Heiwu was now lying on the hairy back of a very large Yutyrannus. The feathers of a Yutyrannus were very soft and thick. Heiwu was so small and almost completely submerged in the thick feathers.

Yutyrannus: "Can you fall on the back of other dinosaurs next time and stop frightening me?! I feel really strange. I have migrated from Beishan to Xishan. But you can still drop on my back. Are you bound to me?"

Heiwu trembled and answered: "Sorry, I'm sorry. I, I will definitely not drop on your back anymore. I will fall on other dinosaurs. Can you let me down first?"

Last time, Heiwu was taken by Heili to a place far away from the ethnic group to be killed. He couldn't imagine that his father would want his life. As the result, he was completely defenseless and suffered a serious head injury, leaving a big scar on his head.

The fact that his father tried to kill him made Heiwu very sad, but he didn't want to die. His strong desire to survive made him run as fast as he could with his bloody head. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides idleturtle-translations.com. !!

Since Heili already wanted to kill his son, he definitely wouldn't relent. He persistently chased after Heiwu.

Because he didn't want to be seen by any dinosaur in the ethnic group, Heili took Heiwu very far away. They basically reached the boundary of the foothills. Not far away was the steep slope of the mountain.

Heiwu quickly leaped off the steep slope. Of course he knew that he would fall to death if he did, but Heiwu would rather die this way than be killed by his father. So he jumped without hesitation.

He madly rolled and rolled down the slope. With a bang, he landed on a very soft place. He opened his eyes and saw: Wow, a lot of fluffy feathers. Where is this? Is it Longshan?

Mom said that when a dinosaur died, it would go to Longshan. Longshan had endless ferns, leaves, berries and nuts. There were no carnivorous dinosaurs. It was excellent.

Heiwu dared to jump down. He thought that if he died, he would just go to Longshan to find his Mom.

Originally, Longshan was so comfortable, furry, warm and soft like this.

However, Longshan then shook, Heiwu was shaken down. He looked up at a very big dinosaur. He didn't know what the dinosaur was, but it had terrible teeth and looked like a meat-eating one.

The dinosaur looked at the young cub in disbelief and muttered, "A Triceratops falls from the sky?! Can there be such a good thing?!"

A Triceratops was a great delicacy for all carnivorous dinosaurs. Finding one falling on itself was just as good as a pie falling from the sky in the human world!

Heiwu thought: Maybe I will still die. My father can't kill me. Jumping down the steep slope also didn't finish me off. Now that I'm discovered by a carnivorous dinosaur and will be eaten, I can finally die and go to Longshan to find Mom.

Yutyrannus was ready to eat, but he felt so strange that this little Triceratops didn't seem afraid at all? Not hiding or running? Actually looking forward to being eaten?

Heiwu waited for a while but saw the dinosaur still not biting him. He became a little worried and prompted: "You eat me ah. Why don't you eat me? Don't you all say that our Triceratops meat are the best?" !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides idleturtle-translations.com. !!

This Yutyrannus was the leader of a Yutyrannus group. He never had to worry about food. In fact, he just ate a 7-meter-long Jinzhousaurus and was already full.

So he began to chat with the little Triceratops and asked him why he wanted to be eaten. This Yutyrannus had nothing to do when he's full anyway.

Heiwu was very sad. He told his story to the Yutyrannus.

After hearing this, the Yutyrannus also thought that he was very poor.. He's also not hungry right now. Since this little Triceratops was quite lovely, let's just let him go.

Heiwu didn't expect that in order to survive, he hid himself in the forest of Xishan. How could he still fall down the mountain and land on the same dinosaur?!

Arguably, it's impossible for a small Triceratops to survive alone outside. But Heiwu's survival instinct made him hide in the forest. Large carnivorous dinosaurs seldom entered the forest, which made the place a paradise for a lone dinosaur cub to survive.

For example, when a Diplodocus broke the shell, it must be "self-reliance". Small Diplodocuses lived in the forest without parental care. It's still possible for them to survive, even though the infant mortality rate of Diplodocuses was extremely high.

Of course, Heiwu didn't know this much, but his survival instinct made him choose the best choice.

Now the Yutyrannus shook his body again. Heiwu slipped to the ground.

The Yutyrannus looked at a piece of meat on the ground then at the Triceratops in front of him and growled, "Look, you scared me to drop my meat! You compensate me!"

Heiwu trembled with fear: "Me? How could I compensate you?" Heiwu thought that the dinosaur might want to bite a piece of meat from him, which must be very painful.

Yutyrannus: "Ah, forget it, you are so thin and certainly won't taste delicious! What's your name? Last time you said so much to me, but you didn't say your name."

Heiwu didn't want to be called Heiwu anymore. Just at the mention of this name, he felt very sick. He no longer wished to use the name that Heili gave him and replied, "My name is Kangkang."

Although Heiwu didn't want to use his original name, he never thought of what to call himself until now, when forced by the Yutyrannus to give his name.

Kangkang was the name of one of Pado and Babana's dead cubs that died less than ten days after breaking the shell because it was too weak. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides idleturtle-translations.com. !!

Heiwu really envied Pado's cubs. He always dreamed of having a father like Pado. One who was extremely powerful and good to his cubs.

Yutyrannus: "Kangkang. Let me ask you. Why did you fall from the sky this time?"

Heiwu heard himself being called Kangkang and froze. Wow, this name sounded really nice. He thought that since he couldn't return to Pado's ethnic group anyway and possibly couldn't leave this forest alive, just call himself Kangkang ah. Pado would never know that he used this name.

