Gulu had a strong sense that something must have happened for Pado to be in such a great hurry. He had no time to send him back to the group. Gulu also didn't want to add chaos to him. Pado was the leader of the ethnic group. There must be many emergencies to deal with.

Sika placed Gulu on Pado's back. Pado ran into the Stegosaurus group and said: "Gulu, don't be afraid. Blunt is very good. Dad killed many carnivorous dinosaurs with Blunt before. He's Dad's best friend. He will take good care of you. Wait here for Dad to come back and pick you up …"

Gulu wasn't afraid at all. Pado would not leave him in any danger. Since Pado was at ease with Blunt taking care of him, Blunt must be extremely good and powerful. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Herbivorous dinosaurs would not guard against each other. Blunt's group was very familiar with Pado. They voluntarily gave up a path for him. Pado soon arrived in front of Blunt.

Blunt was really happy to see Pado. His back-bone plate gently flapped up and turned into a bright color, looking very beautiful.

Pado: "Blunt, it's too urgent for me to explain. This is my son, Gulu. Please take care of me. I'll pick him up later."

Blunt also understood Pado's urgency. He immediately let the Stegosaurus beside him gently moved Gulu from Pado's back to his own back.

Gulu was very comfortable and very safe when sitting on Blunt who had an extremely large back with big bone plates on both sides.

Pado left him some words: "Gulu, listen to Blunt and don't run around. Dad will come back to pick you up soon." Then Pado dashed away without looking back.

Gulu looked at Pado's rapidly disappearing form. He thought that maybe Pado's brothers were besieged by some particularly terrible carnivorous dinosaurs. Just like the first time he saw Pado, Pado rushed in from one corner and killed a Tyrannosaurus rex. The scene was super powerful.

It's also because this situation was too urgent. Pado had no time to send him back to the ethnic group or to Mungo. Only then did he ended up being taken care of by the nearest Blunt.

Gulu believed that Pado would definitely solve the problem easily. Pado was so powerful!

On the other hand, Gulu thought that Pado was really interesting. He clearly knew Blunt but still hid in the fern bush to observe his group. Perhaps he didn't want to disturb Bunt. Although herbivorous dinosaurs often attacked carnivorous dinosaurs and ate plants together, Stegosaurus and Triceratops were completely different species after all.

Blunt gently shook his back and asked, "Gulu, little Gulu, are you hungry? Do you want to come down and eat fern? I'll take you to eat the best fern."

Gulu wasn't hungry at all. He had nothing to complain about on the way back since he sat on Pado's back and ate a lot of ferns and leaves along the way. Of course, Mungo also picked them for him. He ate so much leaves on the way that Pado's back was stained green.

Now, he just wanted to sit on the back of a Stegosaurus, so he could remain high up and see farther out. This way allowed him to better observe the whole ethnic group.

Gulu answered, "Uncle Blunt, I'm not hungry. I'm not hungry at all. Can I still sit on your back all the time?"

Blunt: "Of course, Gulu can sit as long as you want. Uncle Blunt's back is especially for little Gulu."

Gulu: F***, are Stegosaurus so cute? Blunt, you are a leader. Can't you be a little colder?

Blunt's voice was so deep and resonant because he's a male Stegosaurus. His words made Gulu feel that a strong muscular man was cringingly acting cute.

Of course, Gulu actually liked Blunt like this. He began to observe the group carefully.

This group of Stegosaurus and Camptosaurus had the same number. They all fed in groups of twos and threes. Each Stegosaurus came equipped with a Camptosaurus as standard. No wonder they're said to be gay dinosaur friends!

Stegosaurus was generally 7-9 meters long, 3-4 meters high and weighed 2-5 tons. Blunt appeared even larger. He's at least 12 meters long, 5 meters high and weighed 6 tons. It's no wonder that he could be the leader.

