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Pachi and Dudu watched the nest of Tyrannosaurus rex with rapt attention while looking for their brother. They completely ignored the male Tyrannosaurus rex arriving not far behind them.

When they couldn't find their brother, they didn't worry either. Maybe he went to the bushes near the nest to eat ferns and leaves. They believed that they would definitely see their brother. As long as they just saw him once from afar, they would go back.

Dudu: "Our brother is so powerful. He can grow so big in the nest of Tyrannosaurus rex. If I'm here, even if these Tyrannosaurus rex don't eat me, I will still be frightened to death …"

Pachi: "Uh-huh, our brother is super good!"

The two cubs were chatting excitedly when suddenly there came a roar behind them. They didn't have to look back to know that it's a Tyrannosaurus rex! Every time those hateful Tyrannosaurus rex came to their group to catch Triceratopses, they would make such a sound. What a terrible noise!

Pachi often fought with Dudu and never let her win, but he always protected his sister at critical times. He bumped into Dudu and shouted, "Run!"

Dudu started to run. Pachi also raced behind his sister and protected her with his own body.

The two didn't dare to look back. They just kept on running. The Tyrannosaurus rex chased after them and constantly issued terrible roars. The drumming from its heavy footsteps sounded horrifying and felt like earthquakes to the two small cubs on the ground! It was terrible!

Although Pachi bravely used his body to cover Dudu, he was very afraid. He didn't know how painful it would be to be bitten by a Tyrannosaurus rex. It must certainly be very painful. Wu wu, he couldn't help crying: "Dad! Mom! Help us! …" !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Dudu was also very scared. She wanted to protect her brother, but she knew that if she stopped, she and her brother would die! Only if she ran faster could they delay their death.

The roars of Tyrannosaurus rex behind them scared the young ones into trembling. If they had another chance, they would never sneak out of the group again even if they were killed!

All of a sudden, Pachi stumbled over a large skeleton left over by a dead dinosaur. He couldn't control his body and roll forward. Dudu was hit by her brother. The two chubby cubs both rolled together like a round ball.

This was a small slope. Pachi and Dudu miraculously found that rolling was much faster than running. Now, they could also see the Tyrannosaurus rex chasing behind them. This Tyrannosaurus rex looked so big and had a mouth full of horrible fangs. They could certainly bite them to pieces in one chomp.

There was a loud bang. The fast rolling momentum of the two cubs was blocked by a huge Alsophila tree. The Tyrannosaurus rex opened its maw and bit at them. The two cubs were scared to death. They couldn't even cry out, let alone run.

Gulu saw Pachi and Dudu being chased by a Tyrannosaurus rex from a distance. Because the Tyrannosaurus rex was facing away from him, he couldn't judge whether it was Munroe. He was also unable to recognize it by smell from his large distance.

In fact, Pachi and Dudu also had their backs to Gulu, but Gulu could identify them at a glance, because Dudu was a very beautiful pale pink Triceratops just like Babana. There're very few Triceratopses of this color!

A pale pink female Triceratops cub, coupled with another male Triceratops cub who was also similar in size to Pachi, Gulu was absolutely certain that they were his brother and sister.

Gulu didn't dare to delay. He rushed as fast as if his life depended on it.

Because he ran so hard, Gulu felt his lungs were going to explode. He saw his younger brother and sister tripped, rolled then were blocked by an Alsophila tree. The Tyrannosaurus rex had opened its big mouth!

Gulu's mind was blank. All he knew was that he couldn't let Pachi and Dudu be eaten. Babana had only these two little ones.

He fiercely sprinted over and slammed into Pachi and Dudu to protect his younger siblings with his whole body. While tightly closing his eyes, he shouted: "Don't eat us! Mungo will eat you alive!"

Gulu certainly knew that if this wasn't Munroe, his threats wouldn't stop the other Tyrannosaurus rex from eating Triceratops just because of Mungo, even if the Triceratops was Gulu. Being a Triceratops raised by Mungo was useless in deterring others of his kind.

Because he was running too fast, his sense of smell was no longer as sensitive. Gulu couldn't judge whether the Tyrannosaurus rex behind him was Munroe.

Pachi and Dudu were scared silly. They didn't even know where their elder brother came from. How did he suddenly get in front of them?

They watched in horror as the Tyrannosaurus rex took a step back and closed its big mouth full of fangs.

Pachi and Dudu were stunned. Was it true that even a Tyrannosaurus rex this big was afraid of their brother? When their brother came, it stopped eating them. Their brother was so fierce!

Until many years later, Pachi and Dudu could still clearly recall this day. Their brother was just like a Triceratops that suddenly fell from the sky. He was so big and shone with golden light all over his body!

Triceratops parents told their children that Triceratops God would protect them. Triceratops God was the most powerful Triceratops leader. When they died, leaders like Pado would become a Triceratops God. He's super powerful!

Gulu trembled and looked back. It turned out that it was really Munroe.

Just as he guessed, how could there be any other Tyrannosaurus rex near Mungo's nest? Any predatory dinosaur that didn't want to die would not appear near the nest of a Tyrannosaurus rex. Tyrannosaurus rex from other ethnic groups were even less likely to come to Mungo's territory.

Gulu was frightened just now and sat down on the ground with a big cry of injustice: "Munroe! You scared me! Hate you, hate you, you big bad dinosaur!"

