Gulu knew that Ulam, the great love rat dinosaur, would face retribution sooner or later, but he didn't expect this day to come so soon.

Male Tyrannosaurus rex was never a licking dog. Dinosaurs in general didn't have any spiritual love at all. They pursued a female dinosaur just to breed.

More than a dozen male Tyrannosaurus rex, who had just finished a fight and were covered in blood, had no place to release their exuberant energy. They cruelly surrounded Ulam.

Ulam was too strong and overbearing. She played these males around too much. They had endured her for so long. This time, their fuse finally detonated.

Last time, Ulam called so many male Tyrannosaurus rex to attack Mungo then left by herself. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

After calling them back to her territory again, Ulam let these males fight each other. Those who won could stay. Most of the male Tyrannosaurus rex fled during the fights. A few were even killed, leaving behind only this remaining dozen.

Ulam took a dozen very strong male Tyrannosaurus rex to continuously expand her territory, driving out six Tyrannosaurus rex families nearby and taking their lands as her own.

The remaining dozen Tyrannosaurus rex couldn't always tolerate Ulam either. Their patience was limited.

Today, they must mate with Ulam. If Ulam still refused, they would eat her!

Soon, Gulu saw a dozen male Tyrannosaurus rex attacking Ulam at the same time.

Ulam was quickly covered in blood and laid on the ground, unable to stand up and fight back.

Gulu had no feelings for Ulam. He didn't care whether she died or not. A big scumbag dinosaur playing on a tightrope like Ulam would fall to death sooner or later. But he did think it's a pity that a powerful female Tyrannosaur rex like her may die soon.

Mungo also looked at the other side. Gulu didn't know what he was thinking. Would Mungo go and help Ulam?

Gulu felt that Mungo shouldn't. After all, there was no reason to lend her a hand.

When Mungo saw that Gaya was eating more boldly, he no longer worried. He turned and said, "Gulu, come with me."

Gulu, who was watching the opposite bank, hurried to Mungo's side.

The two of them laid under a huge Alsophila tree not far away. Mungo circled Gulu with his forelimbs. Their current position let them better view the situation on the other side of the river.

Gulu rubbed Mungo's forelimbs lightly and commented, "You must be very painful."

Mungo rubbed his big head against Gulu's small body and replied, "It doesn't hurt."

Mungo's injuries were not particularly serious, but not light either. However, dinosaurs had strong self-healing abilities, especially a Tyrannosaurus rex as huge and robust as Mungo.

Gulu: "Will Ulam die?"

Mungo rubbed Gulu and answered, "I don't know."

The two stopped talking and looked intently at the opposite side. Gaya patiently ate Moke. Mungo's brothers were not hungry and rested on one side in groups of two and three.

Ulam, who was lying on the ground and covered in blood, no longer had the power and prestige of the past.

Gulu thought Ulam would be eaten by these red-eyed male Tyrannosaurus rex, but they suddenly stopped attacking Ulam and began to fight with each other.

Gulu was a little surprised. It seemed that they were fighting for the right to mate with Ulam and weren't ready to eat her.

However, he could also understand. Ulam was their goddess. There's no reason to kill her before mating with her. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Male Tyrannosaurus rex were very strong and fierce. It's absolutely impossible to share a mate. If more than one males competed for one female Tyrannosaurus rex, they would fight to decide the mating right.

These males didn't attack Ulam before because she was too strong and domineering. Now, if they hadn't attack Ulam first, the male who won among them may not necessarily get her. It's more likely that he would be driven away by Ulam.

Gulu felt that these Tyrannosaurus rex really worked hard to make their goddess reproduce offspring for them.

These Tyrannosaurus rex fiercely fought. The thick scent of blood drifted up again. Mungo titled his head up and took a big bite of the Alsophila leaves them placed them in front of Gulu.

Gulu thought Mungo was too smart to put these leaves in front of his nose. They were full of rich leaf fragrance and stopped most of the bloody smell.

One didn't know how long the battle went on. These male Tyrannosaurus rex were already covered in blood. Some sustained too heavy injuries. Seeing that they couldn't win, they escaped.

At last, only two male Tyrannosaurus rex, who were the largest and most ferocious of them, refused to give up. They were determined to win this fight. The whole continent of Yukan echoed with their roars.

In the end, one of them got seriously injured and had his forelimb bitten off. He already bore massive injuries on his belly and had to hastily fled.

Although no male Tyrannosaurus rex directly died in this battle, Gulu knew that there're at least five or six males who were too badly injured and would die within three days.

Tyrannosaurus rex were large in size and needed a large amount of food every day. If they became wounded and couldn't hunt successfully, they would either starve to death or be killed by other healthy Tyrannosaurus rex or dinosaurs hunting in group.

The courtship period showcased the highest mortality rate of Tyrannosaurus rex. A Tyrannosaurus rex was about the same size as the general predatory dinosaurs when it left its mother at the age of 2. Adult Tyrannosaurus rex was invincible. Only another Tyrannosaurus rex could kill it.

Gulu thought that nature was really amazing. It created Tyrannosaurus rex, a species that dominated all other carnivorous dinosaurs and stood at the top of the food chain, but also gave them the characteristics of being bloodthirsty and cruel. More than half of these adults were killed by their own kind during each courtship season.

