Gulu didn't know why. He only met Pado once but felt in him the close familiarity of friends or even relatives.

He was thinking along the way about what to do if Pado and Mungo did fight.

Arriving at a high ground, they now stood on an excellent viewing platform. They could see a Triceratops group below. Hundreds of Triceratopses were leisurely eating ferns.

This time, Mungo only left Gaya to look after them.

Gaya looked at the Triceratopses and muttered to herself, "Titan, Titan …"

Gulu finally felt at ease. This was Titan's ethnic group, not Pado's. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Titan was as famous as Misa. He's now one of the most prominent Triceratops leaders in the whole continent of Yukan, second only to Pado. Other Triceratops leaders could never be compared with these two. They were not on the same level.

But what Gulu couldn't understand was why Gaya seemed so nervous.

If it's just an ordinary hunt, she shouldn't be anxious. Even if it's Pado's group, they just needed to choose the best Triceratops to hunt.

Gulu saw that Mungo and his brothers didn't immediately rush to the Triceratopses but went around to hide in the middle of the lush vegetation, waiting for the best time to make their moves.

Mungo would never allow any of his brothers to die during hunting. He always adopted the safest strategy, never becoming arrogant due to his own powerful strength or behaved carelessly. This was his most formidable advantage.

Suddenly, five Tyrannosaurus rex seemed to emerge from the ground and rushed to the middle of the group causing all Triceratopses to scatter in panic.

Hundreds of Triceratops were escaping.

Then Mungo rushed out and headed for Titan.

Gulu was shocked: Is Mungo going to hunt their leader?!

Predators would choose "the old, the weak and the sick" as their prey. Even the most conceited Tyrannosaurus rex would abide by this iron law. They would never hunt the leader of the group. This was simply impossible!

While Mungo pursued Titan to the death, other Triceratopses regrouped and tried to come back to save their leader.

At this time, Moluo and the rest of the Tyrannosaurus rex blocked them.

If Mungo had hunted a weak Triceratops, there wouldn't be anyone returning to save it. Even if Mungo hunted a strong Triceratops, as long as it wasn't a leader, they wouldn't face such strong resistance.

This was the rule of Triceratops when being targeted by predators. Because other Triceratopses may die during the difficult rescue, the rest of the group would rather abandon the target to minimize their loss.

But now, all Triceratopses were fearless in the face of death, rushing back wave after wave.

However, Mungo had many brothers and all of them were "battle-hardened". They ate well with Mungo and were strong and experienced in fighting. It wasn't too difficult for them to prevent these Triceratopses from coming back.

Gulu realized that Mungo was going to fight Titan one on one. This was definitely not a "hunt" but a "duel"!

In fact, this move was very bad for Mungo. The leader of each Triceratops group could definitely fight with an adult Tyrannosaurus rex with a win rate of 55%, and Mungo was still an adolescent!

Gulu had numerous questions: Why is Mungo fighting Titan? Is it to challenge the most formidable Triceratops? Did Mungo also kill Misa? Will it be Pado's turn next?!

Mungo issued a roar that shook the sky. This was the call of battle.

Titan also let out an earth-shaking roar. His horn shield became bloodshot. The originally brown horn shield showed brilliant blue.

Gulu remembered that Pado's horn shield also turned blue when it's bloodshot. Was it likely that all formidable Triceratopses had blue horn shields?

Titan had experienced many battles. He's not in a hurry to take the initiative to attack Mungo, because it would expose his strength.

Mungo also didn't take the initiative to attack, so the two faced each other.

After a long time, they became isolated from the outside world. They couldn't see or hear their brothers and ethnic groups fighting fiercely.

Gulu even doubted that they may continue to confront each other like this till the end of the world.

At last, Mungo attacked first. He rushed toward Titan. Titan was very calm. When Mungo quickly ran in, he just jumped aside, causing Mungo to hit an empty space.

Then Titan fiercely turned around and crashed into Mungo. With a hard twist of his head, his long hard horns were about to enter Mungo's belly.

Gulu inhaled a cold breath, almost afraid to look. His claws dung deep into the soil. He didn't dare to imagine what would happen if Mungo died.

Both Guji and Gudong cried out while Gaya's body trembled slightly.

Mungo quickly ran a few steps forward. He narrowly escaped the blow only when he almost fell down. However, his belly was still grazed by the sharp point and bled.

Titans pursued victory and continued his fierce collision with Mungo.

At this moment, Titan's horns almost pierced Mungo's neck! It's only a matter of seconds!

Gulu's claws almost scratched a hole in the ground. His tears came out unconsciously.

Next to him, Guji and Gudong cried and wailed. Gaya was even ready to rush down, but even if she did, it would be too late to save Mungo.