A Stegosaurus looked just like a heavy armored machine with a row of huge bone plates on its back. When excited, the bone plates would flap gently and showed bright colors. Its tail was a deadly weapon because of its four long bone nails. Stegosaurus's attack and defense were first-class. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

A Camptosaurus was 5-7 meters long and weighed about 1-2 tons, which was smaller than Stegosaurus. It had short forelimbs and strong hind legs. A Camptosaurus could walk on all fours or only on its hind legs. There was no special defense weapon.

Camptosaurus's eyes were extremely large. They could be called the big-eyed beauty in the dinosaur world. At the same time, Their brain was also very big, which proved that Camptosaurus was very smart.

Gulu saw a very beautiful and huge Camptosaurus coming up to them. This Camptosaurus should be 8-9 meters long and weighed at least 3 tons. Its whole body was light blue, which gave off breathtaking cold and beautiful feeling. However, this was a male Camptosaurus.

The male Camptosaurus walked to Blunt's side and rubbed his neck then questioned, "Is this Pado's cub?"

Gulu noticed that Blunt was extremely excited to see this male Camptosaurus. His bone plate gently shivered and became very colorful. Blunt introduced them to each other: "Yes, his name is Gulu. Gulu, this is Tudor."

Tudor was a very famous leader of Camptosaurus. He's famous for his cleverness. He once led the Camptosaurus to escape the hunting of more than a dozen Tyrannosaurus rex without the help of Stegosaurus. One should know that Camptosaurus had no body structure that could be used for defense. They couldn't fight or run fast.

Gulu admired the legend of Tudor very much and became obsessed like a little fan: "Wow, Uncle Tudor, I've heard about you. You're amazing!"

Tudor also started his exaggerated business praising mode within seconds: "Everyone heard about you too. A Triceratops cub who has Tyrannosaurs rex willing to raise him. You're very powerful."

Blunt: "You are all good. Both of you are good."

Gulu and Tudor: 

Blunt didn't often help his "life-and-death" old comrade-in-arms Pado take care of his young cubs. With this chance, he wanted to give the best to Gulu. He ordered the Stegosaurus nearby, "Go, pick berries and nuts for Gulu. Gulu will certainly like to eat them. Go!"

The Stegosaurus next to him immediately headed away.

Gulu found just now that Blunt was actually a mighty and fierce Stegosaurus leader. Other Stegosaurus in the group respected and admired him very much. It's only because Blunt had such good relationship with Pado that he talked to him in the tone of coaxing small cubs. It wasn't a deliberate act of cuteness, but to make him feel unafraid in a strange environment.

Gulu felt that with Blunt's current EQ, his IQ couldn't be low.

Soon, the Stegosaurus brought back a lot of berries and nuts. Gulu sat on Blunt's back and ate while observing his surroundings.

Gulu saw all of the Stegosaurus in this ethnic group continuously eating without stopping. They didn't even look up to check if there's any danger. They had no sense of crisis. In contrast, other Camptosaurus were surveying the area as they ate and were very alert.

Because of this, Gulu felt that Stegosaurus might be really stupid, except for Blunt.

There're many termite mounds in the feeding place of this group of Stegosaurus. These termite mounds were 7-8 meters high, with some even more than 10 meters high. They appeared very spectacular. Gulu had to sigh. In Cretaceous period, even termite mounds were so domineering.

Then Gulu smelled a faint scent of carnivorous dinosaurs floating in the air, but the smell was too light and weak, like an illusion, which made him unsure.

Gulu didn't immediately tell Blunt, because the arrival of carnivorous dinosaurs would cause panic in the group. One shouldn't report suspicion until these carnivorous dinosaurs were actually seen. This was the rule of the herbivorous dinosaur groups.

Although he didn't tell Blunt, Gulu still looked around carefully, glancing at every passing by termite mound.

When carnivorous dinosaurs ambushed herbivorous dinosaurs, they always hid behind lush fern bushes or termite mounds. In short, they would find all kinds of shelter to surprise attack them.

Then Gulu discovered that Tudor and several particularly sharp Camptosaurus were also on guard. They stopped eating ferns and ran around looking for predators that had hidden in ambush.

