Gulu couldn't sleep. He's very worried about Pado.

All of a sudden, he saw a huge Triceratops running towards here amidst the darkest light. Gulu was sure that it's Pado. Only Pado's size could be this large. The wind also brought along his scent!

Gulu immediately stood up and dashed toward Pado. Blunt didn't stop him.

Compared to Gulu, Pado of course ran much faster. The father and son soon met. Gulu rubbed his head against Pado's stout forelimbs and cried with injustice, "Dad! Why didn't you pick me up for so long?! Where did you go? Do you know how worried I was about you? …"

Pado: "There were carnivorous dinosaurs attacking the ethnic group. Dad went back to drive them away."

Before he left, Pado had already instructed all dinosaurs in the ethnic group. No one was allowed to mention what happened today or let Gulu know. He didn't want Gulu to live unhappily in the ethnic group, thinking every day that everyone there didn't like him and wanted him to go away. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Pado didn't believe it was Gulu's fault that he grew up in a Tyrannosaurus rex's group. Instead, he thought Gulu was very strong because he survived living there. Pado wanted to compensate Gulu and was extremely reluctant to let Gulu suffer any injustice after he came back.

Gulu moved around Pado and said, "You've been gone for so long. Let me have a good look. Are you injured? …"

Pado: "How can your father get hurt!"

Gulu was relieved to see no wounds after a full examination. He rubbed Pado's thick leg and echoed, "Mmm-hmm, Pado is super good!"

Then the father and son walked toward Blunt's side together. Gulu was telling Pado about his afternoon adventure with Blunt. In order to protect him, Blunt was almost killed by an Allosaurus.

Pado walked in front of Blunt and lowered his head to gently rub Blunt's injured head while speaking: "Blunt, thank you for helping me take care of Gulu. Gulu told me all about it. In order to protect him … I shouldn't have left Gulu with you …"

Blunt was almost killed to protect Gulu, which made Pado feel very guilty. He shouldn't have let Blunt look after Gulu. Stegosaurus and Triceratops belonged to completely different kinds of dinosaurs with no symbiotic relationship between them. They shouldn't be so close.

Before Pado could finish, Blunt interrupted him: "Pado! If you say that again, you are not regarding me as a friend! I'm telling you now that I'm angry. Very angry!"

Pado was a "steel straight man". He had no idea how to coax any dinosaur, let alone a male. He didn't even know how to coax Babana. He just rubbed on Blunt's smaller head and said, "Good, I won't talk about it then. Don't be mad."

Blunt: "That won't do! In the future, you have to often send Gulu over here to play. Otherwise, I'll still be angry!"

What else could Pado do? He could only repeat: "Good."

Gulu wanted to go home, but Pado who was standing suddenly laid down. Pado used his forelegs to encircled Gulu and spoke, "Gulu, let's sleep here first. We'll go back at dawn."

Blunt: "Hey, this Triceratops is really too much. You have your own group, why do you want to sleep here?"

Pado ignored him. Blunt's relationship with Pado was so good that they could give their life for each other. When Pado thanked him for saving Gulu just now, Blunt was really angry.

Pado didn't want to return to the group now because he was afraid that the bodies of those Triceratops cubs had not been completely buried. To prevent Gulu from finding something unusual, they would head back at dawn.

For herbivorous dinosaurs, if a member died of natural cause or was innocently trampled to death due to internal conflicts or turmoil, the group would bury it inside deep pits. Their remains would not be left for carnivorous dinosaurs to eat.

Only those who caused public outrage like Deli would be thrown out of the group to be eaten by carnivorous dinosaurs.

Gulu lied under Pado's big head. His smaller head rested on Pado's neck. His limbs could either be buried beneath his body or draped across Pado's extremely thick forelimbs. Pado's head and forelimbs formed a circle around him with only a little gap left. Gulu slept in this circle and felt very secure.

With Pado sleeping nearby giving off familiar scent, Gulu felt as if he was sleeping in his actual nest. He didn't lose sleep because he was a strange place.

