In an instant, more than 20 Tyrannosaurus rex entangled together. They roared, tearing at each other. Dust billowed from the fight scene and a thick blood scent instantly spread out.

Gulu was very nervous while Gaya greatly shook. He rubbed Gaya's big head and comforted her: "Mom, Mungo is the best Tyrannosaurus rex. Mungo will win, definitely …"

In fact Gulu didn't know whether Mungo would win.

Moke was a very strong male Tyrannosaurus rex. He was the most famous male before Mungo. Even now, although Mungo was larger than many adult male Tyrannosaurus rex, he's still not as big as Moke.

Of course, once Mungo came of age, he would definitely be much larger than Moke. But right now, he's still an adolescent who wanted to fight with Moke, which was very dangerous.

Mungo rushed straight to the front of Moke and bit hard with every bite. Moke was also a battle-hardened dinosaur. He could always avoid every attack of Mungo accurately and would use his huge size advantage to hit Mungo. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Now it's basically a one-on-one fight between Mungo and Moke. Mungo's other brothers needed to hold off Ulam and the other eleven powerful Tyrannosaurus rex to prevent them from attacking Mungo.

Mungo attacked Moke like crazy. His eyes were red with blood and the top of his head became bright crimson. This wasn't the first time Gulu saw Mungo fight. But the top of his head now became so brightly crimson. Even when Mungo and Titan fought, there was no such thing!

Moke also countered viciously at Mungo, but he was not as deadly nor as cruel as Mungo. Mungo seemed to no longer feel pain. He completely turned into a demon from hell that only knew how to be a beast, a grim reaper!

Mungo would not avoid any attack from Moke but retaliated harder. Just then, Moke bit off a piece of meat on Mungo's back. Mungo roared back with a fiercer bite, tearing off a larger chunk of meat from Moke's back.

Gaya was very scared. She hugged Gulu tightly and cried, "Don't come here. Don't come here …"

Gulu rubbed Gaya and kept comforting her.

Seeing more and more blood on Mungo and so much of his meat bitten off, Gulu couldn't help crying while comforting Gaya.

At this instance, Gulu really hated how he couldn't grow up quickly. He had to become big, larger and more powerful than Pado. He would rush in and use his horns to pierce Moke's belly!

Gulu had never feel such a strong desire to be the best Triceratops before. Even if he sounded good when declaring that he would become a Triceratops as powerful as Pado, there was no actual action. Mungo had to force him to practice fighting.

With Mungo's training, he could still forget that he was a Triceratops when fighting! Gulu felt that he was too useless.

In fact, he was protected too well by Mungo. Mungo was so powerful that Gulu never had to worry about being eaten. He never developed a very strong sense of crisis.

But today, Gulu realized that Mungo also had dinosaurs that he couldn't beat. Mungo was still an adolescent. There're so many adult male Tyrannosaurus rex that are bigger and stronger than him.

Even if Mungo became the largest and the most powerful Tyrannosaurus rex, there would always be times of danger. In the dinosaur world, there was no absolute victory. Only by constantly making yourself more powerful could you be invincible.

Gulu secretly vowed in his heart that he would become the most formidable and invincible Triceratops. If any Tyrannosaurus rex dared to let Mungo bleed again, he would kill them with his horns! After they died, he would stomp on them into meat pies!

Moke was gradually overwhelmed by Mungo's extreme cruelty and bloodthirst. He felt that Mungo seemed not afraid of pain or death. He was crazy.

Of course, Moke had always known that Mungo was very cruel, and that he's Gaya's brother. He's also afraid of Mungo's revenge, so he had been living far away from Mungo's territory.

But Moke liked Ulam very much. He couldn't resist her call. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

At last, he came to Ulam's territory. He knew that Ulam had many strong male Tyrannosaurus rex around her. Mungo definitely dared not come here for revenge, as long as he stayed in her area.

Besides, Mungo was still an adolescent. He couldn't allow himself to be so afraid of an adolescent Tyrannosaurus rex and thus resolutely came to Ulam's territory.

Moke was finally frightened by Mungo's crazy attacks. He instinctively retreated to avoid injuries. He approached Ulam and other male Tyrannosaurus rex asking for help.

Mungo didn't relent. Of course, Moke also fought back fiercely. Mungo continued to suffer new injuries.

Moluo was the strongest Tyrannosaurus rex in the entire group except Mungo. He's flanked by Ulam and another Tyrannosaurus rex while covered in blood.

Seeing that Ulam as about to give Moluo a fatal bite, Mungo turned to bite Ulam's back. She jumped away in pain. Moluo gave chase and killed another male Tyrannosaurus rex that attacked him.

Because of helping Moluo, Mungo was bitten by Moke again on his back. However, he was unaware of the pain and returned to tear off the meat on Moke's back.

Mungo would never allow his brothers to die in this battle. This was originally his vengeance. He wanted to revenge Moke for Gaya. It had nothing to do with his brothers. Even if he died, he couldn't let his brothers get killed!

