Li Ji's heart trembled, and he didn't expect the commander to speak so clearly.

"How can this work!" Li Ji stood up and said directly.

The commander had long expected Li Ji to behave like this, but he said calmly: "Let me ask you why most of the good people are born in good people's homes."

Li Ji didn't speak, and the commander continued: "Because they are stunned by their little ears, some people teach them right and wrong, and let them know good and evil. It's like a child hitting someone with a slingshot on the road, and his parents came and slapped the child. From then on, the child knew that he was wrong and would not do it again."

Li Ji thought of Xiao Tudou. Xiao Tudou has been a skinny child since he was a child, but because he is an only child, he is quite indulged. But every time he gets into trouble, Li Jin and his wife will personally take the child to apologize. After that, Xiao Tudou was still naughty, but he always knew the degree.

The commander said again: "Where are these children? Let me ask you, how many of them remember their surnames and their first names? Where do they live? Who are their fathers and mothers? Most of them don't remember. Those who are near Zhu are red, and those who are near Mo are black. Poor is really pitiful, but in their memory, it will always be the face of this group of beasts. How can you ensure that this group of children will not accept their thoughts and will harm you?"

"But then you can't kill them all because of this…" Li Ji has his own bottom line. Since he was a child, he has always been the only one to teach others. So the lesson is quite harsh. But he never involved his life.

The commander said: "Perhaps I went into battle and saved the enemy and saved my heart. Even if there is a twelfth possibility, I will cut the grass and roots. To avoid killing more innocent people because of the benevolence of a thought. They confuse the beast with their ears and eyes. I'm used to shopping on the street and get nothing for nothing. In addition, they are considered to be disabled, which is different from ordinary people. How can you ensure that they are willing to work and eat with their own hands and feet in the future? How can you ensure that they do not I will degenerate to learn from those people. As the victim grow up, I will learn from the victim to catch the child and imitate for nothing. Don't forget, this kind of thing is extremely profitable!"

Just catch a few helpless children, torture them for a few days so that they dare not escape, and then let them go to the streets to beg, and use the pity of passersby to bring in 300 copper plates a day. If you are an ordinary hardworking person, you may not be able to earn these coppers in one day.

This is also the root of those crooked ways. Because of profit, they are willing to take risks!

Li Ji never came into contact with such disgusting things, but after listening to the commander's broken analysis, he couldn't find a rebuttal. As the commander said, who can guarantee that these children will grow up well?

Even if they try their best to make their lives as normal as possible in the future and lead them to the right path, how much effort will it take? Li Ji is not a person who does not want to give back. These children are pitiful, but they are also a heavy burden.

Not only do they have to take on their future growth, but they may also have to bear the burden if these children go down the wrong path and kill others, Li Ji is one of the culprits.

Li Ji's lips were white, and the commander only came to the point that he could behave like this. Said: "I know what I said is too harsh. I am the only one who is not like you. So how to arrange this group of children, I will not express my opinion again."

The commander picked himself out directly. It's not that it didn't give a choice, it just gave a most ruthless, but safest and clean choice for the future. Li Ji is obviously not so cruel.

So what the commander said is equivalent to not saying.

After breakfast, the commander and his soldiers led the eight beasts up the mountain with a rope. The family did not calm down because of this, and people from the village began to inquire about the situation. Li Ji didn't let his servants stop him, and everyone came in and chatted for a while.

Li Ji also deliberately asked them what they thought, maybe thinking of them together, there would be a way to get the best of both worlds.

The result is of course disappointing. Everyone finds it difficult to deal with after listening to the analysis before and after. They have less knowledge than Li Ji. It is enough to spend most of their energy watching their own old people and children farming. The rest of the chatting is okay. It's really hard to come up with this kind of thing.

Li Ji is not difficult for them. It's hard to think about it, Li Ji thought of Shen Tianzhan, hesitated in his heart. Shen Tianzhan is now alone in the capital, and he has a heavy responsibility. He has always worked day and night. It was enough to trouble him. As a son, he doesn't feel sorry for the old man's hard work, and he always troubles others, so he can't bear it anyway.

That night, Li Ji turned over and couldn't sleep. It was really a headache for these children.

Er Gouzi feels distressed, and helps him with an idea: "If you can find your parents, please send them back. If you can't find them, teach him to read."

There is no other way. Li Ji sighed: "That's it. Pay more attention to them and try to guide them. It's okay for young children to say that they can still teach. The older twelve or thirteen-year-olds are the easiest to qualitative. Pay more attention. If it is really crooked or made a mistake, then you should go in. It is not a human being born, but it should not be us who should be responsible for these children. Let us do everything by our destiny."

