Gulu ran hard together with the large group of Triceratopses while looking back at Mungo from time to time.

With so many Triceratopses stampeding due to panic, Gulu felt that the whole continent of Yukan would soon be crushed while the sky was already covered with flying ferns.

Gulu felt that he wasn't just racing. He's actually being driven by so many dinosaurs that he couldn't stop.

Babana had been running behind these three cubs. This way, she could protect them from being attacked by those Allosauruses with her own body, and also prevented other adult Triceratopses running behind from accidentally stepping on her young ones.

Allosauruses were not as terrible as Tyrannosaurus rex in terms bite force and size. While hunting, they all acted in groups and won by using their large numbers. Generally, more than a dozen Allosauruses hunted at the same time.

Gulu roughly estimated that there're about 25 Allosauruses attacking their group. It's extremely dangerous to be attacked by so many Allosauruses at once!

With this sheer number, they had an attack power equal to about ten adult Tyrannosaurus rex, which was really horrible.

This was why Deli plotted to spread false news yesterday that there're dozens of Allosauruses attacking the ethnic group, because only so many carnivores attacking them at the same time would cause great chaos inside and achieve his desired goal. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

When attacked by so many Allosauruses, at least five of the weakest adult Triceratopses may be killed first. Several other robust adults may be injured due to defending against their offense. The injured Triceratopses would subsequently die. Meanwhiles, some Triceratops cubs might be trampled to death due to the extreme riot in the group.

Gulu desperately ran and couldn't look back often. When he glanced back again, Mungo had disappeared and was nowhere to be seen, as if he had never appeared before.

No matter how many times Gulu turned around, he could no longer see Mungo. This made Gulu wonder if he had been wrong before. Was it because he missed Mungo too much that he just hallucinated?!

Of course, Gulu didn't have time to find Mungo again. He had to run as hard as he could so he wouldn't hold Babana back.

Behind them were huge adult Triceratopses racing for their lives. The whole ethnic group was in a mess.

A large stone tripped Pachi and he rolled out like a ball. Even more terrible, there was a slope after the stone. Because of this slope, Pachi rolled farther away.

Gulu helplessly watched as Pachi rolled under the limbs of many huge and robust adult Triceratopses, then over to the side of countless Triceratops cubs and knocked down some cubs … The most breathtaking scene was that as soon as an adult Triceratops raised its leg, Pachi rolled under the huge sole of this foot. Once this foot went down, Pachi would become a meat pie!

Fortunately, this adult Triceratops was very good. He almost fell down but didn't step on Pachi even when he was unstable. If he went down at this time, he would definitely become carnivorous dinosaur's lunch. This adult Triceratops was actually fighting for his own life, but he still chose to save Pachi.

Babana chased after Pachi and shouted: "Dudu, take good care of your brother. Your brother has just returned. He doesn't know how to protect himself. Help Mom to take good care of your brother …"

Dudu yelled loudly: "I will surely take good care of brother. Mom, rest assured!"

Gulu used to live in a Tyrannosaurus rex group. He never experienced this kind of situation. However, as a Triceratops, he couldn't live in a Tyrannosaurus rex group forever. He must learn how to survive as a Triceratops.  

This was also why Mungo and Gaya had to send Gulu back.

Gulu felt very guilty. He's a big brother but still needed his younger sister to take care of him. He needed to learn and adapt to the life in the Triceratops group as soon as possible.

Dudu followed Gulu closely and spoke: "Brother, you don't have to be afraid. Just run like hell. You must stay in the middle of the group. You can't run outside, or you'll be eaten …"

Gulu nodded and Dudu continued, "Don't be afraid of being stepped on. As long as you don't fall down and roll under these big feet, you won't be trampled. All the dinosaurs in the ethnic group are good. They won't step on us …"

It may be that Gulu was listening too carefully, or that the worse situation always happened when one wanted to avoid it, with a splash, Gulu tripped over a big stone. Just like Pachi, his chubby form rolled like a ball and couldn't be stopped at all.

Dudu was immediately in a hurry and shouted as she chased Gulu: "Mom! Brother also fell down! Mom …"

Gulu rolled at full speed and passed through a lot of big feet desperately running. Suddenly his eyes turned black as he was blocked by a huge object. His four feet finally found the ground as he looked up at a particularly large and strong male Triceratops.

The male Triceratops ferociously spoke to Gulu, "Get up and run quickly, little brat. You can't have something happen to you or Pado will be angry. Pado's anger is terrible. You can't make Pado mad!"

Having said this, the male Triceratops dashed away, leaving the still in a daze Gulu behind. In fact, he could feel that the male Triceratops didn't like him and even hated him very much, but because of Pado, all Triceratopses in the group would protect him.

At this time, Dudu also came rushing in. She called out to the stupefied Gulu: "Brother, run fast. You can't be stunned at this time. If you run slower, you'll be eaten!"

