Mungo understood what Gulu meant and followed behind him closely.

Gulu swam and looked back at Mungo. In his human form, a Tyrannosaurs rex really looked very large and fierce. He couldn't help admiring the magic of nature. How could nature create such a powerful and ferocious species?

Mungo also stared at Gulu in front of him. He felt that Gulu's human body was really amazing. How could a dinosaur grow into this appearance? Without a single piece of scale. The skin was so white and smooth while the whole body looked small and soft. The more he stared, the better it appeared. Its appearance was much better than all the other dinosaurs.

Gulu swam and felt something rubbing on himself. He looked back and saw Mungo nuzzling his waist lightly with his big head.

He turned around and hugged Mungo's big head. A Tyrannosaurus rex's head was 1.5 meters long. Mungo's was even bigger. Gulu couldn't completely encircle it. He just hugged the first half, then rubbed Mungo's nose with his forehead. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Tyrannosaurus rex's nose and mouth were very sensitive to the touch. Mungo felt comfortable being rubbed by Gulu. He also nuzzled Gulu's forehead, cheek, neck and chest with his nose … He rubbed all over, rubbing Gulu into tickling and laughing.

Mungo felt that rubbing Gulu's human body and dinosaur's body were completely different experiences. His dinosaur's body was very hard and a little chubby. His human body was very smooth. The human form was very soft and slippery, but it's completely different from the feeling of smooth scales. He liked it very much.

The two players soon reached the geyser by playing and swimming.

Gulu put his arm on the shooting water column. The crisp touch of the bubbling water pushing against him was super enjoyable.

Then Gulu guided Mungo to place his big head on the water column. Tyrannosaurus rex's heads were densely covered with nerves, especially their nose and mouth. Even if these places were covered with thick scales, they could still feel the slightest touch and breeze. They could sense the water flow and the breath of the atmosphere.

Mungo only realized today that it's so comfortable to be flushed with water, especially when he lowered his head and let it rushed over his nose. It's simply refreshing.

Mungo found a lot of fun at the moment. He opened his big mouth and drank the water. At the same time, the water column cleaned his mouth like an "electric toothbrush". Mungo felt very comfortable. It's much more interesting to have this shooting water column than to just drink water normally.

This geyser was on the bank of the hot spring. Gulu leaned back on the bank and smiled at Mungo. Mungo was always dull and sedate. Gulu liked to watch him like this.

Hot springs were like living water with geysers shooting out water above them. The water that came out was always the clearest. All of the ashes washed down from Mungo's huge body and flowed out along the water current.

The happy Gulu was suddenly picked up by Mungo with his forelimbs. Then he was placed on the geyser. The soft water hit Gulu's back. Mungo seemed to be very good at playing and would move slowly so that all parts of Gulu's body could be brushed over by the shooting water …

Tyrannosaurus rex's forelimbs were notoriously short, but they were also much thicker than an adult man's arms. They could easily lift hundreds of kilograms of heavy objects and were more than enough to hold one Gulu.

It's a completely different experience be washed by Mungo than washing himself. Gulu had no idea which part of him would be cleaned next. He felt mysterious and expectant. The water column was also very naughty, probably because of the different water pressure. Sometimes it's soft then suddenly became fierce … Sometimes it's itchy then turned exciting …

Gulu thought that this was the most interesting hot spring he ever went to.

Mungo put Gulu down. Gulu's hands casually draped over Mungo's big head. Mungo gently supported Gulu's feet with his forelimbs so that Gulu could stand without any difficulty.

One human and one dinosaur looked at each other across the water.

Gulu thought that Mungo's eyes were really large, about the same size as Gulu's entire head. Tyrannosaurus rex was very ferocious in appearance. However, such big eyes were adorable under close observation. They were simply a big-eyed adorable dinosaur.

Mungo also stared at Gulu. Mungo, as a dinosaur, had never seen human beings. He didn't even know that human beings didn't belong to this era. Perhaps, all animals had similar aesthetic standards. Human beings were also a branch of animals. Mungo thought that Gulu was really nice-looking and especially beautiful.

Gulu could see his whole body through Mungo's big eyes.

His hair was about the same length as in the human world, just an inch long. He looked very spiritual. (T/N: spiritual like a monk because his hair was so short, think military buzz cut) Scientific researchers like archeologists needed to frequently go out to dig sites. Such short hair was easy to clean and take care of.

Gulu felt that his hair didn't grow for such a long time, probably because the human body hadn't eaten much. It's the dinosaur body that ate all the time. These facts had proven that eating plants wouldn't grow hair?! !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

He thought that this way was also good. There's no tools here to cut hair, which would make it more troublesome.

Previously in the human world, Gu Lu was praised as the handsome representation of the scientific research field. He's indeed very in line with modern people's aesthetic appreciation of young men. His skin was white, and his eyebrows were sword-like. He belonged to the kind who could instantly attract people's eyes among a vast crowd. No matter where he appeared, he was a flashing light.

Gu Lu always had short hair and never changed to other hairstyles. His usual clothes were basically archaeological excavation outfits. He didn't like to buy clothes. Wearing these outfits was dirt-resistant and convenient. He could work at any time.

He was infatuated with dinosaurs to such an extent that he forgot to eat and sleep. Not to mention buying clothes and changing his hairstyle like other male classmates, he didn't even play games and basically had no common entertainment activities. For him, the greatest entertainment was the discovery of new dinosaur fossils.

On one occasion, Gu Lu's video of making a scientific research report was posted on the Internet without knowing who took it. It instantly exploded. The second academic year was full of applicants for paleontology. It could be said that he had driven up the value of an unpopular major entirely by himself.

Mungo wasn't the only one who thought that Gulu's human form was beautiful. All human beings in the 21st century also agreed.

