All of a sudden, there came several roars of Triceratopses from behind the fern bushes. Soon, Pado and Babana appeared not far away. It could be seen that Pado and Babana were very anxious. They heavily gasped and apparently had been running hard.

Pachi and Dudu rushed over immediately and pounced on their brawny forelimbs.

Babana and Pado couldn't scold their young cubs here even if they were angry. There're a dozen of very strong male Tyrannosaurus rex standing next to them.

Even if Gulu grew up with Mungo, the survival laws of Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus rex would never change.

So Babana and Pado retreated further away while keeping Pachi and Dudu under their bodies and closely watching Mungo's brothers. These male Tyrannosaurus rex were too dangerous.

At the same time, Mungo's brothers saw a giant Triceratops like Pado and instinctively entered a state of combat readiness. Even if Pado was Gulu's father, they would not change their habits.

Gaya rubbed her big head against the small body of Gulu and said: "Gulu, you must go back to the Triceratops. Go, go now. Go find your real Mom and Dad. They're over there. Go quickly."

Gulu could feel that Gaya was very awake now. She really wanted to let him go back and her attitude was firm. However, this made him sadder. His tears began to flow uncontrollably. He rubbed Gaya's thick hind legs and cried: "I don't want to go back. I'll stay by your side. Mom, don't chase me away. Mom …"

Although Gulu adored Pado, he had never lived with his biological parents and had no emotional foundation with them. If he could only choose one side, he would not hesitate to pick Gaya and Mungo.

Gaya took a step back, gently pushed away Gulu and refused, "Go, go now!"

Gulu jumped up again and bargained: "Mom, how about a few days later? I haven't had a good time with Guji and Gudong. They will loathe to give up on me …"

Gaya took another step back. Suddenly, she became very stimulated and let out a loud roar at Gulu. With her big head, she moved Gulu to Pado's and Babana's side.

Soon, Gulu was pushed to Pado's feet by Gaya.

Gaya, as a Tyrannosaurus rex, should instinctively keep a distance from adult Triceratopses, but she had completely neglected this. Now her neck was facing Pado's horn while her belly was facing Babana's horn. This was very dangerous.

Pado and Babana both froze. They didn't expect Gaya to return Gulu to them so voluntarily.

Gaya studied Pado. Pado was big and strong. He was the best Triceratops leader.

Gaya then looked at Babana. She knew that Babana was a good Mom. Mungo said so. He wouldn't lie to her. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

At last, Gaya looked at Gulu. Gulu wanted to rub Gaya, but she turned and walked away.

Gulu saw so much misery in Gaya's eyes, which made him very distressed. He chased up and wanted to rub Gaya again. He wanted to tell her that he would often come back to see her.

But Gulu had just run two steps when Gaya turned her head and roared at him in a very brutal way until he returned to Pado's feet.

Gulu didn't dare to chase after her anymore and shouted from afar, "Mom! I will come back to see you often! Don't be too sad …"

Gaya: "Don't come back! Come back and I'll eat you!"

Gulu's feet were anxiously hopping around. He knew that Gaya was just trying to force him to leave, but he was still very miserable.

Mungo felt very distressed about Gulu. He walked up to Gulu and gently rubbed him and whispered, "It's okay, don't be sad. You go back to the Triceratops first. In five days, I'll secretly pick you up to play."

Gulu cried while rubbing his head on Mungo. Because he was crying too hard, his words were choked up: "You, you have to keep your word. If you don't come to pick me up, I'll go to you. I, I'll secretly run out to find you. When other meat-eating dinosaurs eat me, you, you'll cry! wu wu. Mungo, you must come to pick me up …"

Mungo coaxed Gulu: "I will definitely go to pick you up. Don't cry …"

Gaya ran back to her nest without looking back.

Guji and Gudong felt very sorry for Gaya. They shouted, "Mungo, you must pick up our brother!", then two small cubs ran to Gaya's side.

Pado and Babana looked at Gaya from a distance. They knew that Gulu survived because of this female Tyrannosaurus rex, who would forever be his Mom.

Babana placed Gulu, Pachi and Dudu on Pado's back. The family then returned to their ethnic group.

Mungo watched Gulu go further and further away. He felt very uncomfortable. He could only comfort himself that after five days, he would take Gulu back to play and only send him back after staying for a few more days.

Now Gaya's mood was unstable, Mungo must accompany her.

Mungo was very grateful to Gaya. If it wasn't for her, he didn't know when he would make up his mind to send Gulu back. It's too difficult.

Gaya picked Gulu's favorite berries and nuts today but Gulu didn't take a bite.

She looked at these berries and nuts and thought that if Gulu was there, he must be very happy to eat them. He would eat them while saying to her, "Mom, Mom, how delicious …"

Then he would rub their juice onto her hind legs and asked her, "Mom, Mom, are my horns longer? Just a little, right? Mom, aren't they?"


Pado was huge and had a very wide back. The three cubs rested up there as if laying on a flat ground. They were very stable.

Gulu was still very sad. He sat between Pachi and Dudu while crying on Pachi. Dudu kept rubbing his head against Gulu. Babana also rubbed him from time to time. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Soon they arrived outside the group.

Gulu stopped crying at last. He had just finished preparing himself psychologically. Five days, just five days. Mungo would come to pick him up soon.

