Mungo's brothers just found Gaya. Who would have imagined that she came here to rob Ulam's cubs? The average Tyrannosaurus rex didn't have time to raise their own young ones, let alone steal other dinosaur's babies. Such a problem didn't exist.

Tyrannosaurus rex were cruel. Some females even ate weaker cubs to ensure that the stronger ones had enough meat to eat. Many of them deliberately ignored these weaker cubs so that they would either starve to death or get lost.

A female Tyrannosaurus rex such as Gaya could be said to be basically nonexistent, belonging to the outlier of a different class.

Even if Gaya didn't come to rob Ulam's cubs, it would still be dangerous to enter Ulam's territory alone.

Tyrannosaurus rex had a very strong territorial consciousness and were extremely exclusive to those not of their own ethnic group. Unless allowed, others Tyrannosaurus rex absolutely could not enter their territory. Invaders would surely be attacked fiercely and killed. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Mungo left Gulu on this side of the river. He let Moluo, the strongest male Tyrannosaurus rex, take care of him while Mungo rushed across with the rest of his brothers.

Gulu was very anxious. He counted 12 extremely strong adult male Tyrannosaurus rex behind Ulam. With Munroe and Moluo not taking part in the battle, there're only 13 males on Mungo's side. And all of them were adolescents!

In fact, Gulu wanted to say that he could just hide in the fern bushes and didn't need Moluo to stay with him. But he knew that Mungo would definitely not agree.

If Gulu asked Moluo to join the fight now, first of all, Moluo wouldn't listen to him. Even if he did, his entrance may distract Mungo because Gulu was left unprotected over here.

Moluo dropped to the ground and encircled Gulu with his short front paws. He's afraid that Gulu might be frightened once it got too bloody later.

At the same time, Gulu noticed that Gaya seemed to be looking at a particularly strong male Tyrannosaurus rex behind Ulam. She caught the male's eyes and dodged his gaze. Her body trembled slightly, as if she's afraid of this male Tyrannosaurus rex.

Mungo with 12 male Tyrannosaurus rex instantly appeared behind Gaya. They arrived so quickly that it looked as if they just surfaced from the ground. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

More than a dozen giant Tyrannosaurus rex were standing all around the water. The light during nighttime was limited. The cold water that flowed past their huge bodies turned into black shadows filled with evil forces. Under the cover of darkness, these domineering giants appeared like demons and beasts from hell.

Gulu was very sure. Mungo also stared at the male Tyrannosaurus rex just like Gaya. His eyes were bloodthirsty, brutal and cruel. It seemed as if Mungo couldn't wait to tear apart this male into pieces. Anger turned Mungo's eyes into blood red.

Due to Mungo's arrival, Gaya appeared less afraid, but she still tried hard to protect the little Tyrannosaurus rex beneath her.

Meanwhile, Gulu noticed that there're still three small Tyrannosaurus rex in the nest not far from Ulam, but none of the them look as strong as the one Gaya "stole".

Gulu thought: It's over. Gaya really went after Ulam's strongest cub. Ulam must be mad. I don't know how bloody and brutal this war will be.

Ulam was really incensed. She's so angry that she wanted to rush over and tear Gaya to pieces. But she couldn't do it yet. Beside the other female was her strongest cub. A battle between more than 20 Tyrannosaurus rex was too horrible. The little Tyrannosaurus rex was likely to be trampled to death.

She realized that Gaya, as an abnormal "dinosaur stealing cubs", would not consider whether the little one could survive after the fight, but she had to consider it as the biological mother.

Ulam also knew why Gaya wanted to rob her cub. The Triceratops Gulu, whom Gaya had raised as a Tyrannosaurus rex, was Pado's son. Pado was the most powerful Triceratops leader. Gulu must go back to his group!

Gulu and Pado's "recognizing relative" news spread very fast. After all, Gulu was first raised by the strongest Tyrannosaurus rex and now discovered a father who was the most powerful Triceratops leader. This situation was really amazing. All dinosaurs in Yukan couldn't help but "gossip". Ulam also heard about it.

But Ulam didn't understand. Gulu left. Why did you come to steal my son? If you have the ability, go find Pado and get Gulu back!

The situation was like this for Gaya: My son is now one less, give me one of yours! I don't care, I want him!

Ulam: ???!

Even though Ulam was extremely infuriated at these thoughts, she suppressed her anger and said, "Mungo, you make Gaya return my cub to me and leave my territory immediately. We don't have to fight this one."

Mungo also hoped that Gaya would return the cub to Ulam. Gaya was too protective of the young ones. If a fight happened later, she would definitely try her best to protect the cub and would probably get hurt or even die.

Gaya shouted at Ulam: "This is my cub, mine!"

Ulam: …

Mungo: "Gaya, this isn't your cub. Your cub is on the other side. Look, Gulu is over there."

One moment before, Mungo looked just like a demon from hell about to tear everything apart. His eyes burned with anger and hot-bloodedness. But the Mungo who spoke to Gaya was very gentle. They didn't look like the same dinosaur at all. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Gulu saw Mungo and Gaya looking at him at the same time. He jumped around excitedly in his place and shouted with his loudest voice: "Mom! I'm Gulu! I'm here! Come back! I won't leave, Mom …"

Gaya froze. After a while, she suddenly seemed to wake up. She left the little cub and ran to the other side of the river. Soon she returned to Gulu's side, rubbing on him crazily with her big head.

