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In fact, Mungo and Gulu were still a long way from the two Diplodocuses. They couldn't get closer because Mungo was a Tyrannosaurus rex. If the two Diplodocuses smelled him, they would be scared and ran away immediately.

Gulu told Mungo to lay on the ground and not move or make any noise, for fear that they would be frightened off and left without shadows.

Then he saw the two Diplodocuses' tails waving faster and faster. They're already like afterimages, but the speed was still accelerating. Finally, Gulu could no longer see the tail ends with naked eyes … He widened his eyes. The speed of this pair was too fast! !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Gulu knew that the cross section of the last two meters of Diplodocus's tail was only 32 mm wide, which was equivalent to a super thin whip compared to its huge body. The force that the tail exerted couldn't hurt too much but still be stimulating enough.

As a human being, Gulu studied the fossil of Diplodocus's tail and came to a shocking conclusion.

According to the special structure there, computer simulations showed that when a Diplodocus's tail was swung, the speed at the tip could exceed the speed of sound!

With the tail waving faster and faster, the sound of pa pa pa grew louder. The two dinosaurs finally issued a long deafening roar, which cut across the sky and shocked the mainland.

The whole continent seemed to be burning up under the flaming sunset. The vast and luxuriant fern fields were dyed bright golden yellow while the sky was filled with warm fire clouds … A large number of dinosaurs bred and thrived on this magnificent continent.

This incomparably spectacular flogging was more like some mysterious and solemn ceremony. Gulu was deeply shocked by its glorious beauty and brilliance of life!

As night fell, the two Diplodocuses entered the next stage.

In this process, the female Diplodocus faced great danger and needed to carry a weight of 100 tons. (T/N: the male is mounting her to XXX) Fortunately, as the female grew up, her spine would gradually strengthen to adapt to this intensity of mating.

Even though they're far away, Gulu still felt the earth shaking. If it wasn't for Mungo, Gulu thought that he might be sent flying …

Gulu: It's not easy to be loved by a 100-ton dinosaur … One risks being crushed to death.

That night Gulu dreamed of swimming in space.

The next day, Mungo left somewhere without telling them. Gaya went hunting. Gulu was happy to have no training today. The three cubs embarked on their favorite "adventure trip".

Today, they went in the opposite direction of the valley where Pado's ethnic group was located. Since they were almost trampled to death by Heili last time, the three cubs deeply felt afraid to go there.

Now the young cubs had strong running ability. Unconsciously, they ran to a place far away from the nest and found a beautiful scenery that they never saw before.

Here lain a wide canyon. This canyon was full of colorful flowers with a clear stream flowing through the middle, separating the sea of flowers into two.

This was the first time they had seen so many flowers.

Only in mid Cretaceous did flowering angiosperms appear in large numbers. Previously, the mainland was occupied by non-flowering gymnosperms.

According to Gulu's observation on the vegetations of this planet, it's still in the transition stage between early Cretaceous and mid-Cretaceous. Angiosperms hadn't appeared in large quantities and flowers were rare.

Gulu knew that the first flower on earth, the "primordial flower", was found in Jurassic water and named "Pan's true flower". (T/N: scientific name Euanthus panii) Later, a large number of flowers appeared in mid Cretaceous.

These young cubs couldn't help sneezing because of the strong fragrance from the flowers. Many dinosaurs in the early days didn't like the smell of flowers, but they slowly adapted.

The three cubs hardly saw flowers at ordinary times, so it's only natural that they couldn't adjust to seeing so many flowers immediately.

Guji and Gudong: "Wow, brother, it's beautiful here, but the smell isn't very good …"

Gulu: "Smell more and you will feel very fragrant! What kind of fairy valley is this? How many flowers have grown here!"

The three cubs rushed toward the sea of flowers, rolling and playing happily.

Dinosaurs were very adaptable. After playing for a while, Guji and Gudong excitedly said to Gulu, "Wow! Brother! You are so powerful. These flowers really smell good. They have a good smell …"

Gulu: Ah, the magical Cretaceous period, the origin period of all kinds of modern plants and animals and the heyday of dinosaurs!

The three cubs rolled in the sea of flowers. They're all stained with flowers of various color. Gulu had a big flower on his head while Guji and Gudong bit the big flowers in their mouth, looking funny and lovely.

Just as the three cubs were having a good time, a dozen Triceratops cubs ran towards them. Soon they were surrounded.

These Triceratops cubs were at least over one year old and weighed 500-600 Jin, more than twice Gulu size.

Gulu felt lucky that these Triceratops cubs didn't have an adult Triceratops following behind them, otherwise Guji and Gudong would surely die.

Seeing so many menacing Triceratops staring at them, Guji and Gudong were scared straight into Gulu's arms.

Gulu put his two younger brothers under his body and bluffed, "What do you want?!"

One of the dozen Triceratops cubs looked especially strong. Obviously, this was the leader of these cubs.