However, they saw Mungo bit into Titan's most vulnerable neck and pulled hard. A large chunk of meat came off, spraying blood on Mungo's face.

With this deadly move, Titan lost the game.

But as one of the top three leaders of Triceratops, he would fight to the last moment of his life.

Blood gurgled from Titan's neck. Mungo continued to bite the flesh on his back, stomach and head one after another.

Gulu thought that Titan would soon fall to the ground. With such a severe injury, a Triceratops would not last long.

However, Titan persisted for a long time. Gulu even thought that he would turn defeat into victory.

By this time, Titan had no intact place on his body, which was dyed red with blood and exposed fleshes. The fern area of several hundred meters was covered by his blood like a red carpet.

Looking at this sight, Gulu didn't know why he suddenly saw Titan turning into Pado.

Perhaps because Titan and Pado were so alike. Both of their horn shields were blue. They all loved only one female Triceratops. Even though they're cruel and domineering outside, they behaved very gently toward their wives and cubs …

Titan and Pado were two very powerful dinosaurs in Yukan Continent with only one mate. They conformed to Gulu's view on human emotion, despite being dinosaurs.

Aside from the failure to reproduce with multiple females, Titan and Pado were very good leaders. They protected every member of their ethnic groups to the greatest extent. Both of them were brave and courageous, tough and resolute …

At this moment, Titan was dying, but he still fought.

Titan's group was also trying to come back to save him.

This was really incredible. Once a leader reached the point of death, the Triceratops group would not save him again. It's their law of survival.

Yet, all of the strongest male Triceratopses in the group still spearheaded the formation of the sturdiest and deadliest horned shield wall, followed by all robust adult female Triceratopses, then by every elderly, infirm and disabled adult Triceratops and finally the cubs.

In fact, all members of the ethnic group knew that their rescue of Titan could only retrieve a corpse, but they didn't hesitate.

Mungo's brothers stood in a row to resist the Triceratopses. They usually never faced counterattacks by prey groups. Although this time the preys came at them fiercely, as long as there's a war, they would not flinch. Even in the face of death, they were not afraid.

There's no turning back in a battle of life and death. This was the most fundamental principal of predators. Under Mungo's leadership, they had brought this creed to its extreme.

Mungo's brothers fought back ferociously. Both sides were wounded. Some Triceratopses had large pieces of meat bitten off while many Tyrannosaurus rex suffered deep slashes, but neither side made any concession.

Gaya and the three cubs were very nervous, for fear that Mungo or his brothers would die in this battle.

No one knew how long before Titan let out a roar that caused the whole continent of Yukan to tremble.

The roar spread far away and Gulu could even feel the ground shaking from its high frequency.

Gulu couldn't imagine that a Triceratops, who was already dying, still had such great strength. Its roar showcased unimaginable grandeur.

Mungo stopped attacking to stand and look at the bloody Triceratops.

After listening to the roar of Titan, all Triceratopses stopped their attacks and silently retreated until they withdrew to a safe distance to watch.

This roar exhausted Titan's life. He fell to the ground with a bang, shedding blood and tears in his eyes.

When death came, Titan thought a lot. He fought until the last moment of his life. He didn't hate Mungo and even felt gratified. Mungo regarded him as a real opponent.

In the world of dinosaurs, the natural laws of "survival of the fittest" and "the strong was king" were fully followed. Titan died peacefully. He didn't feel any pain. He hoped his cubs could be better than him and become invincible Triceratopses.

Titan's two cubs were standing at the front of the group. They were still too young, about the same age as Gulu, but they already understood what death meant.

The two cubs knew that their father would never come back. They could never climb on his back to play. He would never bring them delicious berries and nuts again.

The two cubs were so sad that they gasped for breath, but they couldn't cry. Their heads were bloodshot, and their horns were the same bright blue as their father's.

Gulu looked at the blood-red sky with rolling fire clouds. Titan's group was standing under this red sky. Each Triceratops appeared to be wrapped in hot blood and were burning up.

Blood red sky and fire clouds

The battle between Mungo and Titan lasted from noon to evening, which could be said to be the longest and most spectacular battle in the history of Yukan.

No dinosaur knew why Mungo killed Titan. Gulu asked Mungo many times, but he never respond.

But Gulu always felt that the reason Mungo defeated Titan must be related to Pado.

On the fifth day after Mungo defeated Titan, Pado found Mungo alone.

Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus rex would definitely fight when they meet. Pado stood at a non-threatening distance and said, "I'm not here to fight. I want to have a good talk with you."

Mungo knew Pado would come to him sooner or later.

Pado cut to the chase: "Mungo, Gulu is my cub. He's a Triceratops. He must live with Triceratopses. As long as you give Gulu back to me, I will accept any request you make."

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