Babana and Pado stayed near the nest. When they saw Gulu awake, Babana happily rubbed Gulu's little body and asked, "Are you hungry? Mom will take you to eat delicious food."

Gulu hurriedly answered as he climbed outside the nest: "Mom, I'm not hungry. Pado, can you take me to Mungo? He went to the volcano. I must stop him! If we get there late, he'll die!"

Babana froze. She didn't hear what Gulu said later. She only heard: Mom, I'm not hungry. Mom! Gulu called her Mom!

Pado didn't know what danger the volcano had. Since Gulu wanted to go, he would take him there. Gulu just returned to the Triceratops. He was definitely not used to being here and must miss Mungo and Gaya very much. Pado was very accommodating to Gulu. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Pado lowered his head to the ground and called out, "Climb up. I'll take you there."

Gulu quickly tried to climb up Pado's horns, but the horn shield was too large for his smaller size. Babana immediately picked up Gulu and placed him firmly on Pado's back.

Pado spoke to Babana, "We'll be back soon. Take care of Pachi and Dudu. Don't let them run off."

Babana nodded and replied, "I know. Don't worry."

Pado galloped away with Gulu on his back. Other Triceratopses were very alert and gave up a broad path for them.

Babana stared at the back of Pado and Gulu as they raced away. The sound of Gulu calling her Mom still rang in her ears. She happily ran circles around the nest: Mom, Mom, Gulu called me Mom!

An adult Triceratops was just like a heavy-duty mecha. When running, it greatly shook the ground. Pachi and Dudu, who remained asleep, were completely woken up. They saw Babana, who ran in circles, without seeing their brother: Why is Mom so happy?! Where's my brother?

In fact, Gulu was too anxious just now. He didn't even realize that he subconsciously shouted out Mom at Babana.

This was probably the wonderful thing about blood relationship. Even if Gulu only returned for less than a day, he appeared to have lived with this family since he was young. He didn't need any adaptation period at all and already adjusted himself without his own notice.

Pado ran very fast. They soon left the ethnic group.

Gulu felt the wind whistling in his ears. Pado was the fastest runner of all Triceratopses, but the volcano was too far away from here. Even if Pado sprinted faster, it would be too late.

Besides, a Triceratops was too large to support a fast run for long.

Gulu: "Dad, if you're tired, take a rest. Don't rush so fast. You won't be able to stand it …"

Pada ran even faster. Gulu called him Dad ah! He felt that he suddenly gained endless strength and could race like this forever.

In fact, Gulu didn't even realize that he shouted Dad to Pado. He's just too worried about Mungo. He also felt very distressed for Pado, fearing that he would be too tired.

At this moment, there're several screams in the sky. The sound was too familiar to Gulu!

He looked up and saw Cassie! Gulu knew that Cassie was here to help him. His cry was an absolute submission to the leader. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

The huge Cassie hovered in mid-air. Gulu felt that Cassie looked just like a Sun Bird and was undoubtedly his archangel.

Gulu called out to Pado, "Dad, stop. Don't run. Put me down."

Pado also heard the screech of the pterosaur. He didn't know Cassie. But Pado, as the strongest Triceratops leader, had no dinosaurs in the whole continent of Yukan that he was afraid of. He certainly wouldn't fear pterosaurs. They didn't even enter his eyes.

Since Gulu told him to stop, Pado came to a halt and let Gulu drop to the ground.

Soon, Cassie landed three meters away from Pado. Pado was a great Triceratops. Even if Gulu was there, Cassie was still very afraid of Pado and didn't dare to stay close to him.

Gulu said to Pado, "Dad, this Quetzalcoatlus is called Cassie. He belongs to Nassau's ethnic group. I am the second leader of his ethnic group. He will absolutely obey me. Don't worry, he won't hurt me. He has carried me many times. I'll ask him to take me to the volcano …"

Pado blocked Gulu with his stout forelimbs and refused, "No way! Nassau said you're the leader, and you believe him?! Are you a pterosaur? Can you fly? How can you be the leader of pterosaurs?! If he throws you down, can you still live?! …"

Gulu knew that it would be difficult for Pado to trust these pterosaurs. He continued to explain: "If Nassau wants me dead, I couldn't have left the cave alive. If Cassie wants to kill me, he would have dropped me when he flew me over …"

But no matter how Gulu explained it, Pado didn't agree, "No way! A No is a No! Get on my back and I'll take you to the volcano!"

One couldn't blame Pado for worrying. As long as the pterosaur flew up into the sky, Pado couldn't help Gulu. This was about Gulu's life. He wouldn't let Gulu take risks in any situation that he couldn't control.

Gulu was really too anxious about Mungo. While Pado was lying on the ground, he rushed to Cassie at full speed and shouted as he raced off, "Dad, you don't have to worry. Cassie really won't hurt me. I'll be back! I'll come back soon!"

Pado stood up and chased after him, yelling, "Gulu! Come back here!"