The boss looked at Gulu and asked, "Are you the Triceratops raised by Mungo's ethnic group?! These are your two Tyrannosaurus rex brothers?"

Gulu shouted loudly. Although he knew that he couldn't defeat them, he didn't want to lose his momentum: "What if we are!"

Another Triceratops said to their boss, "Myer, don't talk nonsense with him! Kill these two little Tyrannosaurus rex. We don't know how many Triceratopses they had eaten! Maybe they ate your father!"

Gulu knew Myer because his father was famous. Myer's father was called Misa and was the head of the second largest Triceratops group in Yukan, second only to Pado.

Not long ago, the incomparably powerful Misa died. It's strange. No dinosaur saw how he died. When he was found, he had been eaten with only half of his head left.

Misa suddenly died. His Triceratops group was in chaos for some time. All of the male Triceratopses wanted to be leader and fought every day.

Triceratopses would also compete for territory among different ethnic groups. The stronger the ethnic group, the more it could occupy the best fern plantations and forests. After Misa died, because his ethnic group was in chaos, they were driven from the most fertile valley to the river bank … Finally, they were reduced to this barren valley.

Although it seemed to Gulu that there're so many beautiful flowers in this canyon, the fern plants here were few. This was the worst territory for Triceratops. These flowers couldn't be eaten. Some were even poisonous …

In the short period of three months after Misa's death, the ethnic group changed three leaders and now it's on the fourth one. This leader was arrogant and domineering, but somehow the ethnic group gradually stabilized and was not expelled again.

Myer had shown strong aura like his father at an early age. He said to Gulu from a high position, "Do you know that Triceratops needs to migrate to the south during dry season?"

Gulu didn't know why Myer asked these things, but he nodded his head.

Myer: "Tyrannosaurus rex don't need to migrate. Staying with them, you will starve to death because you won't have any food. Even if you want to migrate with other Triceratopses, because you're raised by Tyrannosaurus rex, no Triceratops group will let you follow …"

In fact, Gulu had long thought about this question mentioned by Myer. He couldn't let Mungo accompany him to migrate to the south. Tyrannosaurus rex didn't need to migrate.

Gulu had an idea before to beg Pado and join his ethnic group. But last time Pado and Mungo almost fought. Pado would definitely not let him follow.

The Cretaceous period had a warm climate that alternated between dry and wet seasons, usually every two years or so. The next dry season should be at least one year later, so Gulu wasn't too worried. A lot of things could happen in one year. He'd think about it then.

Gulu still had to admire Myer. He was an adult human being and also a doctor of paleontology, so he could naturally think of such a long-term problem. Myer, as a native dinosaur, was able to figure it out at such a young age.

Just look at Guji and Gudong. Although Gaya often told the three of them legends about various dinosaurs on the continent of Yukan, Gulu could remember them clearly, but Guji and Gudong could only remember about 7 or 8 parts, not to mention considering such a long-term problem.

When Myer finished speaking, Gulu replied, "Don't worry! I have a way!"

Myer: "As long as you step on these two little Tyrannosaurus rex with us, I will let you join our group."

Gulu was very vexed: Why do Triceratopses all over the world want me to trample my brothers to death?

He irately retorted, "Who wants to join your ethnic group and starve with you? Get out of the way, we have to go!"

Gulu knew that this poked Myer's pain point. Now their group was starving every day without food. These Triceratops cubs were very skinny.

Myer wasn't angry. Instead, he asked, "Who are you going to join?"

Gulu wanted to frighten Myer with Pado: "Pado! I tell you, Pado likes me! You can start to please me now, maybe later I can beg Pado …"

Before Gulu could finish speaking, all Triceratopses present mocked:

"You dream! Pado's ethnic group is already very large. Pado said that he will not accept any more Triceratops!"

"Don't scare us with Pado. You haven't even seen Pado!"

"If you can enter Pado's group, Tyrannosaurus rex will become vegetarians!"


It's not surprising that these Triceratops cubs would laugh at Gulu. He didn't know that all dinosaurs in Yukan considered him a "super pitiful creature."

They thought that Gulu would be eaten by the Tyrannosaurus rex one day. Even if he escaped, no Triceratops would let him join. A lone Triceratops, whether as an adult, couldn't survive outside alone.

One couldn't blame these cubs for not believing Gulu's words. Triceratopses in the entire continent of Yukan dreamed of joining Pado's ethnic group, but Pado didn't accept any of them.

Myer also wanted to join Pado's group, but he was different from other Triceratopses. They only wished to join his group to live without worrying about being eaten by carnivorous dinosaurs.

However, Myer did so because he thought Pado was the only leader worth following. He compared Pado to his father and made up his mind to join Pado's group no matter what method he used.

Gulu's words completely angered Myer, who thought Gulu took advantage of Pado's fame to frighten other Triceratopses outside, which was a blasphemy to Pado!

Myer shouted, "Kill them for me!"

In an instant, all Triceratopses rushed in and the three cubs were overwhelmed.

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