Tudor took Gulu down from Blunt's back and placed him on the ground. Blunt gently rubbed Gulu's small body and asked, "Did it scare you?"

Gulu looked at his bleeding head then worriedly replied, "Uncle Blunt, you are injured. You almost got bitten by that Allosaurus to protect me …"

Blunt told him: "Little Gulu, I won't die that easily! I'm a great Stegosaurus leader!"

Gulu felt very guilty because Blunt was so good. He didn't know how to repay Blunt for saving his life.

Tudor gently licked the blood from Blunt's head. The claw marks were deep and spread from his forehead to his nose, leaving exposed flesh and skin roll. The head of a Stegosaurus was really too small compared to his huge body, which made the injury looked even more serious. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides idleturtle-translations.com. !!

Blunt completely shrugged this off. When Stegosaurus resisted the attacks of carnivorous dinosaurs, they often got wounded. This injury was nothing to him. It was already good that he didn't break any bones.

Gulu also knew that dinosaurs had strong self-healing ability. The more often they were wounded, or the more serious their injuries were, the stronger their self-healing ability would develop. This was how their bodies were conditioned.

Blunt: "Gulu, eat quickly. You must be hungry."

Gulu nodded and looked toward the direction of Pado's ethnic group. He's very worried and wondered if something had happened to Pado.

Blunt of course saw it. He gently rubbed Gulu's little head and comforted, "Don't worry, he'll pick you up later. Just eat enough here, then you can go to sleep."

Gulu nodded and munched on ferns beside Blunt. He's indeed hungry now. Although he snacked on a lot of berries and nuts in the afternoon, he hadn't eaten anything since the Allosauruses attacked.

While eating, the big moon appeared and slowly walked onto the air. Its brightness lighted up the whole continent like daytime. In the distance, many herbivores fed on plants while carnivores hunted their preys.

Herbivorous dinosaurs may eat at night for different reasons. Some didn't have enough food during the day because they were busy avoiding attacks from carnivorous dinosaurs. Or they were too large and quickly became hungry again.  As long as conditions permitted, these herbivorous dinosaurs would keep eating except for when they needed to sleep.

Gulu was worried about Pado, but he still ate a lot. He believed that Pado would come to pick him up soon.

The group rested at the same spot after eating. Blunt let Gulu sleep by his neck. But how could Gulu sleep? Blunt kept rubbing on Gulu with his head down, telling Gulu the stories of how he and Pado had killed the carnivorous dinosaurs together.

Because he's distracted, Gulu didn't hear much of his words.

The moon finally set. There was no more moonlight. The sky just before dawn was completely dark.

At this time, the atmosphere in Pado's ethnic group was very tense.

Pado stood in the middle of the group. Opposite him was a very strong male Triceratops. They were about to start a duel, competing for the position of leader.

All male Triceratopses wanted to be a leader. As long as any male felt that he was stronger than the current leader of the ethnic group, he could challenge at any time. If he won, he would become the next leader.

Since Pado became the leader, no male Triceratops had dared to challenge his majesty.

Of course, this male also had no strength to battle with Pado for the leadership position. It was Pado who wanted to fight him. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides idleturtle-translations.com. !!

This male Triceratops was called Deli. His parents were both hunted and eaten by Mungo's group. Therefore, he hated Mungo very much and had long been dissatisfied with Pado's frequent contact with Tyrannosaurus rex.

If this Deli only hated Tyrannosaurus rex, Pado wouldn't want to kill him, but he actually plotted to create chaos and wanted to trample Gulu to death in order to cut off all his dealings with Tyrannosaurus rex.

The original plan of Deli and a dozen male Triceratopses was to fake news of a Mapusaurus attack when Pado and Gulu returned.  They would let out that dozens of Mapusaurus had come to hunt them and sparked a panic among the group. In the chaos, they would trample Gulu to death.

However, Triceratopses didn't have human intelligence and organizational skills. Deli also didn't have enough leadership ability. No one knew which step went wrong. It was mistakenly reported that Gulu had entered the ethnic group and chaos occurred instantly.  

Sika really thought that there're dozens of Mapusaurus attacking their group and hurriedly ran to Pado. Pado didn't go back with Gulu because he was afraid that there're too many carnivorous dinosaurs besieging the group. If he couldn't immediately send Gulu to the safest central location of their protection circle, it would be very dangerous to bring him to the scene.

After Pado returned to the ethnic group, it took a whole afternoon to settle down everyone. During the turmoil, more than a dozen Triceratops cubs were trampled to death.

As long as there was unrest in a particularly large Triceratops group, or if the attack by carnivorous dinosaurs caused a great disturbance, it's very easy for Triceratops cubs to be trampled to death. Deli came up with this idea because such occurrences were too common.

Pado felt that the panic was too strange. His group had not seen death by trampling for a long time. This made him very angry. He must find the Triceratops who spread the false news.

Finally, under Pado's strong investigation, Deli was betrayed by his companions.

Pado placed the bodies of more than a dozen small Triceratopses beside them. Each of these cubs was very plump and healthy. If they were not trampled to death, they would become very powerful Triceratopses when they grew up.

Unfortunately, they would never grow up again.

Triceratops cubs were the cornerstone of the development and growth of an ethnic group. In any group, the death of more than a dozen cubs would make the leader very depressed.

