Once Gulu decided that they moved out of the "poison circle", he patted the pterosaur's neck. Cassie immediately stopped.

Mungo also quickly raced over.

Gulu motioned for Cassie to fall beside Mungo, but Mungo had too many Tyrannosaurus rex. Cassie was scared of being attacked and questioned, "Are you sure Mungo won't bite me? Mungo doesn't seem to like pterosaurs much …"

Gulu nuzzled Cassie's neck with his head and pointed down. This move was his consolation to Cassie: "Rest assured. Mungo will definitely not attack you, I promise!" At the same time, it was also a leader's command.

Cassie was still greatly afraid. In a particularly hot place, the wind speed was slow, and the air flow was chaotic. Pterosaurs couldn't take off quickly. This was why Cassie hesitated here.

However, a leader's order couldn't be refuted. At the end, Cassie still stopped three meters away from Mungo. Gulu immediately jumped off Cassie's back and turned into a Triceratops while shouting: "Mungo, don't attack Cassie!"

Mungo's brothers were ready to attack the pterosaur one by one. Only when they heard Gulu did they packed up their fangs.

Cassie was scared and immediately flew back into the sky. Only in the sky did he feel safe.

Gulu raced toward Mungo while Mungo also dashed to Gulu. They didn't know why, but after one night apart, the two missed each other very much. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides idleturtle-translations.com. !!

Mungo stopped in front of Gulu, who quickly shouted, "Mungo! Let your other brothers come out. Don't eat this meat here. There're poison gases. They will be poisoned!"

Gulu smelled sulfur in the air and there was a thick scent of corpses in some places. It proved that there're many dead dinosaurs near here. They must have been dead for a long time and rotted badly.

Mungo didn't know what poisonous gases were or understood that he felt dizzy because of them. But Gulu said so and he would believe him, even though he felt it's a pity to leave behind so many preys.

Since it's really an emergency, Gulu urged: "Mungo! Quick, tell them to come out!"

Mungo let out roars after roars, calling the rest of his brothers to leave.

The rest of the male Tyrannosaurus rex felt very puzzled. They had a hard time getting their prey and it's so fat and delicious. Why did Mungo want them to give up?

One of those who stayed behind was Munroe. Munroe was very angry: "Is my brother crazy? Don't let us eat such delicious meat. We tired ourselves out hunting and haven't eaten a mouthful ah …"

However, even if they didn't understand, they would definitely obey Mungo's orders. All of them ran out.

The remaining five adult Tyrannosaurus rex were overjoyed. Mungo's group helped them kill all their preys. They even left without eating a bite. Ha, ha, ha, where could you find such a good thing! Mungo was really a fool!

The five adult Tyrannosaurus rex knew Gulu. They realized that Mungo didn't eat this meat because Gulu came. All of them thought that Mungo was crazy. As long as it came to Gulu, Mungo was insane.

Munroe looked at Gulu. He knew that it must be Gulu again!

Other male Tyrannosaurus rex couldn't understand, but they didn't dare to say anything. Munroe, however, stared at Gulu and demanded, "Why don't you let us eat meat? Is brother insane? How can you listen to what this cub says? What does he even know? …"

This reminded Munroe of the disgusting fern plant that his brother once made them eat because of Gulu. He's surer that whenever his brother met Gulu, he would go crazy!

Although Munroe now liked Gulu very much, he was still very angry that Gulu wouldn't let them eat meat while his brother actually agreed?!

Gulu: "Munroe, believe me. There're poison gases. You will be poisoned if you eat meat here …"

In fact, Gulu also knew that Munroe wouldn't listen to him. He felt that Munroe's heart must be like this: I won't believe in your ghost! You little brat, you are very bad!

Sure enough, he mumbled, "What poison gases? So many dinosaurs came here to hunt, why haven't they been poisoned …"

Gulu would like to tell him: Of course, there may be some who didn't get poisoned. However, many of them must be poisoned, but all of them are dead and can't come out to tell you that there are poisonous gases here, so you won't know!

Mungo glared at Munroe who immediately shut up. But what Munroe thought was: Humph, Gulu is too much. He doesn't want us to eat meat. He must tread on my back and step on me to sleep later. Otherwise, I won't forgive him!

Gulu knew that although Munroe's mouth was cheap, his heart wasn't bad, so he didn't care about it.

Moluo suddenly pointed, "Look, there's a Tyrannosaurus rex on the ground! It's really poisonous!"

They all looked toward his said direction.

First, a Tyrannosaurus rex fell to the ground. The other Tyrannosaurus rex looked around them puzzled. Then, they suddenly realized something and wanted to run out without eating.

But it's too late. They didn't have the strength to run. They just took two steps before falling to the ground one by one.

Before they died, they looked out in despair: "Yes, poison …"

Gulu looked at these very strong adult Tyrannosaurus rex that dropped to the ground and was horrified. Fortunately, he arrived in time, or Mungo would have died here!