The two looked at each other. Suddenly there was a loud noise from the hot spring nearby. It sounded like a big rock had fallen into the water.

Gulu was afraid of Pado's accident and swam to the shore at once. Mungo also went after him.

He rushed over and saw that Pado had just popped out his head from the water and didn't see any big rock in the water.

Pado would not tell them that the loud noise just now came from him falling into the water because his feet were numb.

Before, his two front limbs hugged the bank, leaving half of his body in the water. He leaned against the crevice of the rockery for too long. Before he knew it, his two hind legs were numb and he fell back with a splash, which shocked himself.

Gulu turned into a little Triceratops and asked, "Dad, are you all right? What was that noise?"

Pado: "I dived into the water."

Gulu: emmm……… my leader Dad can also be so childish!

Pado: "Have you washed it? Let's go home."

Gulu stared at Mungo. All of the wounds on Mungo's body had been cleaned. This kind of injuries shouldn't be soaked in water for too long. He answered: "We finished cleaning. Let's go back."

In fact, Mungo still wanted to wash. He felt very comfortable, but he was willing to listen to Gulu. He nodded and roared. Mungo's brothers immediately came out of the water one after another.

Mungo's body was covered with scales. The Cretaceous climate was warm and dry. The water on his body dried up shortly after he landed. The cleaned wounds also dried up quickly. Without large amount of toxic ashes and dregs remaining, these wounds would scab in half a month. The most serious ones would get better in about a month.

The volcano was too far away from Pado's ethnic group. A Triceratops cub didn't have the strength to walk this far. Pado still let Gulu sit on his back. He carried Gulu back. Mungo let his brothers go back first. He followed Pado and Gulu.

Along the way, Gulu was trying his best to find a topic to improve Mungo's relationship with Pado, but none of them seemed very successful.

Gulu: "Daddy Mungo, please tell my Daddy Pado what habits I have at ordinary times, how I like to sleep, what I like to eat. That way, Daddy Pado will know how to raise me better …"

In Gulu's heart, Mungo, like Pado, was the "old father" who worked so hard to raise him. It wasn't easy. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Mungo answered very carefully for fear of missing something: "Pado, Gulu likes to sleep with things in his arms. You can let him hold your head or horn or let him hold Pachi and Dudu. Gulu likes to eat … Gulu also likes to watch other dinosaurs. You can take him to see more so Gulu will be very happy …"

Pado actually listened very carefully, but he was used to being strong and overbearing as a leader. To be precise, he was a little jealous. A Tyrannosaurus rex actually knew his cubs better than he did. This made him feel uncomfortable, even though he himself felt that his thoughts were very strange.

After Mungo had said so much, Pado only replied once: "Mmm."

Gulu: I'm a little embarrassed …

After a long silence, Gulu added: "Pado, tell Mungo quickly that I'm happy in the Triceratops's group. I sleep soundly at night. I eat a lot and have fun with Pachi and Dudu. Triceratopses are interesting …"

Gulu knew that Mungo would definitely fret about whether he would be bullied by other Triceratopses and about him not being used to living there … But he did have a good time. He wanted to tell Mungo so he wouldn't be worried.

Pado: "Well, Gulu eats a lot."

Mungo: "How much does Gulu eat?"

Pado: "A lot."

Gulu: emmm…… … This must the most awkward conversation.

Although the conversation was awkward, Gulu still felt that the time with Pado and Mungo passed too fast. Before he knew it, they already reached the fork road.

Here, Mungo and Pado would head in the opposite direction. Mungo said nothing and went directly to the nest. Pado also left straight for the ethnic group.

Gulu sat on Pado's back and looked at Mungo while comforting himself that Mungo would come to pick him up in four days.

Pado was walking with Gulu on his back when he met a group of gay dinosaur friends, which composed of Stegosaurus and Camptosaurus.

Gulu watched these Stegosaurus and Camptosaurus leisurely looking for food with his heart in doubt.

Was a Stegosaurus really stupid? Fossil studies showed that Stegosaurus had a very small brain, but there're also studies that proved Stegosaurus possessed two brains. The first brain was in the head and the second one in the hip, so it wasn't stupid at all. However, no one knew which result of the two studies was correct.

Many mischievous researchers said that Stegosaurus was extremely clever. He's only stupid in front of the Camptosaurus. They're the immortal love version of dinosaurs with enviable fairy love. Gulu wanted to know if Stegosaurus and Camptosaurus were really so passionate!

(T/N: immortal love = think 'Eternal Love' with the main characters being two passionate dinosaurs)

At this moment, Pado remembered Mungo's words: "Gulu likes watching other dinosaurs …"

Anyway, there was no hurry to go back now. Pado found a luxuriant fern bush that was good for stealth viewing and hid inside it. Gulu sat on Pado's back and could be blocked by their leaves. He wouldn't attract the attention of these Stegosaurus and Camptosaurus.

Gulu: "Dad, why don't we keep going?"

Pado: "Take a break."

Gulu guessed at this moment that Pado wanted him to look at other dinosaurs, because Mungo said that he liked to watch. Pado was too good! How could he be such a perfect father?

Suddenly, a male Triceratops from Pado's ethnic group found them.

This male Triceratops was called Sika. He's Pado's closest assistant. He's also the strongest male Triceratops in his group except for Pado.

Pado lowered Gulu when Sika called him to the side. Gulu also wanted to listen, but Pado wouldn't let him.

Soon Pado came back and said to Gulu, "Gulu, Dad knows the leader of this Stegosaurus group. His name is Blunt. You can play here for a while. Dad will pick you up later."

T/N: Lol the leader's name is Dun, which translates to stupid, dull or blunt. I'll go with Blunt.

And OMG, there's finally sign of shounen-ai!

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