Poor is pitiful, but pity is not an umbrella for crime. Their previous experience is distressing, and wanting them to get out of the shadows, like a normal child, must have to pay ten times a hundred times harder. And whether this hard work can be rewarded or not depends on what God means.

In the end it is good fortune to trick people. Some children are born with a golden spoon, and they enjoy the most exquisite and best things when they are born, and some are born as if they are paying off debts, and they are born with bad luck and turmoil.

When he was a child, Li Ji was always said to be fateful, and Er Gouzi was also a fateful child. Because compared to other people being able to nestle in their parents' arms and act like a baby, the two of them must support themselves. Li Ji started to take care of his seriously ill father since he was a child. He hadn't eaten anything decent and didn't wear new clothes.

This is even more true for Er Gouzi, who has been given all directions since she was pregnant. This is a wild girl who conceived after she was unmarried, and she didn't even know who her father was. When I was five years old, I was lost in the mountains and forests. After I went there and went down the mountain, I never had a decent meal.

Many people looked at the two glamorous, and really noticed how many of them suffered when they were young?

"Go to sleep." Er Gouzi hugged Li Ji and patted Li Ji's shoulder.

Being able to clearly feel Er Gouzi's body temperature, Li Ji feels much more relieved. Sniffing the smell coming from Er Gouzi, he fell asleep after a while.

Early the next morning, he drove the carriage into the city to see the children. Yesterday, I ate well one day, and the children looked much better.

Seeing that Li Ji is coming, the children all kowtowed their heads to thank Li Ji. Li Ji couldn't bear this, so he helped them up.

"You don't have to be polite with me. I didn't save you for this purpose. Who of you remembers where your home is? I can arrange for someone to take you back."

It's just that now the war has just passed, even if they remember where they live and their parents are still alive, can they still wait for them in their original place?

Only two older children could tell their addresses, and almost no one told where they were from before they were abducted. At best you know what village you live in, but there are so many villages with the same name in the world, where should you look for it?

Of the fourteen children, only two are likely to be sent back. The rest live in the courtyard and don't know how to arrange it.

"You are still used to it. I don't know what you think of those who are not treating you badly. Here you can rest assured that we are not bad people, let alone forcing you to do those things. I will cure you as much as possible. It's just that some people's injuries are too serious, and I can't do anything about it." Li Ji asked others to avoid them, and he was the only one facing these children.

Li Ji continued: "Here will never be hungry, and no one will abuse you. I know you are afraid, afraid that we are the same as those people, or afraid that I will abandon you. I can assure you, as long as you have the heart. Treat me well, and I will treat you well."

After saying this, Li Ji felt unstable again and added: "I don't want you to give anything. In fact, my best hope is that you will not be affected by the minds of those animals. The meaning of your existence is not to kneel on the street and beg. Nor is it a tool for anyone to earn money. You can live for yourself, earn money for yourself and buy things for yourself. Your future can be very exciting. It is not in the hands of anyone."

Li Ji looked at every child's face: "But the bottom line is that you are walking on the right path. Instead of relying on others in Shanghai to benefit yourself like those people. I will train you in the future. If you want to do You can tell me as much as you can. But I'll leave it here. In the future, whenever you have the slightest crooked mind and do something illegal, I will send you to prison with my own hands. But if you live a good life, I will too Do my best to give you the life that normal people deserve."

For them, it might not be understood, especially those who were arrested since childhood, and even thought that the animals instilled in them were normal. For them, Li Ji's remarks are undoubtedly a conflict with the past.

When Li Ji finished speaking, his tone turned softer: "What do you want to ask? There are no outsiders here, so you can speak out."

The children looked at each other, and they all saw timidity in each other's eyes.

Li Ji didn't worry, just waited patiently. After a long time, the little hand was raised carefully, and he whispered: "Don't we need to go out and ask for money?"

Begging for dinner, going back in exchange for the unpalatable food that night was all they had in the past.

Li Ji shook his head: "Never use it. If you are a freshman and don't want to study, I can arrange for you to work. You can earn money from work, and the money you earn is your own, and you spend it whatever you want. In this yard Here, you don't worry about eating and drinking."

Li Ji's words can be said to be very clear. It's just that for these children, some of Li Jisuo's words have never heard of them. Looking at their still lacklustre faces, Li Ji really felt that it was a long way to go to get them back to normal.

For those two who can tell where to live, Li Jixian sent someone to find out. If his family is still there, he will find a good time to send the person back, if not, the child will stay here.

