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More than a dozen of hundred-Jin body pressure could directly crush them to death. Gulu hid his younger brothers under his body and used all his strength to support his limbs against their force.

Gulu's four short stout legs trembled so much. He felt his whole bones were going to be crushed and deformed!

Guji and Gudong were very anxious. They wanted to rush out and bite these Triceratopses, but they couldn't find any opening at all. If their brother hadn't given them some space to hide under, they would had been smashed. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Gulu: "Quick, find a gap and drill out. I can hold on for at most five seconds more!"

Guji and Gudong knows what five seconds meant. They had lived with their brother for so long that they all understood his puzzling words.

Gulu encouraged himself in his heart: Persist! Hold on! You won't be a man if you can't hold on for five seconds! Uh, a male dinosaur?!

At the same time Gulu saw two very thin Triceratops cubs in front of him. He roared and raised his head and forelimbs with all his life's strength.

Guji and Gudong took advantage of their brother's desperate efforts and rushed out!

No matter whether it's human or animal, when they completely exhausted all their power, they may still exert one last burst of strength. Protecting his younger brothers was the stimulus triggering Gulu's final burst.

Seeing his younger brothers were finally safe, he breathed a sigh of relief then crushed to the ground in an instant.

Guji and Gudong looked at the piled-up hill of Triceratops cubs in front of them. The hill was so high and so heavy that their brother was pressed down to the bottom.

They didn't know how elder brother managed to support them before, let alone whether he had been crushed to death now.

Gulu only felt that all his bones were going to be broken, but this wasn't the most important danger. The fatal reason was suffocation. Without air circulation, his breathing became more difficult and his consciousness blurred.

Guji and Gudong immediately jumped to the top of the pile and crazily bit the triceratopses, biting everywhere within their reach. In an instant, the two small brats had mouths full of blood.

The bitten Triceratops cubs felt so painful that one by one, they all rolled down the hill.

As if they were charged full of ability, Guji and Gudong always managed to accurately avoid the attacks of these Triceratopses. Some of them rolled down and tried to drag Guji and Gudong along with them. But these two were always able to evade their clutches and continued to bite crazily.

No matter what species, when they were cornered and faced with losing the most important thing, their potential could always be stimulated to the greatest extent!

Soon the Triceratops hill was broken up in a loud noise.

Guji and Gudong saw Gulu lying motionless on the ground.

The two cubs rushed in. They were so scared and didn't know what to do. So, they ran circles around Gulu's body, stretched out their necks and roared. Their little bodies trembled violently.

The Triceratops cubs were stunned and didn't hurry to attack immediately. The two Tyrannosaurus rex's roars were sad and miserable shouts. Even a bloodthirsty dinosaur would feel sorrowful.

Suddenly, Gulu coughed, gasped violently, then stood up!

At this time, Guji and Gudong immediately cried. They didn't shed tears before, probably because they felt too sad to cry.

They crazily rubbed Gulu's body while Gulu rubbed them back, saying, "I'm fine, let's run!"

The three cubs turned and ran, but Myer immediately stopped them with the Triceratopses.

Gulu felt very desperate. They could no longer afford a second round of crushing.

Myer was about to order the attack again when he saw another group of Triceratops cubs running towards them from a distance. The boss of these cubs was the son of their fourth leader.

Their fourth leader Kaxi was arrogant, as was his son Kaka. Myer had to seek refuge in their group before entering Pado's ethnic group.

What Kaka disliked most was that the Triceratops cubs listened to Myer, so he often found trouble with Myer and even wanted to drive him out of the group.

Killing Gulu was no longer as important compared to being kicked out of the group by Kaka.

Myer turned and ran back while ordering the Triceratops cubs beside him, "Follow me. Hit me when you come after. Hit me hard!"

Both Guji and Gudong were stupefied!

Gulu: What's wrong with Myer? Super shaking M attribute?! (T/N: M = masochism)

Then they saw Myer being surrounded and beaten up by his own group of Triceratops cubs. Of course, they also noticed another group of Triceratops cubs coming towards Myer.

Gulu realized that Myer probably put on this act for the new group of Triceratops cubs. He's very shrewd and clever, really unlike a dinosaur.

No matter whether animals lived in groups or alone, competition was inevitable. Such competition started from a young age. However, group competition was more complex and "social" than solitary competition.

For example, the competition of Triceratops was more complicated than that of Tyrannosaurus rex. The competition between Tyrannosaurus rex cubs was to rob their siblings of meat and isolate one of them, resulting in the weak one starving to death or being abandoned by the mother dinosaur.