Gulu felt so distressed for Gaya that his tears couldn't stop flowing. He cried and said: "Mom, Mom, I won't go. Don't be sad. Don't rob Ulam's cub again. Ulam is so fierce. You will get hurt …"

Gaya didn't speak either. She desperately rubbed against Gulu and circled Gulu tightly with her short forelimbs for fear that he would disappear again.

Mungo didn't want to hurt Ulam's cub. After Gaya left, the cub ran back to Ulam who immediately took him back to the nest.

Ulam looked at Mungo and let out a roar. This was both her expulsion and "truce". She wanted Mungo and his brothers to leave her territory immediately. In exchange, she wouldn't pursue this further or continue to fight.

This situation was almost impossible. No Tyrannosaurus rex would let go of other Tyrannosaurus rex who entered their territory without permission. What's more, this was Ulam. Such an outcome was even more unimaginable for a strong tyrant like her.

All of the Tyrannosaurus rex behind Ulam were shocked, but they obeyed Ulam's leadership.

However, Mungo stared at the largest male Tyrannosaurus rex behind her and roared.

Moluo suddenly became uneasy. He whispered, "Mungo wants to eat Moke! I have to go! Gaya, take good care of Gulu!"

(T/N: Moke is read as Mo Ke)

Gulu finally knew why Gaya was so afraid of the male Tyrannosaurus rex. It turned out that this male was Gaya's first mate as an adult.

Gulu heard Munroe spoke about Gaya's past before. The reason why Gaya was so protective of her cubs to the point of not valuing her own life, and the cause of why her degree of protection toward them far exceeded that of a normal female Tyrannosaurus rex, could be attributed to this Moke.

In fact, most female Tyrannosaurus rex didn't protect their young ones at all. Why did these cubs have to leave their mother around the age of 2? Because 2-year-old Tyrannosaurus rex ate too much! The female Tyrannosaurus rex simply couldn't afford to feed them. Many females would even eat these young ones when there's nothing else to eat.

Gulu heard Munroe say that Gaya and Moke gave birth to five small Tyrannosaurus rex, none of which survived. What exactly caused their death was unknown to Munroe. Only Gaya probably knew. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Tyrannosaurus rex had their own territory after growing up. Adult Tyrannosaurus rex usually lived alone or in the form of a family.

After Gaya and Moke got together, they lived and raised their cubs in their own territory. Even Mungo and Munroe couldn't enter her land.

In short, Moke later left Gaya. When Gaya returned to Mungo, she was seriously injured. Mungo's brothers all thought that she would die. Gaya also thought that she wouldn't survive. She just wanted to come back and see her two younger brothers one last time.

However, Mungo never gave up Gaya. Every day, all kinds of fresh prey were continuously supplied to her. Gaya ate very well and miraculously recovered a few months later.

Gaya had always wanted a cub since she came back. This became her obsession. She mated with a male Tyrannosaurus rex. After mating, she drove the male away and lived in Mungo's territory. Guji and Gudong were the cubs of Gaya and the male Tyrannosaurus rex.

The male Tyrannosaurus rex, who was driven away by Gaya, also seemed to have died later, but it wasn't clear how he died.

Gaya stared at Moke. Her body uncontrollably trembled. She held Gulu tightly. Gaya was very afraid, fearing that Moke would eat Gulu.

All those bad memories in the past emerged. Moke ate her cubs. First, he bit the weakest ones. But the dry season was too long for them to find food. Moke was extremely large and couldn't stand hunger at all …

Every time Moke wanted to eat her cubs, Gaya always tried her best to protect them, but Moke was too big for Gaya to beat. Every time she was injured by Moke, she was black and blue all over.

When there was only one cub left, Gaya desperately attacked Moke. Finally, that cub was also eaten. Even Gaya herself was almost eaten and barely managed to escape.

Tyrannosaurus rex would eat their own kind, especially during the dry season when foods were scarce. But no matter how cruel a Tyrannosaurus rex was, it seldom ate its own cubs and mate. Moke was too cruel and bloodthirsty.

Gulu actually knew the habits of Tyrannosaurus rex. A few extremely fierce females would bite their mate to death when they had no food at all during the long dry season. They then used the flesh of these males to keep themselves and their young ones alive.

Unfortunately, Gaya was not as big and cruel as Moke, so she and her cubs became Moke's meat.

However, a female Tyrannosaurus rex killed a male in order to feed her cubs. Moke even ate his own cubs. Moke's behavior was quite different from these female Tyrannosaurus rex.

Therefore, even in the world view of Tyrannosaurus rex, Moke was a super scumbag dinosaur.

However, a Tyrannosaurus rex's mind held no moral constraint. The more powerful it was, the more it could do whatever it wanted. Everything was for survival and reproduction.

Ulam didn't know the past of Moke and Gaya. Even if she did, Ulam wouldn't care. Tyrannosaurus rex were completely different from human beings.

With this roar from Mungo, Ulam understood that Mungo was going to eat Moke alive.

But Ulam liked this Moke very much. Moke was the mate that she was searching for. She was very satisfied with him. Among more than ten of these male Tyrannosaurus rex, he was her favorite.

Ulam wanted to keep Moke as her mate since he was the largest male Tyrannosaurus rex. She felt that Mungo was simply trying to fight her. Ulam became very angry and let out a loud roar. All of the male Tyrannosaurus rex behind her instantly readied for combat.

This Moke only arrived in Ulam's territory today. Ulam was very happy. She finally settled down for such a huge and strong male Tyrannosaurus rex.

Mungo also issued a roar then directly rushed at Moke.

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