The teacher had been working hard enough to teach the children in the compound on weekdays. Li Ji still talked to his husband and let him get tired and bring these children with him. Especially for older children who have begun to characterize, perhaps those sage books will play a role.

What Li Ji used was that these children had not studied before and had not yet enlightened. The uproar of studying with the children next to them would make them unable to keep up with the progress. So I rented the house next to it to study for these dozen or so children. They stay together when they eat and sleep, and separate when they go to school.

If they can't do it manually, train him to hold the pen with his feet. For them, as long as they can eat and eat, they won't have any opposition to anything. It cannot be said whether there is any situation in their hearts that they do not want to learn. Perhaps in their hearts, even the emotion of "unwilling" has been obliterated.

They are different from ordinary children. It is precisely because of this that Li Ji can't let them rush to get too close to the children in the courtyard. The difference between them is not discrimination, but fact.

The original children in the compound have a pity for the disabled children. But this pity itself is also a kind of tingling pain for disabled children. And disabled children get along with them for a long time, they will also find that they are unsound, and thus have more psychological changes.

Therefore, letting them eat and live together is to cultivate feelings and to gradually return to normal the poor children whose psychology has been changed, instead of studying together, is to make them believe that they have their own strengths. If you don't put them together, there will be no gaps and no gaps.

Li Ji chatted with her husband all afternoon, watching the children leave after dinner.

I went to the yard where I caught the eight beasts before. The house has been burned clean. This was originally a deserted yard, and the original owner moved out when he fled. The eight people came in, rented from a relative of the owner of the house.

Li Ji inquired, found the relative's house, and gave two taels of silver as compensation. That night Li Ji was so angry that he was afraid that they would run away, and set the fire to deter them. He couldn't be irresponsible when the house was lit, and Li Ji was not a person who evaded responsibility.

In fact, for relatives, this house was originally picked up for nothing. When the original owner ran away, the time was too tight and the house was not sold. After he left, the house would be taken by his close relatives. Now the house has been burned, and he has nothing to do with his family, and he has earned two taels of silver in vain.

Of course Li Ji knew that silver should not be sent to relatives, but he couldn't find the original owner and did not make any compensation. Li Ji was uneasy. He is not short of money either, his business is booming.

The kidnapper incident is here, and it can be considered a result. The child was found, and the half of the child was also taken up the mountain. With the means of command and envoy, they will definitely not be better off.

Li Ji relieved the children and watched the heavy snowfall again. After the mountain was closed again, Li Ji was blocked in the village. If you can't go to the city to see the store's business, you can spend your birthday with Er Gouzi with peace of mind.

San'er stayed in the city for a few days, and then went home to recuperate. It was the baby's pimple in the family. At this time, it was even more painful for the family. Li Ji had a lot of tonics in his house, and he sent some, but he never looked at it again.

The left and right are not particularly close people. In the past, Li Changfa's family was kind, and something happened Li Jiduo reached out. Now that the matter is resolved, Li Ji doesn't need to converge any more.

Capital, Yongan Hou Mansion. Shen Tianzhan's household secretary took up the post, and he was once again the focus of the capital. Of course, most of them are itch with hatred.

A few days ago, those former court officials were still trembling, for fear that one day the new emperor would be unhappy and ordered them to be cut down. Now they have been re-assigned one by one, but the eldest son on the apex is about to be pressed in Beijing to be a proton.

If you don't want to be an official, but how many are really cruel to get down and just live a life of commoner? If an official wants, he must be willing to send his eldest son. No one is willing to bear the infamy of being cruel and begging for an official, this pot naturally fell on the head of Shen Tianzhan, who made an idea and was promoted.

Of course, Shen Tianzhan didn't care much either. Right now he is a cronies of the new emperor, the future is not clear, at least he is not afraid of anything right now.

Xiao Tudou was the first batch of students sent to the Imperial College. It also shows that Shen Tianzhan is not at the expense of others and self-interest. He is implementing this rule and he is also abiding by it. Xiao Tudou is a smart person, and he never asked Shen Tianzhan. And for Xiaotudou, entering the Imperial College is actually a good thing. In this whole world, where are there teachers better than Guozijian?

Shen Tianzhan's colleagues who had a good relationship were assigned to the county where Li Ji was located. Before leaving, Shen Tianzhan was found deliberately, and the two drank a drink. Shen Tianzhan told him all these years in the county, which can be regarded as helping him to familiarize himself with the customs of the county.

Before leaving, Shen Tianzhan wrote a letter and asked him to pass it on to his two sons. At the same time, Shen Tianzhan, his eldest son staying in the middle of Beijing, would also help take care of him.