Gulu also felt curious. He was safe with Blunt and had a good time in the Stegosaurus group during the day. He wasn't even scared at all during that thrilling battle. But in the evening, he still wanted to go home and return to either Pado or Mungo.

Even if he hadn't been worried about Pado before, Gulu felt that he wouldn't adapt to sleeping in the Stegosaurus group.

Gulu slept soundly and didn't rouse until it's almost noon.

He woke up in a daze and rubbed his horn on Pado. When he opened his eyes, he saw his disorderly posture. Now his head rested on Pado's thick forelimbs while his four feet laid directly on Pado's mouth.

Gulu saw his four chubby legs, which were used to running on the ground frequently. The meat pads under his feet were dark and seemed to emit strong unpleasant odor. But Pado didn't abandon them at all and was still helping him to lick them.

Herbivorous dinosaurs licked each other's paws because they needed to shed off their old footpad layers and nails like elephants. When these pads became too thick and hard, another dinosaur was needed to lick them in order to scrape off old pads and allow new ones to grow. This prevented them from getting skin overgrowth and other diseases. (T/N: scientific term maybe Hyperkeratosis) !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Of course, the cub's paws were usually licked by their Triceratops mothers in order to urge their meat pads to change. However, dinosaurs walked a lot on the ground every day. It's inevitable to step on all kinds of excrement and rotten meat. The soles of the feet would become dirty.

A female dinosaur with more cleanliness would let her cubs wash their paws in sand before licking them. Male dinosaurs generally weren't responsible for looking after their cubs. Of course, they wouldn't lick their paws. Pado could lick Gulu's paws so naturally. He must often lick Pachi's and Dudu's as well.

Gulu thought that Pado was really 'the best' dinosaur father in the whole continent of Yukan, not just one of the best!

It's very uncomfortable when these meat pads grew thicker. Pado's tongue moisturized them and made them feel very comfortable. Gulu closed his eyes to enjoy this treatment.

Blunt: "Pado, my group may have to go to the other side of Nanshan for food. The ferns there are fatter with less of those disgusting carnivores around. Do you want to come?"

Pado: "My ethnic group is too large. There's not enough food on the other side of Nanshan. If I come, your ethnic group will have no food."

Blunt deliberately replied: "You're right, then you are not allowed to come!"

Gulu: emmm…… … Seeing this case, the IQ of Stegosaurus was really worrying, at least they're not as smart as Triceratopses.

Herbivorous dinosaurs would also compete for fertile fern fields, but this competition was not obvious, because they would first judge each other's strength. If the other side appeared stronger than their own ethnic group, they would obediently go to other places for food. They rarely fought over it.

Blunt: "In fact, I know you won't come to Nanshan, so I tested you. If you say that you want to come, I won't let you."

Gulu: F***! Is the plot so deep? Who say that Stegosaurus are stupid? If they're stupid, can they still play with other dinosaurs like this?!

Tudor came up at this moment. He laid prone in front of Pado and Blunt then spoke: "Blunt, we must go to Nanshan today. The ferns there are rich and beautiful. There're also not as many carnivores. We killed too many carnivores yesterday. They may head back for revenge …"

Blunt: "Oh really, Tudor! How terrible! When shall we leave? Are there really many beautiful ferns in Nanshan? Nanshan really doesn't have so many carnivores? …"

Gulu: emmm…… … it seems that Blunt only looked silly in front of Tudor! Because he was actually pretending to be stupid!

Tudor explained in detail the good situation on the other side of Nanshan and finally said: "We will leave in the afternoon once we're full. Don't worry too much. Those carnivorous dinosaurs won't come so soon. Many of them died yesterday. They may not come until dark today …"

Blunt: "I don't understand anyway. We can leave whenever and go wherever you want."

Tudor: "…"

Gulu, who was being comfortably licked by Pado, rubbed him and said: "Dad, I'm awake. Let's go home."

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