Volcanic eruptions would produce a toxic gas called carbon monoxide, which was heavier than air and would accumulate near the earth's surface. As long as predators buried themselves in eating meat, they would die from inhaling a large amount of carbon monoxide.

If a dinosaur successfully hunt here and ate meat on the spot when there was no wind on the same day, it would certainly die of poisoning.

Mungo and his brothers came here to hunt before, but they didn't eat within the poison gas circle, so they were not poisoned. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides idleturtle-translations.com. !!

In fact, many dinosaurs had come here to hunt. The reason why they didn't die was that their large size saved them. Carbon monoxide was deposited on the surface of the earth (T/N: on the ground). As long as they didn't lower their heads or fall down, they would only inhale a small amount of carbon monoxide and just feel dizzy. They could still come out.

But if they ate meat or fall to the ground, they would never leave again.

Gulu used to be a paleontologist. When studying dinosaur fossils, he found that some of them were poisoned by carbon monoxide.

In the history of the earth, at the end of Cretaceous period, the continents finally gradually took shape as they appeared today. The frequent movement of the earth's crust caused global volcanic activities and large-scale volcanic eruptions that lasted for hundreds of years.

At present, the planet belonged to the early Cretaceous period, about 80 million years from the end of its timeline. Volcanic activity was not frequent yet, but it still occurred more often than earth in the 21st century.

Now the time period of this planet was very suitable for the survival of dinosaurs, which could be said to be the heyday of dinosaurs.

Dinosaur's golden era was 80 million years old. The earliest human beings appeared less than 2 million years even when counting up to the 21th century. Today's human civilization was really too short compared with the age of dinosaurs.

Munroe froze. He didn't expect that there're really poisons here!

It took him quite a while to react. He bowed his head and rubbed against Gulu, "Gulu. You are too good! How do you know it's poisonous here? If it wasn't for you, we would all be dead. You're too good. Later, you can be my big brother …"

Gulu was somewhat embarrassed when he was praised. He said, "It's okay as long as you're all right. You mustn't bully me anymore. Otherwise, I'll hit you, I'll hit you, hum …"

Munroe: "No, absolutely not. If I bully you again, I'll turn into a Triceratops!"

Gulu: "What did you say?!"

In the world of Tyrannosaurus rex, changing into a Triceratops was the most vicious curse, because Triceratops was food to be eaten. Gulu was a Triceratops, of course he was angry.

Munroe hurriedly coaxed, "I was wrong. Triceratops is the most powerful. Triceratops is the best. Gulu is the best in the world …"

Other Male Tyrannosaurus rex: emmm…… …

Gulu knew that it's really not easy for Munroe to say this. How did he feel that Munroe suddenly changed from being an arrogant dinosaur to a licking dog?!

Mungo rubbed Gulu lightly. Gulu must be very anxious when he rushed all the way here. Mungo felt very distressed.

At this time, Gulu noticed that Mungo's wounds were festering. So did those of his younger brothers. They must be very painful. There're too many toxic gases and ashes in this volcanic air.

These ashes were nothing to an uninjured dinosaur, but it's fatal to the dinosaur with large wounds on its body surface since they easily caused infection and ulceration.

The only treatment was to find the cleanest hot spring in the vicinity, with the right temperature to wash away the ashes adhering to these wounds, in order to prevent them from being infected.

Pado finally arrived. He panted heavily and ran to Gulu's side, ignoring all of the Tyrannosaurus rex around him.

Gulu rubbed Pado who was full of anger, "Dad, I'm sorry. I was too worried. If I come later, Mungo and the others will die. Look over there …"

Pado stared at the Tyrannosaurus rex and Hadrosaurus that died all over the place. He was shocked. This was beyond his understanding as a dinosaur. It turned out that this place could really poison dinosaurs. Even Tyrannosaurus rex couldn't escape. Why didn't other dinosaurs tell this to them?

Of course, all of the dinosaurs that got poisoned before were dead. But this time Mungo and his brothers managed to come out alive after seeing the tragedy. News of poisoning near the volcano would soon spread to the whole continent of Yukan and saved countless dinosaurs in the future.

Gulu went on to say, "Dad, a Quetzalcoatlus really won't hurt me. Look, that pterosaur sent me here safely, right? …"

Pado and Mungo both looked at the huge pterosaur flying in the air at the same time. They were lost in thought while thinking that maybe these pterosaurs weren't so bad.

In fact, Gulu didn't know why he suddenly trusted Cassie so much. He's not afraid of Cassie flying him halfway then took him to the cave and never let him come back, probably because he had no other choice. He didn't have time to think so much since he needed to save Mungo at all costs. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides idleturtle-translations.com. !!

Although Pado was very angry, he' still glad to see Gulu alright. He rubbed Gulu and reproached, "Don't frighten me like this again."