Therefore, as long as Mungo's brothers were in danger of life, Mungo would definitely rush over and bite frantically regardless of his own life.

Ulam was shocked. She didn't expect Mungo to be so fierce. Mungo was still an adolescent Tyrannosaurus rex. He's able to fight Moke one on one while dashing through the melee to save every dinosaur in his group.

Moke, on the other hand, was evasive and didn't dare to confront an adolescent Tyrannosaurus rex whose body size was not as big as his own. He also tried to seek help from other Tyrannosaurus rex.

Ulam was downright disappointed. How could she have a crush on this large male?

Moke never expected that his instinctive avoidance and retreat directly led to his fatality.

Ulam howled and ran in the opposite direction, shouting as she ran. She was calling on other male Tyrannosaurus rex to retreat with her.

These males were in high spirits. Tyrannosaurus rex was very cruel and bloodthirsty. they wouldn't stop until they killed each other. They didn't want to leave.

Ulam kept howling. Because Mungo was also too cruel, all of the male Tyrannosaurus rex soon followed after her.

Now there was only one male Tyrannosaurus rex left, Moke. Moke panicked. Mungo and the dozen or so Tyrannosaurus rex could tear him to pieces in an instant.

Mungo let out a loud roar. His brothers immediately understood. Don't directly kill. Just bring him close to the death then rushed him to the other side of the river to be eaten bite by bite!

Moke trembled. He completely regretted coming to Ulam.

More than a dozen Tyrannosaurus rex swarmed in. Moke was quickly bitten bloody all over with no intact skin left.

Gulu finally breathed a sigh of relief. Then he became nauseated by the strong blood scent, which was even stronger than when those Mapusaurus ate the Argentinosaurus alive. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

He saw that the vast fern fields on the other side were dyed crimson. Blood and fleshes were thrown everywhere.

Moke was already dying when he was driven down the Dada River. The river instantly dyed red. Crowds of Sarcosuchus in the river wanted to eat this easy dinner and gathered in groups amidst the red river. Suddenly, the river seemed to be covered with a layer of crocodile skin carpet.

But Mungo's Tyrannosaurus rex was too many and too strong. They could kill them one by one. These Sarcosuchus were very fierce at ordinary times but didn't dare to rashly approach now. They could only watch a top prey slipped away from their mouths.

Mungo looked at this group of Sarcosuchus. He let out a roar that shook the Dada river.

Crowds of Sarcosuchus immediately disappeared: Can't afford it. Can't afford it. Slip away. Slip away.

Moke had no strength to stand when he was brought ashore on the opposite side. He fell to the ground with a bang.

Mungo was covered in blood. He stood on Moke's body and let out a loud roar. The whole continent of Yukan seemed to reverberate with his shout.

The full moon was like blood. The Dada River was dyed red. This battle would become one of the most legendary battles in the continent of Yukan.

Then Mungo went to Gaya. Moke was not dead, but he didn't have the strength to stand up again, so Mungo's brothers stopped attacking him.

Even though Moke couldn't get up, Gaya was still very afraid and didn't dare to go to his side.

Mungo rubbed Gaya's neck tenderly and told her, "Gaya, go. Bite him and eat him alive."

Gaya thought about her young cubs killed by Moke and recalling herself almost eaten by him. Remembering the eyes of those little ones when they looked at her before they died, Gaya rushed toward Moke with a roar.

Her body violently shook because she's still afraid of Moke. Yet, she nevertheless bravely and fiercely bit at him, piece by piece.

Gulu rubbed Mungo, who was covered in injuries and looked up at him with his eyes filled with tears. Mungo was so tall and big, so fierce, but he must hurt right now.

No other male Tyrannosaurus rex attacked Moke again. Gaya ate Moke alive.

Moke was already dying. If more than a dozen Tyrannosaurus rex were on the scene at the same time, he would die with a few bites. Mungo didn't want him to die so fast. Mungo would let him die slowly while Gaya took her time eating him.

Since Gaya was the only Tyrannosaurus rex that ate his meat, Moke may not die until next morning.

Gulu hated Moke so much that he ran over and rammed Moke hard repeatedly with his head. Even if he was too young, and might not make Moke feel pain, he still wanted to hit him.

Gulu hit until his head was full of blood. His three horns tasted the blood of a Tyrannosaurus rex for the first time.

Mungo and Gaya didn't stop him. When Gulu's horn grew longer, Mungo would go and catch other small Tyrannosaurus rex to let Gulu practice fighting and survival skills. This training should start with killing those small Tyrannosaurus rex.

Triceratopses' natural enemy was Tyrannosaurus rex. Tyrannosaurus rex's favorite food was a Triceratops. If Gulu wanted to become an invincible Triceratops, he must win against Tyrannosaurus rex. Once he could beat them, other dinosaurs naturally didn't need be worried about.

As Gulu attacked Moke, he suddenly heard a loud roar from the dozen of Tyrannosaurus rex on the other side of the river.

He looked over there. A group of male Tyrannosaurus rex surrounded Ulam, seeming as if to eat her!

Gulu knew that it would be a long night.

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