they admit to learning, and play for a day if they don't.

Li Ji stayed for the whole night, not enough energy. Back to the inn with Er Gouzi. Go and see San'er, San'er is already asleep at this time. Li Jikun was so bad that he would lie down in his house and fall asleep.

I slept until noon and went to the yard to see that most of the children were awake. The mail to the older children in the yard was helping out. It's just that they are basically dumbfounded, and they will shake into a sieve at the slightest movement. It's hard to say what will happen from now on.

Li Ji didn't know how to arrange them in the future. Just stay in the courtyard? They have been with the group of kidnappers for so long, being controlled day and night, no matter their bodies, children, and hearts have been changed, can they go back normally?

What if they really have a distorted personality and harm the otherwise good children in the compound?

They can't be left behind, but they can't affect the status quo of their family members.

This is a problem. How to solve it remains to be considered.

Back to the inn, let the shopkeeper arrange a carriage, and the two will go back to the village all the way.

Except for the woman who was wrapped in a thin layer of quilt, the eight people wore a blouse and moved out for the night.

The key is tied to Yanshi, not to mention Taobao, walking is not stable.

After moving like this for the whole night, when Li Ji said waited for Li Ji said, one by one looked as if they were pale, and felt relieved in their hearts. These people don't know how many children have been killed, and they don't know how many children have been mutilated, causing those families to lose their beloved sons, just to satisfy themselves with the money in their pockets.

People are all in their own yard, and Li Ji and Er Gouzi go into the house to have a barbecue.

After making tea and drinking tea to drive away the cold, I began to discuss with the commander how to deal with these people.

"They are guilty of crimes. They raise wasted food, so it's better to just chop them down." This is what the commander meant.

Li Ji shook his head: "They did a lot of evil, and it was too cheap to kill them directly. Give them a breath and let them work! Locked up and work all day long. They only feed the children with bran, and they will also eat this in the future! Anyone who dares to run will give up a leg. No one will die for ten or twenty years!"

For such a conscientious person, death is a relief. Li Ji is not a vicious person. I have seen that group of scrawny disabled children. At this moment, I really want to use all the criminal laws of the 18th hell to use them one by one!

Who is the commander? He came from the army. How to make a life worse than death can be said to be on par with the Criminal Ministry. The use of torture for soldiers who fight in war is also a matter of questioning. Grasping the prisoner, how to ask everything he knows depends on what method is used.

There are also ways to let them run and dare not run. Because at special times, if there are not enough soldiers to fight, they all rely on grabbing strong men to fight. How to prevent them from running depends on the means used!

"If this is the case, I have paid attention to it. Leave these people to me, guarantee that they will last for ten or eight years, and see that there is still a tone of breath."

Li Ji didn't understand this. If the commander said so, Li Ji gave the people to them. Li Ji didn't want to hand them over to the Yamen, but where is the Yamen at this time? Even if they were to meet someone who was greedy and stuffed some money, this group of people was at most symbolically punished and betrayed, but it won't be long before they can come out again.

But the harm they did to those children was a lifetime matter.

Thinking of those children, Li Ji still wanted to settle down.

"Speaking of this, I am still worried about the children. Although these beasts have been caught now, I don't know how these children will be dealt with in the future. They have been abused for a long time, and they have been stunned. What will happen in the future? It's hard to say whether the arrangement will be able to survive."

The commander thought about it and said, "You know, the more soldiers who have been on the battlefield to kill the enemy, the more people they kill, the less they can go home and live a normal life."

Li Ji has never been a soldier, how could he know this?

Li Ji shook his head, and the commander continued: "Because I have killed people and walked out of the dead. Even if I return home, I will be full of nightmares. I can't escape in my life. Those beasts are the nightmares of those children. Or those little ones. child."

"Then what do you mean?"


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