Although Gulu was a Triceratops, he had never lived with them. Standing outside such a large group, he felt very unaccustomed.

Pado didn't let the three cubs down but carried them into the group with Babana walking besides him.

As they toured the place where Pado and Babana lived, all Triceratopses voluntarily gave up a road for them. The whole ethnic group looked very excited and kept stomping on the ground. They really looked forward to Pado coming by their side.

Gulu was sitting on Pado's back. Pado was so tall and big that even if other Triceratopses had great height, Gulu could still overlook everything.

At the same time, Gulu could feel that all these Triceratopses were staring at him as if seeing a "monster". He even suspected that he wasn't a Triceratops but a Tyrannosaurus rex!

He thought that it should only be a Tyrannosaurus rex cub who could achieve this effect when entering a Triceratops's group.

Most of these Triceratopses had never seen Gulu. They were curious about what a Triceratops raised by Tyrannosaurus rex looked like, so they stared at him.

Pado and Babana took Gulu to every corner of the group.

By the time they finished this circle, there would be no Triceratopses in the ethnic group who didn't know Gulu.

This move was Pado saying to all these dinosaurs: This is my son, Gulu! Let's get to know each other! Although Gulu was raised by Tyrannosaurus rex, I have already brought him back. You must accept him unconditionally and take good care of him!

This was the strength and authority of a leader.

Pado's ethnic group was really too big. After they completed the circle, the sky already darkened.

Gulu, Pachi and Dudu were all hungry. The three cubs jumped into the fern bushes and ate wildly. Soon they ate a large area of these ferns.

Pado found that Gulu was really good at eating. He probably ate as much as Pachi and Dudu combined, more than Pado could eat when he was a child!

This made Pado and Babana very happy. Only the little ones who ate a lot could grow into the strongest physique.

After the three cubs were full, Pado and Babana took them back to their nest.

Pachi and Dudu made a big mistake today. Pado took them to the side to teach them a lesson.

Gulu was sitting in the nest. This nest was so big. Even if he had grown to this size, it's still spacious to lie prone on it. Even with two more Pachi and Dudu added, there was still room.

At the same time, Gulu noticed that some of the soil in the nest was very fresh, proving that Pado and Babana had recently re-expanded the nest because he was coming back.

Babana was lying nearby. She couldn't believe it. Gulu really came back. He was now sitting in the nest, just like a dream, but she felt that no dream could be so beautiful.

Gulu looked at Babana somewhat hesitantly. He didn't know whether to shout Babana or Mom. If he wanted to directly shout Mom, he really couldn't say it. Finally, he called out, "You, have you especially expanded the nest for me?"

Babana nudged Gulu and answered, "Of course. Mom, Dad, Pachi and Dudu are looking forward to your return every day."

Babana didn't specifically ask Gulu to call her Mom. She wanted him to slowly accustom himself. When Gulu got used to it, he would naturally call her Mom.

Soon Pado came back with Pachi and Dudu. Both of them were crying and their butts were obviously swollen.

The two cubs went back to their nest and rubbed Gulu pettishly, "Brother, brother, it hurts so much. wu wu …"

Gulu also rubbed to comfort them.

Then the two cubs went to the corner of the nest and took out a few large Alsophila leaves, revealing the nuts and berries that already lost their freshness inside and said, "Brother! You see, we left you delicious food every day, so that you can eat them when you come back. These are delicious. You eat quickly …"

Gulu's eyes filled with tears. Some of these berries and nuts were only hidden today. The Cretaceous climate was warm and dry. Fruits could be dried in half a day. These fruits were completely dried, but they tasted very delicious. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Babana knew that the cubs hid delicious food for their brother every day, even if she pretended not to notice. Of course, she was happy that the cubs liked their brother so much.

After the three cubs finished these dried fruits, Babana took some fresh fruits that Pado had just picked out for them to eat. The three cubs ate happily.

Gulu thought that he wouldn't be able to sleep on the first night of his return to the Triceratops because he wasn't used to it. He would surely think of Mungo, Gaya, Guji and Gudong and cried.

However, Gulu fell asleep with Pachi and Dudu just after eating. Babana and Pado laid nearby the nest. He felt so safe and comfortable. Moreover, the smell of this nest gave him a strong sense of  security, so he unconsciously fell asleep.

It's already noon when he woke up the next day. Gulu felt himself was really heartless. He just left Gaya and Mungo, yet could still sleep so soundly!

Although he woke up, he didn't want to get up, so he closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep while listening to all kinds of gossips from nearby Triceratopses.

This was the first time that Gulu had lived in such a large ethnic group. The atmosphere of life was too strong. Their gossips were endless.

He listened and listened, then heard something that made him tremble!

A Triceratops said: "Mungo seems to have taken his brothers to the volcano today to hunt …"

Gulu knew that the volcano mentioned by these Triceratopses was a small active volcano, which erupted irregularly. Mungo would certainly not be so unlucky as to encounter a volcanic eruption, but there're many poisonous gases there. Mungo was likely to be poisoned if he didn't understand them!

Gulu jumped up at once, then he got stumped. How would he get there? It's too late even if Pado ran fast! The distance was too far!

Mungo and his brothers were hunting a Hadrosaurus on a land full of volcanic ashes.

Mungo had come here to hunt before with nothing happened. He felt somewhat dizzy without knowing why today, but he didn't care.

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