Gulu got very lucky. Guji, Gudong and Gaya were very loving. In fact, this was rare among other Tyrannosaurus rex.

Kaka looked down at Myer who had been beaten.

Myer stared at Gulu. His cruel eyes made Gulu shudder. Such a small Triceratops had such cold-blooded and biting gaze. Myer came up with this act not because his IQ was higher than other dinosaurs, but because he wanted to live. This was a survival instinct.

Of course, the three cubs didn't dare to stay any longer and ran back with their injuries.

Myer turned to look at the direction of Pado's ethnic group. One day, he would join that group at all costs.

He thought about what Pado would be doing now. He must be guiding many especially strong Triceratopses to protect his ethnic group with great prestige.


Pado was not imposing at all right now. He's even in a mess.

A female Triceratops stood in the shallow water of the Dada River and kept looking for something there. Pado stood beside her and followed behind. The female Triceratops would hit Pado with her head from time to time. Pado dared not fight back and had to coax her.

Female Triceratops: "If I can't find our cub, I won't go back! I want my egg, Pado …"

Pado: "Babana, I'll look for it. Why don't you go back first? I'm sure I can find it …"

This female Triceratops named Babana was Pado's only wife. Pado doted on her very much. He was especially gentle in front of her unlike his tyrannical behavior outside.

As the leader of the ethnic group, Pado should mate with different females and give birth to many small Triceratopses. It was a qualified leader's right to leave the best genes for the ethnic group.

However, Pado only had Babana and never even looked at other females.

From the point of reproduction, Pado was not a competent leader. If it wasn't for Pado's personal strength, all dinosaurs would laugh at him.

Babana laid more than a dozen eggs six months ago, one of which was lost while crossing the Dada River. The rest of the eggs only hatched two cubs.

The lost egg became Babana's heart knot. From time to time, she would go to the river to look for it like crazy. After such a long period, how could she still find it? Even if she found the actual egg, the cub inside would had died long ago.

Babana wasn't an unreasonable female Triceratops spoiled by Pado's favor. She was just too sad and too eager to find her lost cub.


When Gulu, Guji and Gudong returned to their nest, they were covered in blood and mixed with all kinds of flowers and dirt. Even their mother wouldn't recognize them.

The three cubs quickly licked each other to clean up their bodies. Although the wounds would be discovered by Mungo and Gaya, they wouldn't be as serious as they appeared now.

However, the cubs only managed to lick a few times when Mungo and Gaya returned.

Gaya could barely recognize her cubs. How could they turn out like this?

The three looked at them timidly and coquettishly cried out: "Mom, Mungo, we …"

Gaya was distressed and angry. She stamped her foot twice and demanded, "Where did you go and get beaten like this again? How many times have you promise not to go far away …"

While she was scolding them, Gaya lovingly licked the wounds on the young ones and very gently cleaned up the mess on their bodies.

Mungo also carefully examined the injuries of the young cubs. Several of Guji and Gudong's teeth fell off again. There're also some bruises on their bodies. The last time they lost their teeth, they had a hard time growing them back. Now they're going to leak air again …. (T/N: leak air = lisp)

Gulu's body was also covered with serious bruises. There're bad flesh wounds on his limbs and abdomen.

Fortunately, Triceratops had evolved a tank-like body to resist Tyrannosaurus rex, otherwise Gulu would surely had broken his bones even if he escaped being crushed to death today.

Without Gulu, the two cubs would certainly have been smashed in. Tyrannosaurus rex couldn't withstand the body pressure of the heavier Triceratopses.

Mungo also didn't ask which group of Triceratops fought with the three cubs and turned them into such a sorry state.

Because he wouldn't avenge them. This would give the young cubs a bad habit of thinking that no one in the whole continent dared to provoke them, which may embolden them to run around more recklessly in the future. So, they should suffer a little.

Mungo looked at Gulu and said, "Today's meat will be Triceratops's. It's time for the cubs to learn how to hunt our staple food!"

Tyrannosaurus rex normally ate Triceratops, but Gulu was still shocked because the closest group to them was Pado's.

Gulu didn't know why he just didn't want Mungo and Pado to fight. If Mungo wanted to hunt a Triceratops of Pado's then Pado would definitely fight him in order to protect his ethnic group.

Tyrannosaurus rex's staple food was Triceratops, which couldn't be changed.

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