Blunt wanted to have Gulu eat before returning, but Pado insisted on leaving, mainly because he didn't want to delay the relocation of Blunt's ethnic group to Nanshan. Nanshan was too far from here. It would take at least an afternoon.

Gulu was placed on Pado's back. Pado walked away slowly.

Blunt also placed many ferns on top of Pado, so Gulu could eat all the way back.

This group of Stegosaurus and Camptosaurus was really too large. They move through them for a long time before finally coming out.

Gulu saw that most of the Stegosaurus in the ethnic group only concentrated on eating fern plants. They didn't even care if these fern plants were fat or not. They just concentrated on chewing no matter how delicious or bad these plants were.

In order to seek protection of these Stegosaurus, a Camptosaurus next to one would say, "Let's eat over there. The one over there is better." The Stegosaurus would then follow stupidly.

Gulu discovered that these dull and incurable Stegosaurus basically had no flexibility besides their tails.

It's because these Stegosaurus' second brain was on the hip. This second brain was the "accessory brain". Research showed that the accessory brain was mainly used to control the second half of the body such as their deadly weapon tail with four bone nails.

Therefore, Gulu speculated that it must be true. Most of these Stegosaurus were rather stupid. Only a few of them could be as smart and sharp as Blunt because their "accessory brain" managed to develop extremely well. This also allowed them to become more aggressive with greater flexible tail. One sweep of this tail could kill a carnivorous dinosaur. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Scientifically speaking, Stegosaurus and Camptosaurus were mutually beneficial and symbiotic. Stegosaurus was largely aggressive and highly defensive while Camptosaurus had extremely good eyesight. It could detect danger quickly and sensitively. These two dinosaurs could deal the highest damage when cooperating with each other.

Gulu recalled that Blunt was so smart, but he still pretended to be stupid in front of Tudor. This must be true love!

It's already noon when Pado and Gulu reached their group.

Gulu felt that the eyes of all Triceratopses in the group looked at him differently than the previous two days. Before they appeared as if they were very resistant to his presence but had to accept it. Today, their gazes looked different from that, but Gulu couldn't tell how they changed.

Babana took Gulu down from Pado's back. She rubbed Gulu while her eyes unconsciously filled with tears. She felt very distressed for her cub and could only turn her head to hide her sadness from him.

Pachi and Dudu missed their brother very much after they didn't see him all night. They desperately rubbed against his body hard. Gulu also returned their affectionate gestures.

Today, Pado would take his ethnic group to the most fertile mountain for ferns.

Pado chose this valley as their fixed location because ferns here grew the fastest. Once completely grazed, these ferns would spring back to from stubbles after half a day. When the members of the ethnic group became hungry, they could just eat this food here without having to go to distant places.

However, Pado still took his ethnic group out to eat every day. His members were too numerous to feed in just a single area.

Pado and a dozen of the largest and strongest male Triceratopses led the way to protect the group.

The small Gulu, Pachi and Dudu walked together in the middle of the circle. Babana moved beside the three cubs to look after them and protect them at all time.

Gulu felt that it's really a novel experience to go out for food with such a large Triceratops group. It's really shocking to follow so many numerous bodies.

Triceratopses walking in front them looked very healthy and strong. Every cub was chubby and happily ran around beside its mother.

Pachi dashed to the front then turned to speak to them, "Brother, Dudu, you are too slow to chase me. I am still the best. Come, chase me and beat me if you can …"

Gulu and Dudu sprinted to catch up with Pachi and pushed him to the ground. Pachi was instantly wiped out. Who asked him to "provoke" them? As younger herbivorous dinosaurs, Triceratops cubs were very competitive. They couldn't stand a little provocation and were always ready to fight.

Babana also didn't care about such behaviors from these young ones. It's a good thing that they loved to fight. Only in this way could they grow stronger and become better at fighting when they turned into adults.

Gulu rammed onto Pachi's butts hard. Dudu banged against Pachi's head. Pachi shrank into a ball and rolled on the ground begging for mercy: "Brother, Dudu, don't bump anymore. I'm not good at all. You are the best …."

The three of them made noises this way until they arrived at the mountain where they would be feeding.

Gulu was deeply shocked by the extremely rich and sweet fern fields here. He had run to many places since he broke his shell, but he had never seen such a lush fern plantation.

To what extent was it flourishing? Several small Triceratopses overlapping on top of one another couldn't reach the height of the shallowest fern bush. Huge adult Triceratopses could even completely disappear into the highest thickets.

Not only Gulu, Pachi and Dudu were also shocked to see such a beautiful fern field for the first time.

Gulu rushed in. The fern bushes were so high and thick. He felt that he had thrown himself onto thick sponges that were as soft as clouds. They were so springy that he bounced up then fell down after pounding on them.

Pachi and Dudu also jumped on Gulu. The three cubs got submerged inside.

There was no need to stand up at all. The three of them could eat when lying down. They could casually chew from left, right, top to bottom. Just keep munching. These ferns were so delicious.

When the three cubs finished eating the fern ground beneath them, they looked up and were stunned.

Gulu: My God, Triceratopses can really eat!

Such a large, thick and lush fern field was soon mowed to the bottom by Pado's vast ethnic group. Even those small Triceratopses couldn't be underestimated!

However, the three cubs were already full. They thought these ferns were delicious. They never ate such tasty fern.

Babana had always been eating near the cubs, in order to make it more convenient to take care of them at any time. If an attack from carnivorous dinosaurs caused ethnic unrest, Babana would be able to protect these cubs from being trampled to death by the manic group.

With all these luxuriant fern bushes gone, Gulu saw another Triceratops group not far away.

There're only a few hundred Triceratopses in this group. Each Triceratops was very skinny. Some meat could still be seen on adult Triceratopses. But those triceratops cubs looked like they were going to starve to death. They only had skin and bones.

Gulu didn't care, but he saw the opposite Triceratopses coming towards them, apparently trying to graze on these ferns. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Pado would not allow such a thing to happen. He took a dozen of the strongest male Triceratopses and headed over. First, he warned them. If the warning failed, Pado would attack these Triceratopses until they were driven away.

At this time, dozens of Allosauruses suddenly appeared behind Pado's ethnic group, which instantly caused extreme panic among the members. All Triceratopses started to run wild.

Babana shouted, "Run, little ones!"

Gulu was rushed by these giant Triceratopses and started to run.

At the same time, he saw that there seemed to be Mungo behind those dozen Allosauruses!

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