On the day of Li Ji's birthday, the snow drifted and fell below zero for a day, and it didn't seem to be quite even when it was dark. Li Ji and Er Gouzi went to the ancestral hall Li Ji to pay homage to his parents, and also discussed the dishes to be eaten at night. Li Ji will never eat meat. On this day, he will be a vegetarian, and Er Gouzi will also accompany him. The two of them know less about vegetarian dishes. How to make them should really be discussed carefully.

Li Ji watched the sun sink to the west, and also watched the dark clouds in the sky gradually being swallowed by total darkness.

The day was gone, Li Ji and Er Gouzi brought out the fireworks together with Er Gouzi, and burned a stick of firewood red. The two looked at each other and lit Niuzi. Then he stepped back and stood at the door. Seeing the gorgeous fireworks blooming in the sky against the snow, Li Ji looked fascinated, and suddenly felt a movement beside him, and Er Gouzi ran into the house.

Compared with the fireworks and Er Gouzi, Er Gouzi is obviously more important. Li Ji also followed up to ask what was wrong, and saw Er Gouzi coming out with two glasses of wine.

For the third time, the two exchanged glasses of wine. The first time was in Er Gouzi's bridal chamber, and the second time was on Er Gouzi's birthday. Three drinks, but the mood is similar.

Li Ji's squinted eyes opened when the drink touched his lips, and he looked at Er Gouzi under the fireworks, not quite clear. Er Gouzi smiled, and the two drank all at once.

Where there is a cup of wine, it is two glasses of warm water. Li Ji's birthday today is not allowed to be in contact with wine or meat. Er Gouzi thought of this intimately, so there was a handover, but no wine.

Intimate and warm, Li Ji didn't even have the thought of going to watch the fireworks. Holding the warm cup with him, stretched out his hand and exchanged a kiss with Er Gouzi.

Why don't you like such a warm spring man.

The longer you live with Li Ji, the stronger the human touch on Er Gouzi. It's just that this transformation that is getting closer and closer to ordinary people is mostly only for Li Ji.

The two get along more and more like ordinary couples. Er Gouzi understands more and more, and never again has the strange sentences combined with numbers displayed when he first met, or things that he doesn't understand clearly.

Er Gouzi is very smart, and for everything about Li Ji, Er Gouzi will never forget everything about him once he has touched it.

The grandfather of Xinxian took office a year ago. Li Ji and Er Gouzi have met in the past. Because the two are the sons of Shen Tianzhan, there is no need to salute when they meet the grandfather of Xinxian County. On the contrary, the grandfather of Xinxian did not dare to be negligent when facing them.

When the new magistrate took office, most of the military's rights were deprived. When not, the army can be unscrupulous, but the county magistrate comes, if the army still wants to occupy the sovereignty, it is ill-intentioned. Even those who followed the new emperor on the battlefield to fight the enemy bravely had the merits of founding the country, they must bear the stigma of rebellious intentions.

The reason is simple, the king is supreme, and there is no blasphemy against his rights. In the same way, he was also afraid of his former fighters. They can overthrow one dynasty, and they can overthrow another dynasty and establish a new king.

The local general is not a fool, and the fat of power must also be handed over.

The grandfather of Xinxian meant that the shops under Li Ji's name would not have to pay taxes in the future. After all, they are all official, and it is reasonable for them not to pay taxes.

Li Ji only said: "There is no shortage of silver for the left and right. Now that the new dynasty is established, we are not afraid of corruption, and the taxes paid can go into the national treasury. To be honest, I am happy to teach. Da Wu just got up. This must be a lot of money. Since Dad is a court official, we, sons, can't help, we can't help. You don't have to be polite. If Dad knew that I made this decision, I believe he would support it."

After chatting for a while with the grandfather of Xinxian County, he drove back in the carriage with Shen Tianzhan's letter. The two are the richest men in this county. The most alike at this moment is to go to the former mansion of Shen Tianzhan and grow vegetables in the greenhouse in that winter day.

In the coming year, we will still guard the land reclaimed last year, planting fields and raising livestock.

No worries about food and clothing, and the lover is on the side. There is no regret in this life.

Li Ji raised the carriage curtain and looked at the bustling crowd outside. Years ago, the streets resumed lively.

"What do you want for New Year's Eve dinner?" Li Ji asked.

Er Gouzi didn't even think about it: "Stewed potatoes with chicken."

"I still eat my kimchi fried minced pork. Dad can't come back. We have prepared the new year's goods. In the afternoon, we will arrange to send them to the inn, and we will have to spend it together."

"He will be back."

"Of course, we are a family." 

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