Munroe was very angry and let out a loud roar, "Are they your Triceratops brother and sister?"

Gulu nodded his head and said, "Yes, you mustn't yell any more, you will frighten them! Big bad dinosaur, you almost ate my brother and sister. If you are so fierce again, I will tell Mungo!"

Of course Gulu couldn't blame him for nearly eating them. After all, Munroe didn't know Pachi and Dudu. Tyrannosaurus rex had no reason not to eat any Triceratops cub they found. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Then Gulu comforted the two frightened cubs softly: "Pachi, Dudu, don't be afraid. This is Mungo's brother. His name is Munroe. He didn't know that you're my brother and sister. He won't eat you any more …"

Munroe, however, let out a roar and shouted, "Who said I won't eat? Listen up, you two little brats, I'll let you go today. If you dare to run out again, we Tyrannosaurus rex will chew you up in one bite!"

Gulu realized at this time that Munroe was helping them. It's too dangerous for his young Triceratops siblings to run to the nest of Tyrannosaurus rex for any reason.

It's absolutely impossible to ignore Triceratops' survival rule just because Gulu grew up with Tyrannosaurus rex. In the cruel dinosaur world, ignoring the survival rule would lead to death.

Gulu: "Munroe, did you deliberately chase to scare them?"

Munroe refused to admit: "No! I just want to eat them! Does a Tyrannosaurus rex need another reason to eat Triceratops?"

In fact, Gulu should have known. Pachi and Dudu were still so small, it's really too easy to eat them more than anything else.

Of course, the reason why Munroe didn't eat them was because he only wanted to frighten them. It wasn't until Gulu stood in front of these two cubs that Munroe overheard their conversation and found out that they were Gulu's younger brother and sister.

Gulu didn't bother with Munroe anymore. Munroe was always like this with his awkward mouth, seeming somewhat proud and a little cute.

Gulu turned to his younger siblings and severely reprimanded them: "Why did you come here?! Don't you know how dangerous it is to be near a Tyrannosaurus rex nest? …"

This was Gulu's first meeting with his younger siblings. He had only seen them from a distance before. Despite that, they seemed to have grown up together since childhood. It wasn't uncomfortable at all when he scolded them. Gulu thought that blood relationship was really amazing.

Pachi and Dudu also realized the seriousness of the situation. They actually sneaked out of the group to play before. Little dinosaurs were always energetic and eager to explore, but they still remained near the group while hiding in the deep fern bushes. It's impossible to come near the nest of Tyrannosaurus rex.

They listened carefully with their heads down, rubbing their heads against each other from time to time.

Gulu: "Babana and Pado must be worried now! I will send you back immediately!"

At this moment, Guji and Gudong also came running. They played in the nest and saw their brother coming back from a distance. Of course, they ran out to meet their brother.

"Brother, brother, you're back at last! We miss you so much. You were gone all night. We couldn't sleep. Do you know? …"

Of course, the two cubs also noticed Pachi and Dudu. They knew long ago that their brother was the cub of a particularly powerful Triceratops leader called Pado. He also had two Triceratops brother and sister.

It's obvious that Guji and Gudong wouldn't like the cubs who wanted to rob their Triceratops brother from them. They growled at Pachi and Dudu with a mouthful of fangs: "Brother is our brother. Brother grows up with us. Why are you here? Brother won't go back with you …" !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Last night, Guji and Gudong were also worried that their brother would go back to the Triceratops. They thought that their life was so good here. Why should he go back to the Triceratops? Impossible!

Pachi and Dudu were afraid of adult Tyrannosaurus rex but not their cubs. They used their immature horns to pierce the air and roared fiercely: "You are Tyrannosaurus rex and our brother is a Triceratops! Brother is of course our brother! Our brother will definitely go back with us. He won't stay here with you. Hum …"

Gulu: emmm……… Is this really the time to fight like this?!

At this moment, Gaya came back with Mungo and his brothers.

Gaya had eaten Moke's meat all night. She no longer needed to eat it in the morning. Mungo and his brothers started eating the meat after she stopped. A dozen of unusually strong male Tyrannosaurus rex could completely eat Moke in a short time.

Mungo knew that Gulu didn't like the smell of blood, so he asked Gaya to bring Gulu back first. Gaya brought Gulu to the vicinity of the nest, then went to pick berries for him. It's absolutely safe near here. When Gulu asked to return ahead of her, Gaya agreed.

Gulu wanted to go back first in order to become a human being. Unexpectedly, he ran into Munroe frightening Pachi and Dudu.

When so many Tyrannosaurus rex arrived at once, Pachi and Dudu trembled with fear and kept hiding under Gulu. Gulu comforted and rubbed them then introduced the others: "Don't be afraid. Don't be afraid. This is the foster family that Brother grows up in. That's Mungo, the other is Gaya …"

After pacifying the two cubs, Gulu said, "Mungo, can you accompany me to send them back? Pado and Babana must be worried."

Mungo rubbed Gulu and nodded his head.

Then Gulu walked to Gaya's front and rubbed Gaya's thick hind legs and said, "Mom, I'll go there and come back soon. Don't worry …"

Gulu was afraid that Gaya couldn't accept him leaving, even just for a short while.

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