Gulu hurriedly nodded, then rubbed Mungo and spoke: "Your injuries will become serious if you touch the ashes here. You must wash them. I'll take you to a hot spring."

Mungo and his brothers felt very painful, but Tyrannosaurus rex were never afraid of pain. Mungo refused, "No, Gulu, we're fine. We'll be fine in two days."

Tyrannosaurus rex never washed their wounds. They didn't think it's necessary and sometimes washing wounds would worsen the injuries.

Gulu stood firm, "You must wash them. The ashes here are different from dusts in other places. If you don't wash them, your injuries will get worse and you'll die!"

Mungo saw the poisoned Tyrannosaurus rex and finally listened to Gulu.

Gulu didn't bother to give Mungo any professional talk about festering infections or disinfection using the clean hot springs near the volcano. Dinosaurs couldn't understand these words.

Pado was not hurt, but Gulu still said, "Dad, you should go with us. It's comfortable to soak in hot springs!"

Even if Gulu didn't ask him to go, Pado would still follow. Mungo's injuries looked more serious. He's not at ease leaving Gulu to him.

As the result, a group of dinosaurs began to move out under the guidance of Gulu, who carefully searched for the cleanest and most suitable hot spring.

It couldn't be close to the crater because the temperature was too high. If there're less vegetations around, the hot spring wasn't clean enough.

They walked onward. This barren volcanic land still dotted with rare green areas, but they were too small.

Gulu continued until he reached the edge of the volcano. The ferns here were already very luxuriant and didn't look very different from other places outside.

Finally, Gulu found several large hot springs behind a lush fern field.

The landform here was very special. Several large hot springs were separated by a large rockery. Luxuriant ferns and many flowers surrounded these hot springs. Large butterflies were gathering flowers and honey. The beauty was indescribable.

In the early Cretaceous period, dinosaurs saw very few flowers. They were not used to their strong smell and couldn't help sneezing, but soon they got used to them and felt they smelt very fragrant and good.

The water temperature in the hot spring was just right with the water quality being very clear. One could see the big rocks at the bottom of the hot spring at a glance. All of the hot springs here were large enough to accommodate these big guys.

Mungo let his brothers soak in the biggest hot spring outside.

These male Tyrannosaurus rex had been tormented by the pain on their bodies. After entering the water, they feel much better. They swam comfortably inside.

The first hot spring was the largest. Even after accommodating more than a dozen Tyrannosaurus rex, it's still very spacious. If it wasn't for its close proximity to the volcano, there would never be such a large hot spring. It could also be called a geothermal lake.

(T/N: a large lake that got heated up by a volcano = a large hot spring or a geothermal lake)

After Munroe sank into the water, he felt very comfortable all over. The original pain disappeared. His mouth kept praising Gulu: "Gulu is really good. In the future, Gulu will be my big brother. None of you are allowed to rob me …"

Other Male Tyrannosaurus rex: Who used to dislike Gulu so much? …

Mungo let his brothers soak here, mainly because Tyrannosaurus rex were too big. Gulu was so small. It's possible to accidentally hurt him. Mungo would accompany Gulu alone.

When reaching the second hot spring, Pado spoke, "I'll stay right here."

Gulu understood that Pado certainly wouldn't want to soak with Tyrannosaurus rex. Pado didn't live in the Tyrannosaurus rex group all the time like him. On the contrary, it's because of him that Pado resisted the urge to attack these Tyrannosaurus rex.

So Gulu just replied, "Dad, I'll go to you later."

Pado: "I don't need it. Just wash quickly and we'll go back."

How was it possible to finish washing so soon? Gulu wanted to soak in such a comfortable hot spring until the end of the world. Of course, he still nodded to Pado and agreed very well.

Gulu and Mungo went to the innermost hot spring.

Mungo checked clearly and found no dangerous creatures in the hot spring.

Gulu became a human being. He jumped in with a splash then swam around. This was not a hot spring at all. It's a geothermal lake. A big one!

Mungo slowly went down into the water, mainly for fear of hurting the human Gulu.

After the huge Mungo entered the water, a lot of water overflowed and wet the plants by the bank.

Gulu sighed with emotion: emmm…… This hot spring is too big for mankind, but it's really just right for Mungo!

Mungo slowly sat down in the water. His soaked body felt really comfortable.

Gulu saw many geysers in the distance shooting up water column. It must be very comfortable to go there and wash his body.

It's really too nice. Mungo was a bit lazy to move, but Gulu wanted Mungo to change posture so that the water could soak up more of his body.

So Gulu deliberately pulled Mungo's forelimb with both hands then swam away, as if to say: Follow me, I'll let you follow me ha, ha, ha …

Pado was in the hot spring next to them. He didn't have much thought of soaking in the hot spring. He leaned over the crevice of the rockery to see Gulu and Mungo.

If Pado couldn't see his baby for a while, he's afraid of Mungo passing out from his severe injuries. In that case, because Mungo was too big, he may accidentally hurt Gulu.

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