Even if Pado found out, he wouldn't be angry because Pado was so good.

Kangkang looked at the dinosaur and narrated exactly what happened today. Then he asked, "What's your name? You didn't tell me either."

Yutyrannus: "My name is Jue. Then did you save Pado's son Gulu and that Tyrannosaurus rex Mungo?"

Kangkang nodded his head.

Jue: "They're here to retaliate against you. Why do you want to save them? Aren't you afraid that they will come to you later for revenge?"

Kangkang: "Pado is so kind to me, but I almost killed Gulu. It's all because I was too stupid. How can I believe Heili so much before? I believed everything he said. I was really stupid …"

Before, Heili told him that Mungo ate his Mom. If he knocked Gulu off the cliff, Mungo would feel very sad because he liked Gulu so much. When Heiwu grew up, he could seek revenge and beat Mungo.

At that time, he didn't know that Gulu was Pado's son. He would do anything to please Heili and avenged his Mom.

Later, he found all dinosaurs said that Gulu was Pado's son. Heili then lied to him that Pado deliberately made all these dinosaurs think Gulu was his son, in order to cheat Mungo and create a better chance to kill him, the Tyrannosaurus rex who ate so many Triceratopses from their ethnic group …

Anyway, he believed whatever Heili said at that time.

It wasn't until Heili tried to kill him that he realized all this.

Now he had also heard that Gulu was going back to Pado's ethnic group. Gulu was really Pado's cub.

Kangkang continued, "Pado is the best leader of the ethnic group and the best father. At the time that Triceratops cubs changed food, I didn't have berries to eat. I begged my siblings, but they didn't give me any. When Pado checked in and saw that I was starving, he took me to Babana and asked her to take care of me. Babana let me eat a lot of berries and nuts …"

Triceratops had a "food change period". That was when Gulu suddenly didn't like eating and must change his diet to all kinds of berries and nuts.

However, a Triceratops cub like Kangkang was very poor without a Mom. Without a mother to pick berries and nuts that were hard to find for him, the chance of starvation was especially high with an irresponsible father like Heili.

Jue: "What about it? He's the leader. He certainly eats the most. Giving you some food was nothing at all. Maybe Pado didn't even remember giving you any …"

Kangkang: "I know that there're so many Triceratops cubs in the ethnic group, Pado will definitely not remember me, but I will never forget …"

Jue: "Seeing you not dead now, that Gulu and Mungo will definitely settle scores with you when they see you again. Mungo will definitely eat you alive! You'd better hide in the forest before they find you."

Kangkang: "Gulu can do anything to me. I almost killed him. No, actually I have already killed him. If Gulu isn't strong, how can he still be alive? Gulu really deserves to be Pado's son. How powerful …"

Jue: "Silly dinosaur!" !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides idleturtle-translations.com. !!


Mungo and Gulu stood at the cave exit looking out at the hillside for a while then finally gave up the idea of looking for the little Triceratops.

Mungo still let Gulu sit on his head. They passed through the lush forest. This time no dinosaur dared to "make trouble" with them.

Gulu knew that all of the dinosaurs did those acts to help the little Triceratops. He thought: Is that little Triceratops so popular in the forest? These dinosaurs risked their lives to buy him time to escape? It's simply "the son of the forest" treatment!

Mungo and Gulu didn't know that a great event had taken place until they returned to the group – Gaya was gone!

Munroe let all of the male Tyrannosaurus rex go out to search for her. He stayed to take care of Guji and Gudong until Mungo and Gulu came back.

In fact, Gaya was already an adult Tyrannosaurus rex and even going out alone was hardly dangerous. She was also a large female. Basically, no dinosaur would pose a great threat to her.

But the reason for Gaya's disappearance was very special, which made Munroe very worried.

According to Munroe's description, Gaya didn't know where to listen to some dinosaurs gossiping this afternoon. She overheard that Gulu had returned to Pado's group and would not return.

Munroe and the male Tyrannosaurus rex came back and told Gaya that Mungo and Gulu would come back later. Gulu was completely fine, so she didn't have to worry.

Gaya kept muttering, "Not coming back, not coming back …"

Munroe immediately explained to Gaya that Gulu would come back. Gaya nodded and said nothing more. Munroe thought that Gaya understood.

In fact, Gaya had always known that Gulu was a Triceratops, not her cub, but she was unwilling to accept the fact that what hatched from her nest was not her cub! He must be!

Recently, a series of facts disintegrated Gaya's last insistence layer by layer.

Mungo and Gulu were both very anxious after hearing this. Gulu was out of breath from crying and hiccupped, "Mungo, let's go find Gaya quickly. I'm not going to Pado. wu wu. I'm going to tell Gaya myself. I'm not going. I'm not leaving, Mom …"

Munroe stayed to take care of Guji and Gudong. Gulu still sat on Mungo's head. Mungo sprinted off. He roared as he ran, calling for Gaya.

Soon Mungo's roar received a response, but it wasn't Gaya's. It's Mungo's brothers. They found Gaya!

Mungo immediately rushed past.

They saw Gaya on Ulam's territory across the Dada River. In front of Gaya stood a small Tyrannosaurus rex that looked like it had just broken its shell not long before. Gaya growled fiercely at Ulam.

Behind Ulam stood a dozen particularly strong male Tyrannosaurus rex.

Gaya protected the little Tyrannosaurus rex underneath.

Ulam: What's wrong with Gaya? This is my cub! She dares to rob my cub, really too impatient to die hah!

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