One the other hand, all of the Stegosaurus just kept on eating without realizing the danger.

Tudor uttered a low-frequency roar. Only some herbivorous dinosaurs could hear the sound. All of the Camptosaurus began to run back while the Stegosaurus finally formed several solid walls around them. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Only then did Gulu see a dozen Allosauruses behind several termite mounds farther away!

These Allosauruses saw the Camptosaurus started to run away and knew that they were found. They also stopped hiding and went after them at full speed.

Gulu lamented that Tudor could still see such a long distance even when these Allosauruses were so well hidden. He had to say that Camptosaurus's eyesight was really good. Camptosaurus were really smart and Tudor more so.

An Allosaurus was about 8-10 meters long and weighed 1.5-3 tons. It attacked its prey with terrible bite. Allosaurus was a very powerful carnivorous dinosaur.

The Camptosaurus escaped fast while none of the Stegosaurus even ran. Seeing these Camptosaurus running so quickly, the Stegosaurus seemed to be saying: Why do you run? Look at me beating them hard and hitting them. It's just another day of work!

Gulu sat on Blunt's back. In order to ensure Gulu's absolute safety, Blunt didn't stand in the front line this time, but retreated with the Camptosaurus, which was impossible at any other times.

Normally, Blunt was very violent and ferocious. While resisting these carnivorous dinosaurs, he always rushed at the front and killed one with a sweep of his tail. He's especially fierce and powerful.

Tudor retreated behind Blunt. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

At the same time, Gulu could hear Tudor shouting at a very high frequency, as if directing how these Stegosaurus should attack the Allosauruses.

Gulu saw the large Stegosaurus group split into numerous smaller teams. Each smaller teams stood in a particularly conspicuous position in order to attract these Allosaurus's attacks. All of them had large termite mounds on both sides. Behind these termite mounds were two more Stegosaurus.

These Allosauruses liked to make surprise attacks. After they came running, several of them scattered. Their smaller teams used termite mounds as shields and approached the Stegosaurus group.

This was undoubtedly the trap laid by Tudor. When an Allosaurus thought that it could kill a Stegosaurus with a quick ambush, the two Stegosaurus long hidden behind the termite mounds swept their tails. The deadly bone nails on their tails instantly pierced the body of the Allosaurus. The Allosaurus fell to the ground and gurgled out blood. It died in just a short time.

The hide-and-seek chase lasted for a long time until the sun slanted down toward the west. The Stegosaurus group won a big victory under the command of Tudor. None of them died. Only a few Stegosaurus were bitten, but the Allosaurus regiment was destroyed.

Gulu excitedly shouted from Blunt's back, "Wow! That's awesome!"

They didn't notice that a well-hidden Allosaurus appeared behind a termite mound very close to Tudor.

Perhaps because the scent here was too strong, Tudor didn't smell the Allosaurus at all. However, he remained vigilant, because he knew that another Allosaurus was still alive. It probably either escaped or remained here.

Tudor was about to say, "Let's eat somewhere else." Suddenly there was a roar and an Allosaurus pounced on Tudor.

Gulu was stunned. It's too close! Tudor would have his neck bitten off!

Before Gulu could react, he heard Blunt shouting: "Gulu, hold on tight!" Then he saw Blunt rushes toward the Allosaurus completely disregarding his personal safety.

In order to ensure that Gulu was fine, Blunt exposed his neck to the Allosaurus. Gulu was too scared to look. Blunt was going to die!

There was a loud bang and Gulu felt hot sticky blood spilled on his body. He opened his eyes and saw the Allosaurus fell to the ground. Blunt was scratched by the Allosaurus' sharp claws on his head.

Gulu: Blunt is really too powerful!

Gulu felt that Blunt and Tudor were just like the brave general vs. beautiful but cold military adviser! This was a very strong cp!

By the time all of the dangers had been eliminated, the sky as getting dark.

The whole afternoon was too thrilling that Gulu only realized at this time: Why hasn't Pado come back to pick me up? It's been so long! It's getting dark! Pado, is everything okay?!

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