The night was pitched black before dawn.

If Triceratops didn't have good night vision, Gulu wouldn't have been able to see the situation on the other side. Now, he could view everything clearly.

He noticed the male Tyrannosaurus rex walking towards Ulam's young cubs and opened his jaws full of fangs.

The little cubs that were fiercely shouting suddenly became frightened. They were too scared to move or even make a sound.

This male Tyrannosaurus rex seemed to be very dissatisfied with these noisy cubs disturbing him all night long. He looked very manic and threatened, "Shout, why don't you shout! I'll eat all of you in one bite!"

The jaw of this male could indeed eat all of the young ones directly. These little cubs were still too small for him to fully stuff his mouth.

Gulu couldn't bear to see it. He thought to himself. If Ulam had given the strongest cub to Gaya at that time, it wouldn't have to die now. Ulam must regret very much.

Gulu looked these little Tyrannosaurus rex just like seeing Guji and Gudong. They still didn't understand anything. They hadn't even left their nest or seen this beautiful world, but they were going to die. It's really too tragic.

Of course, Gulu, as a Triceratops, shouldn't pity any Tyrannosaurus rex at all. However, Gulu had two Tyrannosaurus rex brothers and lived in the Tyrannosaurus rex group since breaking the shell. He also possessed human thinking and human beings always felt a strong "compassion for young people".

Seeing that the male Tyrannosaurus rex was about to eat the young ones in one bite, Ulam suddenly rushed over very fast, as if she was hardly injured and chomped on the neck of the male Tyrannosaurus rex in one vicious bite.

The male Tyrannosaurus rex didn't expect Ulam to bite him, or even possess the strength to do so. Without any protection, his was directly bitten on the throat.

Gulu jumped up excitedly: "Wow, Ulam! Super handsome move!"

Mungo's face was bewildered: emmm…… … I have no idea why Gulu is so happy.

Even if Mungo was a Tyrannosaurus rex, he would not pity any Tyrannosaurus rex who was not of his own ethnic group. They were all his prey and opponents.

The throat-locked male Tyrannosaurus rex was not easy to handle either. He knew that Ulam bit too deeply. He couldn't break free for a while, so he fell to the ground. His huge body made a loud bang.

Ulam was also dragged down by force and fell to the ground with a thud.

The fall was so heavy that Gulu saw Ulam's mouth continuously bleeding out, possibly because her internal organs were injured.

A Tyrannosaurus rex's body was too large. Just the force from falling on the ground may directly kill it.

The male desperately kicked Ulam's belly with his strong hind legs, but Ulam just kept on biting. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Tyrannosaurus rex's hind limbs strength were very terrible. One could hardly withstand a kick from them let alone on the vulnerable belly. Ulam was already strong not to let go immediately. Instead, the more the male kicked her, the harder she bit down on his throat.

One didn't know how many time the male Tyrannosaurus rex kicked her before he finally died and laid motionlessly on the ground.

Ulam's teeth were embedded too deeply in the neck of the male and couldn't be pulled out. She used her strong hind legs to push and pull. After pushing for a long time, she at last managed to pull her bite out. At least 20 teeth were left behind on the neck of the male Tyrannosaurus rex.

In the eastern sky, the first ray of sunshine broke through the clouds as the huge rising sun exposed the round top of its head.

Ulam stood up from the ground with difficulty. Even with support, she remained unsteady.

Gulu had to lament that maternal love was really great. A female Tyrannosaurus rex as scummy as Ulam could even give up her life for her cubs.

Ulam was covered in blood, looking very sorry. Yet, when the golden sun shone on her, she appeared just like a god of war in golden armor!

Gulu: This is too powerful! My female war god!

Ulam walked to the nest with difficulty. One by one, she picked up the cubs in the nest. The cubs rubbed Ulam's big head then ran to the male Tyrannosaurus rex to pounce on him and eat his meat. They were too hungry.

Ulam also followed behind. Although she felt very painful, she still vigorously swallowed the meat. If she didn't eat, her injuries wouldn't improve, and her young ones would starve to death.

At this moment, Gulu saw a very thin little Tyrannosaurus rex emerged from the fern bushes and ran towards Ulam.

Obviously, this little Tyrannosaurus rex was also Ulam's cub. Gulu thought that Ulam only had four cubs. Originally, there was five. However, this little Tyrannosaurus rex was too small and not in the nest. Gulu didn't notice it.

This little Tyrannosaurus rex was much smaller than the other four. It's skinny, just like a cub that just broke its shell. It looked like it wouldn't survive in a few days.

The little Tyrannosaurus rex ran to Ulam's front and rubbed her big head, but Ulam ignored him. Gulu could see that it wasn't because she was injured and didn't have the energy to manage the little one. She was deliberately ignoring the weakest cub.

This cub was also hungry. He rubbed Ulam and threw himself on the male Tyrannosaurus rex to eat meat, but the other four cubs fiercely drove him away.

The young cub was hit and bitten by them then pushed to the side. He begged his brothers and sisters with pitiful cries: "Brother, sister, I'll take one bite, just one bite. I'm so hungry, but I won't eat much …"

However, these stronger little Tyrannosaurus rex wouldn't give him food. As long as he was near the meat, they would knock him away.

Ulam looked completely indifferent. Because of Ulam's acquiescence and connivance, the four young cubs dared to bully their youngest brother.