Babana also sprinted here with Pachi and hurriedly said, "Run, little ones! Before it's too late!"

The three cubs began to race at full speed again.

Allosauruses were also very clever. More than 20 of them quickly divided into several smaller teams. Each team entered from different directions to attack, in order to break up the large group. In principle, only a few Triceratopses isolated from the large group could be hunted successfully. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

The three cubs were originally running in the middle position. But because Pachi and Gulu tripped, they fell behind and saw these Allosauruses getting closer and closer to them.

Gulu noticed out of the corner of his eye that an adult Triceratops running at the end of the weak group had been savagely attacked by Allosauruses. It suddenly fell to the ground covered in blood.

These Allosauruses were running extremely fast. Gulu blamed himself and felt guilty. If he hadn't fallen, he wouldn't have dragged down Babana, Pachi and Dudu. He didn't know if he could survive today, but he would never let the other three be eaten.

In fact, it wasn't only Gulu who ran last, but also many young cubs who couldn't run fast and female Triceratopses who wanted to protect their young cubs. They were the most vulnerable group. If these Allosauruses caught up with them, there was basically no possibility of survival.

There were about 100 Triceratopses in the vulnerable group composed of cubs and females. If all these dinosaurs were dead or injured, it would be a great loss to the group.

If Pado had organized the group to resist these Allosauruses in time, the situation wouldn't be so serious. Gulu ran desperately and stretched his head to look forward. He barely saw Pado and a dozen very robust Triceratopses being attacked by the Triceratops group from the nearby field!

No wonder Pado didn't come back in time!

This other Triceratops group only had 700 to 800 Triceratopses and each one was extremely thin. They were no match for Pado. Normally, they would never dare to provoke him.

Only today, Pado's ethnic group was attacked by so many Allosauruses. They were also really hungry and decided to take a risk. They wanted to use this opportunity to make Pado's ethnic group suffer a lot of losses.

These Allosauruses would not come after their own group once they finished feeding on Pado's Triceratopses. Pado would certainly go back to the valley to rest after such a big loss. Their current move was equivalent to using these Allosauruses to drive out Pado's group, so they could eat as much as they wanted here.

More than 100 Triceratops cubs and females, including Gulu, were surrounded by Allosauruses. These Allosauruses finally succeeded in isolating the best prey from Pado's vast group. A bloody killing was imminent.

All of the female dinosaurs automatically placed the young ones in the most central location. They used their huge bodies and hard long horns to hold up one final strong resistance.

At this time, a roar came from a distance. Gulu was too familiar with this sound. It was Pado! Pado was commanding the ethnic group to resist the Allosaurus's attack!

But Pado was too far away. He's at the front of the group while the carnivorous dinosaurs started attacking from the back. As a result, Pado was unable to come in time to support them. Nevertheless, he was running back as fast as he could, and roared as he sprinted in order to give commands from a distance.

Because of Pado's roar, the robust adult Triceratopses that completely lost their organization quickly formed a huge Triceratops wall. This Triceratops wall desperately ran back toward the young ones and females.

These robust males surrounded their cubs and females layer by layer with their strong massive bodies and hard horns.

Pachi, Dudu and Gulu stood in the center and could only look out through the gaps between the thick limbs of these adults.

Gulu saw continuous blood spilling on the ground where ferns had long been trampled to dusts. He didn't know whether the blood belonged to Triceratopses or Allosauruses. There were also continuous sounds of both side roaring with terrible pain.

From the cracks between the layers, Gulu caught sight of Pado running up with a group of very strong male Triceratopses. Pado was racing very fast and covered in blood. Gulu couldn't tell whether the blood belonged to Pado or other dinosaurs.

At this moment, Gulu heard his most familiar roar again. It's Mungo roaring!

Gulu turned to search for the voice and saw Mungo roaring and running from behind the Allosauruses. Mungo was covered in blood. Several Allosauruses were chasing behind him and looked like they were determined to kill Mungo. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Just before, Gulu suddenly lost sight of Mungo because Mungo knew that Gulu was temporarily safe in the middle of Triceratopses. So, he sneaked into the rear of these Allosauruses to ambush them.

Mungo couldn't ask his brothers to help. Carnivorous dinosaurs would never help herbivorous dinosaurs, let alone help them to kill other carnivorous dinosaurs, which was impossible.

Originally, Mungo only followed Pado's ethnic group from a distance. He wanted to take a look at Gulu from afar. Even if he couldn't see him, moving after the group was just like him following behind Gulu.

But when the Allosauruses suddenly appeared and began to attack Pado's ethnic group, Mungo immediately lurked behind these Allosauruses without the slightest hesitation, killing them one by one. He didn't know what was wrong with himself, but he couldn't accept Gulu being eaten in any way.

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