However, a Triceratops's huge size didn't allow it to get up fast after laying down. By the time Pado managed to get up and chase, Gulu already reached Cassie's front.

He turned into a human being and climbed up Cassie's back skillfully, then hurriedly shouted, "Cassie! Fly quickly!"

Cassie immediately ran to take off. When Pado arrived at Cassie's location, he used his horn to hit the pterosaur's tail. But he was too late to stop them and allowed Cassie to fly away.

Besides, Pado was afraid that if he hurt this pterosaur, he would also harm Gulu. If he knocked down this pterosaur, Gulu would fall down as well. This height would probably smash him.

In addition, Gulu had become a human being. Pado thought that this human form looked even more likely to fall to death.

Pado could only watch helplessly as the giant Quetzalcoatlus took away his son. He's very worried and let out a loud roar then ran after Cassie.

Cassie was scared to death just now. Pado almost hit him. Pado's horns were so long and his height was so tall. If Pado pierced through him, he would die!

Until he flew high into the air, Cassie was still in shock. He cried to Gulu, "Your father is terrible! He scared me to death!"

Gulu didn't pay any attention to Cassie. He held Cassie's neck tightly and turned to look at Pado, who was running after them with a loud roar. Tears blurred his eyes. He apologized in his heart, "Dad, I'm sorry. After I save Mungo, you can beat and scold me."

Then Gulu stopped looking at Pado. He raised his hand to wipe away his tears then gently patted Cassie's neck three times with his hand. This meant: fly faster, fly faster, fly faster!

Cassie had carried Gulu many times. His signals included: fly faster, turn slowly and go straight. The simplest operations had long been coded through the use of this hand-patting.

Just now Cassie heard the conversation between Gulu and Pado. Gulu told Pado not to run too fast, for fear of exhausting him.

Cassie really wanted to give Gulu a dirty look: You're so afraid of tiring Pado and let him slow down. Aren't you afraid of exhausting me when telling me to fly faster? Does your younger brother deserve no feelings?!…. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

(T/N: 'younger brother' can also means 'follower')

Although Cassie was frantically raving in his heart, he still flew with the fastest speed in his dinosaur life and warned, "Hold on tight. Don't blame me if you fall down later."

Gulu couldn't wait for Cassie to fly at the speed of light. He's already familiar with the accelerated pace of a flying dinosaur and could control himself. Even if Cassie soared very fast, he still flew smoothly. Gulu wasn't scared at all.

Then Gulu slapped Cassie twice on his left neck, which meant that he had better take the nearest route and fly straight. Cassie fully understood it.

The principle of moving in a straight line between two points was impossible to achieve on the ground, but it could be perfectly realized in the air. Quetzalcoatlus had a very strong sense of direction and could certainly fly straight.

Before long, Pado no longer saw any sight of Gulu and the giant pterosaur, but he still ran desperately. He wanted to get to the volcano as soon as possible. He's not at ease leaving Gulu alone.

Mungo and his brothers were hunting a group of Hadrosaurus. In addition to Mungo's team, five very strong adult Tyrannosaurus rex were also attacking them.

This group of Hadrosaurus only had a few dozen, obviously they were separated from the larger army. Dozens of Hadrosaurus were really heaven-sent hunting objects. Mungo immediately called on his brothers to come and hunt together.

Mungo discovered these Hadrosaurus on the edge of his territory. In order to escape the predation of Tyrannosaurus rex, they frantically fled and quickly escaped from Mungo's territory.

However, the direction of their escape didn't belong to the territory of any other Tyrannosaurus rex, so Mungo followed after with his brothers without hesitation.

While chasing this group of Hadrosaurus, they eventually passed through several Tyrannosaurus rex territories. Seeing such good hunting objects, the Tyrannosaurus rex in these territories also got attracted and followed Mungo to chase these Hadrosaurus together.

Carnivorous dinosaurs had a tacit understanding that they would not attack each other when hunting. Only after the prey fell down and there was not enough for everyone to eat would they start to rob.

In summary, the principle of carnivorous dinosaurs was that when hunting, they all fought together to kill the prey first. After killing the prey, how to distribute it depended on their respective abilities.

However, it's very rare for different ethnic groups of Tyrannosaurus rex to hunt together. They were very territorial and would not allow other Tyrannosaurus rex to appear on their own territory. In contrast, other carnivorous dinosaurs could often hunt together with Tyrannosaurus rex.

There was only one possible situation for different groups of Tyrannosaurus rex to hunt side by side. It's when the hunting ground didn't belong to any of their territories.

These dozens of Hadrosaurus were really stupid. Their escape direction didn't belong to the territory of any Tyrannosaurus rex. The volcano nearby was very barren. No Tyrannosaurus rex would take this as its own land.

Hadrosaurus lived in groups. The largest of them could grow more than 21 meters in length. They were large herbivorous dinosaurs. Their hind legs were long and powerful while their heads were covered with crests. Their front face formed a duckbill-shaped snout, so they were called duck-billed dinosaurs.