The young cub was so hungry that he once again rubbed Ulam's face and tried his best to act coquetry: "Mom, Mom, I'm so hungry. Mom, can you please tell brothers and sister not to hit me? Mom…"

Ulam was already irritable from her injures. She gave a loud roar and the cub immediately ran away in fright, hiding in the fern bushes at a distance while watching his siblings eat meat.

Gulu rubbed Mungo's forelimb and cried out, "Ulam is so evil! I don't like her anymore! That little cub is so pitiful."

Mungo didn't speak.

Gulu: Some female Tyrannosaurus rex have too many cubs and don't cherish them. Others love their young ones so much but only have a few cubs and even one Triceratops. It's so miserable …

In fact, Gulu also knew that female Tyrannosaurus rex like Ulam was normal while Gaya was abnormal. Almost all females would deliberately ignore the weakest cub, leaving it to fend for itself. This move was to improve the survival rate of the stronger cubs. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Now Ulam was injured and couldn't hunt. This male Tyrannosaurus rex would be their food for a long period of time. Any little bit that could be saved should be saved. The little cub would just die later even if he ate more meat. It's difficult to survive with his small body.

Gaya was the most abnormal female Tyrannosaurus rex. Of course, Gulu survived because of her abnormality.

All Tyrannosaurus rex cubs had to face fierce competition from the moment they broke their shells, competing with their brothers and sisters. Whoever became the weakest one would die. No one wanted to die. They would desperately crowd out a Tyrannosaurus rex to ensure that they wouldn't become the weakest.

Even if they weren't the weakest cub, they may still not survive. When the dry season came and there was not enough food, the female Tyrannosaurus rex would give up the cubs that was not strong enough according to their body condition. Only the strongest one had the greatest possibility of surviving.

Guji and Gudong were very lucky cubs because their Mom was Gaya. Gaya would protect her cubs with her life, allowing none of them to die.

The little Tyrannosaurus rex kept trying to come back for a bite of the meat. Don't even mention eating meat. It would be good if he wasn't beaten.

Gulu knew that this little cub might not live in another few days.

By this time Moke was dead. Gaya was full and laid down to rest.

Gulu looked at Moke then at Gaya. In the world of Tyrannosaurus rex, no matter male or female, only the most powerful one had the capital to be a scumbag.

In their world, male and female were very equal. The stronger one occupied the dominant position. Ulam could be such an invincible scumbag because there was no powerful male Tyrannosaurus rex to defeat her.

In fact, Moke was extremely strong. If Gaya didn't have a younger brother like Mungo, even if Moke really ate Gaya alive, there would be no retribution.

Ulam was powerful enough. So, she survived even though she was a big scumbag dinosaur while the male Tyrannosaurus rex died.

Of course, a Tyrannosaurus rex, which was fierce and not scummy like Mungo, was a priceless treasure!

At Pado's ethnic group

Pado moved to a high ground on the edge of the camp.

This piece of high ground had more than a dozen particularly strong male Triceratopses. When they saw Pado coming, they all stood up to meet the leader. After Pado walked to their side and laid down to rest, they lowered to the ground again. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Here, they could see all of Triceratopses in the whole ethnic group and look for signs of troubles at the fringes of the group. It's the best position to lay defense.

A closer glance at the encampment revealed that the strongest male Triceratopses in Pado's ethnic group were all on the periphery, while the "old, weak and disabled" were in the inner layer, with the females and their cubs at the center.

In other Triceratops's groups, the outermost zone must be "the old, weak and disabled", because these Triceratopses had no loss of value even if hunted.

But Pado's ethnic group was too large for him to rule in the traditional way.

One could say that other Triceratopses were too cruel. Pado was the leader who was "generous and merciful". In fact, this was not the case. Dinosaurs didn't have as many ideas as human beings. They just instinctively chose the way of life that was most beneficial to their group.

Compared to carnivorous dinosaurs, the herbivorous dinosaur groups were already "humanized".

In the carnivorous dinosaur groups, as long as it's an adult dinosaur that couldn't hunt, it would voluntarily leave the group and face death alone. Carnivorous dinosaurs never raised "idle dinosaurs".

Because every piece of food to them was hard-won. It's impossible to support a companion who relied entirely on the group and couldn't hunt. Herbivorous dinosaurs ate ferns and tree leaves. Their foods were already everywhere. In contrast, what they needed to do was to protect the members of their ethnic group from being eaten.

Pado was undoubtedly the best of all leaders in terms of protecting his group.

The male Triceratopses around Pado were the strongest dozen or so males in the entire group. This defensive highland was also the most dangerous place to be at.

Pado, as a leader, was different from other leaders. Other heads of the group all remained in the center and the safest position to stabilize the overall situation. However, Pado always "took the lead" to stay at the most dangerous places.

Pado rested quietly on the ground. In fact, his eyes were wandering all the time. Any sign of trouble couldn't escape his eyes. Other male Triceratopses were also very alert.

At this moment, Babana rushed to Pado in a great hurry and shouted, "Pado, Pachi and Dudu are missing!"

Meanwhile, Pachi and Dudu, the two young cubs, sneaked out to Mungo's group. They wanted to see their brother. They would just take a look at him from a distance.

The two little Triceratopses hid in the luxuriant fern bushes. They thought they were in a safe area while still within sight of the Tyrannosaurus rex nest in the distance. However, they saw only the two little Tyrannosaurus rex there without seeing their brother.

The two cubs didn't notice it yet, but behind them stood a very large male Tyrannosaurus rex.

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