If these adult Tyrannosaurus rex didn't die in large numbers during this period, other carnivorous dinosaurs wouldn't have a way to survive.

The victorious male Tyrannosaurus rex was covered in blood, but he now had a lot of energy to spare and marched toward Ulam with great dignity.

Gulu could see that Ulam was very resistant to this male Tyrannosaurus rex. Ulam was too strong and overbearing. She would only accept a male if she wished to. Having to face this kind of "being forced", she felt absolutely bitter.

But Ulam was already injured, more so than this male Tyrannosaurus rex. She couldn't win against him. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Gulu's mood was complicated. If thinking with human mind, wasn't it wrong to use force? However, if Ulam hadn't provoked these male Tyrannosaurus rex, she wouldn't have to face today's consequences.

The male Tyrannosaurus rex walked to Ulam's front and gently rubbed her head with his big head, especially his mouth and nose. Ulam were originally very resistant but enjoyed it after two times. She let out a roar. However, the roar was not from anger but … (T/N: They start to XXX)

Mungo and Gulu had seen this scene before. That other male Tyrannosaurus rex and Ulam. Didn't they also do this!

Gulu did a research project when he was a human on the touch sensitivity of Tyrannosaurus rex. The result showed that their nose and mouth were as sensitive as human fingertips. The feeling was very responsive.

Tyrannosaurus rex belonged to the class of Tyrannosaurid. They used their sensitive nose to aid and explore their surroundings, such as building nests for small Tyrannosaurus rex and picking up dinosaur eggs or baby dinosaurs.

Tyrannosaurus rex had the strongest bite force among all known creatures. However, such a horrible bite force could gently pick up dinosaur eggs and baby dinosaurs without causing any accidental injury, because they had extremely sensitive mouth and nose.

This was also why Gulu could climb into Mungo's mouth to count his teeth and laid about in disorderly manners, without worrying that Mungo would hurt him by mistake.

Of course, such a sensitive nose and mouth had wide uses, especially during mating.

Secondly, all Tyrannosaurus rex's heads were also very sensitive to the touch. Rubbing their heads against each other a few times could express their closeness and sympathy. When breeding, male and female Tyrannosaurus rex would rub their heads against each other for a long time.

Therefore, Gulu seldom rubbed Mongo's nose and mouth, nor did he rub Mongo's head all the time, except that moment when he really wanted to know how many teeth Tyrannosaurus rex had.

Of course, there was also another reason. Gulu, as a small dinosaur, was too short to rub against the head of a big Tyrannosaurus rex.

But now Gulu really wanted to comfort Mungo's injuries. He said to Mungo, "Mungo, can you lower your head?"

Mungo, of course, immediately lowered his big head. Gulu rubbed Mungo's nose with his small body. Mungo felt very comfortable, as if his wounds were no longer painful.

As a little dinosaur, Gulu's efforts to rub Mungo were not enough to arouse him, but they could make Mungo feel very comfortable.

Mungo also discovered for the first time that it felt so good to be rubbed on one's nose.

Gulu used his small chubby body to rub and rub hard. Mungo thought, how could there be such a lovely Triceratops?

The skin of all Tyrannosaurus dinosaurs was covered with huge, flat scales. These scales were very hard and protected them like armor. The scales on the chin, nose and mouth were even harder.

However, it's very strange that the unusually hard skin layer on Tyrannosaurus rex's nose was infiltrated by numerous tiny nerve holes. Hundreds of branches of trigeminal nerves directly connected to their nose and mouth, making these unusually tough parts their very sensitive "third hand".

Just like the later crocodiles and alligators, their chins had numerous small and sensitive flesh bags, which were the sensory organs on their body surfaces. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Therefore, Tyrannosaurus rex as well as crocodiles and alligators could crazily use these "small flesh bags", which were their nose and mouth during the breeding process to cause "excessive stimulation".

Right now, Ulam's male Tyrannosaurus rex really knew how to make a female Tyrannosaurus rex happy.

Gulu looked at the male Tyrannosaurus rex and sighed, "Oh, this is really an old driver! He really knows a lot!"

Ulam and this male Tyrannosaurus rex had been going on for a long time. Ulam's cubs hid in their nests and dared not come out.

Gulu noticed that Ulam's four cubs appeared hungry and scared. At first they stayed quietly in the nest, now they stretched out their necks and shouted loudly, hoping that their Mom would bring them food.

Tyrannosaurus rex cubs needed to eat wildly once they're born. They consumed a lot of meat every day to avoid being hungry.

Unfortunately, even if Ulam wasn't mating with this male Tyrannosaurus rex, her current physical condition wouldn't allow her to hunt for the young cubs in the next two weeks, until after her injuries improved.

From a human perspective, Gulu felt a bit pitiful for these young cubs. Their Mom was unable to hunt now. If this "stepfather" didn't directly kill them, it's already the best result. It would be impossible for him to feed them.

These young cubs were bound to die, either by being bitten to death or by starvation.

Gulu didn't know whether Ulam regretted it now. Because of her arrogance, she didn't put any male Tyrannosaurus rex in her eyes. Now she had to pay the price with all the lives of her young ones.

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