Until now, Deli didn't feel that he did wrong: "Pado, Tyrannosaurus rex's main food is us, Triceratops. You can't contact them anymore. As long as there's no Gulu, you won't talk to Tyrannosaurus rex again. You used to kill them directly when you see them before. What's wrong with you now? You will put the group in danger …"

Pado: "I am the leader! I will protect the ethnic group! You can say these words to me if you win!"

In fact, Deli didn't specifically target Gulu either. He just felt that once Gulu died, Pado would not contact with Tyrannosaurus rex. Then, there would be no more danger to the group.

Deli was able to encourage more than a dozen male Triceratopses to help him despite Pado's great prestige because no Triceratops in the ethnic group could understand Pado's behavior. They just didn't dare to resist.

Previously, Pado actually allowed Mungo to enter their ethnic group and didn't let them attack him. Now, he had taken back Mungo's young cub Gulu. Pado also frequently met Mungo …

In fact, all these actions not only upset Deli, but also shook Pado's prestige in the ethnic group. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides idleturtle-translations.com. !!

Triceratopses would never communicate with Tyrannosaurus rex. This was their survival rule. Pado must bear the consequences once he broke this rule.

What all these Triceratopses disliked most was Pado interacting with Tyrannosaurus rex. Whether it's Mungo or any other Tyrannosaurus rex, all Triceratopses were scared of them.

So, no Triceratops could understand Pado's current behavior.

In fact, Pado also didn't understand his own action. He never hesitated to kill Tyrannosaurus rex before and would not leave a way for them to survive. Even if Mungo saved Gulu, he should have cut off all contact after receiving Gulu. If he met Mungo again, he shouldn't hesitate to attack.

But now he knew very well that he wouldn't do so.

Pado recognized that his strange behavior would lead to ethnic unrest sooner or later. He's very glad that the discord had come so quickly. As long as it was eliminated this time, there should be no more in the future.

Deli bellowed, "It's just because of Gulu. As long as there's no Gulu, you won't be like this!"

Pado also roared back: "Gulu is my cub! You killing him is the same as letting me die!"

Then Pado rushed at Deli. Anger made Pado look like a monster, a beastlike demon.

At the thought of Gulu being trampled to death if he was in the group today, just like these dozen cubs and would never move or call him Dad again, Pado wanted to turn into a Tyrannosaurus rex and tear Deli alive.

Pado's size and fighting capacity made Deli extremely scared. What's more, Pado was still very angry. There was a loud bang. Pado's head hit Deli's head hard. Deli was knocked dizzy.

Then Pado's horn crashed hard into Deli's horn. There was another loud bang. Because Pado's horn was too big and hard, Deli's horn was directly broken from the root. Blow flowed outward.

Deli kept retreating. At last, Pado's horn pierced his belly. Blood instantly gushed out and dyed Pado's head red.

Soon, Deli fell to the ground, but he was not dead yet. He just had no strength to stand up.

Then Pado drove out all of the male Triceratopses that conspired with Deli. These males didn't want to leave and were very regretful. But Pado only gave them two choices. One was to stay as leader after winning the fight against him and the other was to leave voluntarily. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides idleturtle-translations.com. !!

Of course, these male Triceratopses didn't dare to fight with Pado. They reluctantly left Pado's ethnic group.

Pado stood beside Deli and let out a loud roar. He's telling every member here that: I am the leader of this ethnic group. I can do whatever I want. You can only accept it! Those who can't accept it can leave now! Gulu is my cub. Whoever dares to play this game again will end up like this Triceratops!

Babana looked at Pado with tears in her eyes. Before, she was very afraid that Pado would send Gulu away because of this ethnic unrest. After all, as a leader, he should place the group ahead of his own cub, just like other Triceratops heads.

Triceratops leaders of other ethnic groups didn't even know how many cubs they had. They never cared about their cubs. They always placed the continuation and development of the entire ethnic group above all else.

Before, Babana thought that Pado should be such a leader. Pado had always been the best Triceratops leader. He would even risk his own life for the sake of the ethnic group!

Pado walked over to the bodies of more than a dozen cubs that had been trampled to death. He rubbed against them with great heartache, as if each one was his own.

Then Pado let out a roar. All of the Triceratopses that were watching dispersed one by one. They dragged away the bodies of the cubs as well as Deli.

Deli was not dead yet, but he would be tossed out of the group by the parents of these dead cubs. Soon carnivorous dinosaurs nearby would come to tear him up alive. By next morning, Deli may not even have any bone left.

Only then did all Triceratopses in the group realize that their leader, Pado, had never changed. He would never place the group in danger because of his frequent contact with Tyrannosaurus rex. Pado still protected them well.

Pado was very sad because their cubs were trampled to death. He's still the same.

These Triceratopses felt very guilty. They doubted Pado. Even if they didn't take any actions against him like Deli, they questioned him. This was wrong. How many times did Pado almost lose his life for the ethnic group? …

The rest of the Triceratopses scattered everywhere to eat. Pado's surroundings suddenly became very quiet.

Babana walked up to Pado and rubbed his neck, "I thought you would drive Gulu away."

Pado: "I am both a leader and Gulu's father. How can I protect my ethnic group if I can't even protect my own cub …"

Babana couldn't stop her tears. She found out that Pado was not only the most powerful leader, but also the best father!

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