The smallest Hadrosaurus group had at least 100 members. Usually, they numbered in the several hundred. The larger the herbivorous groups, the more difficult and dangerous for carnivorous dinosaurs to hunt them. But there're only a few dozen Hadrosaurus here, which were like preys being sent to their mouths. There was no reason not to eat!

However, Hadrosaurus had long and powerful hind legs. They ran very fast. "Fast running" was their main survival skill.

Therefore, when Tyrannosaurus rex hunted these Hadrosaurus, the biggest difficulty was to catch up with them. As long as they caught up, these preys would definitely enter their mouths.

Mungo was followed by his brothers and five very strong adult Tyrannosaurus rex that joined along the way.

They had already arrived at the volcano, which was full of billowing volcanic ashes and hot springs rolling with heat wave.

The Hadrosaurus could really run. These Tyrannosaurus rex were far behind.

This group of Hadrosaurus, relying on their strong ability to run, dashed off like the wind while seeming to mock them, "Hehehe, come on, you can have me if you can catch up …"

A very conceited Hadrosaurus even dared to stop for a moment and shook its butts at the ferocious and bloodthirsty Tyrannosaurus rex behind it, as if to say: "Why are you running so slowly? Come and eat me. My meat is delicious. It's a pity you can't eat it. I'll exhaust you to death. You fools. So slow …" !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

This group of Tyrannosaurus rex was very angry. They really wanted to run faster and tore these Hadrosaurus alive. However, they felt dizzy and couldn't run as fast as usual.

Mungo found out that he wasn't just dizzy. The wounds bitten by those male Tyrannosaurus rex on Ulam's territory the night before yesterday were now burning and painful. But he didn't care about them. He would eat these preys today!

The running Hadrosaurus suddenly stopped. In front of them was a hot spring with ultra-high temperature. The water in it was bubbling noisily. Before they even got close, they already felt that they were going to be roasted whole just from the heat!

Because it's close to the crater, the temperature was extremely high.

This group of Hadrosaurus instantly panicked. Behind them were Tyrannosaurus rex, bloodthirsty Tyrannosaurus rex. In front of them were boiling water that could scald the flesh off any dinosaur. There was no way out.

These Tyrannosaurus rex were certainly happy. Let this group of preys mock them before! Now, it's their turn to strike back!

They instantly rushed into the Hadrosaurus group. Two or three of them bit down on one head at a time. Soon, many of the dozen Hadrosaurus were killed and fell to the ground with a thick scent of blood.

The rest of the Hadrosaurus were scared to death. One of them couldn't bear such great psychological pressure. It turned and jumped into the hot spring. A sad cry immediately echoed out. Soon, it disappeared once the Hadrosaurus stopped struggling and sank to the bottom.

Tyrannosaurus rex were famous for their cruelty. Even if they couldn't finish eating so many preys, who let these Hadrosaurus dared to mock them just now. Now the red-eyed Tyrannosaurus rex killed and destroyed all of them!

After killing these preys, the problem of food distribution immediately appeared. Even though today's preys were more than enough for them all, every Tyrannosaurus rex only wanted to eat the fattest prey. Tyrannosaurus rex always strived for competitive victory.

Mungo and his brothers obviously had an absolute advantage. They were ferocious and roared at the other five Tyrannosaurus rex while occupying the fattest prey.

Just as they were preparing to eat, Mungo heard the screams of a pterosaur in the sky. Normally, pterosaurs would never come to the volcano. He looked up and saw the pterosaur carrying Gulu in his human form!

Gulu waved and shouted loudly at Mungo, regardless of whether Mungo could understand: "Mungo, get out of here. Don't eat. There're poison gases. You will die! Get out of here …"

Of course, Mungo didn't understand his human speech at all, but he became very nervous and scared. Mungo stared at the pterosaur in the sky. He's afraid that Gulu was in danger, fearing that he would fall off.

Cassie didn't feel as much heat wave because he's so high up, but it's still too hot for him. He asked, "Gulu, it's too hot here. Will my wings burn out?"

Gulu patted him on the neck to express comfort. This temperature was not enough to burn a pterosaur's wings.

What distressed Gulu most now was how he could make Mungo give up these prey!

Of course, he noticed that Mungo was worried about him. He had been staring up at the pterosaur with his neck tilted and had completely forgotten to eat his meat.

Gulu immediately thought of a way, he patted the pterosaur's neck. Cassie immediately flew to the outside of the volcano.

Mungo was very worried about Gulu and ran after the pterosaur. When Mungo's brothers saw that the boss had left, they hesitated whether to follow him or not.

They had completely exhausted themselves to chase these preys. They even competed with five adult Tyrannosaurus rex and finally won the fattest meat with difficulty. It's impossible to give up.

In the end, half of them decided to stay here to guard their prey, while the rest followed Mungo and ran out.

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