Of course, Mungo's behavior had seriously violated the nature of carnivorous dinosaur. This was his personal choice. He couldn't force his brothers to follow him and violate their nature.

From the beginning, Mungo came here alone today without his brothers. It's still very difficult for him to kill so many Allosauruses with just a single Tyrannosaurus rex. So, he could only ambush them.

Mungo managed to kill three Allosauruses by himself through a combination of surprised attacks and Tyrannosaurus rex's particularly terrible biting force.

However, this mode of attack would be found sooner or later. Mungo was finally counterattacked by five Allosauruses at the same time. He watched helplessly as Gulu's small group of Triceratopses was surrounded by Allosauruses. He ignored his own safety and desperately broke through the siege of five Allosauruses to rush to Gulu.

Gulu looked at both Mungo and Pado being covered in blood. He's very anxious.

The five Allosauruses that chased after Mungo were all badly bitten. It could be seen that they were violently attacked by him. The biting force of Tyrannosaurus rex was really terrible. The bones of these Allosaurus became deeply visible.

Pado and his Triceratopses were also stunned. Could a Tyrannosaurus rex really help Triceratops bite these Allosauruses?! How was that possible? They must have seen it with wrong eyes!

Mungo fiercely attacked these Allosauruses as he ran, biting off a large piece of meat. Of course, these Allosauruses also struck hard at Mungo, but their combined attack power was less than half of his.

Allosaurus was inherently smaller than Tyrannosaurus rex and weighed at least a few tons less. Mungo hit these Allosauruses with his body and could easily knock them silly, not to mention using a Tyrannosaurus rex's terrible bite force.

Soon Mungo rushed to the outside of Gulu's small Triceratops group. The Triceratopses didn't know whether to attack Mungo or not. They were a little shocked.

Tyrannosaurus rex was really terrible. One alone was enough to make an entire Triceratops group panicked. The effect was comparable to seven or eight Allosauruses. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides idleturtle-translations.com. !!

But Tyrannosaurus rex had always eaten Triceratopses, how could he help them?! This was absolutely impossible!

Some male Triceratopses instinctively began to hit Mungo, but Mungo didn't care. He let his body be drawn into blood gouges one after another by their horns. Meanwhile, he tried his best to desperately bite all Allosauruses.

Gulu was so anxious that he cried and shouted, "Don't hit Mungo! Don't hit him! Can't you see that he's here to help us? You don't hit him again! Dad, Pado, you come quickly! …"

Babana couldn't believe her eyes either. Mungo would really help Triceratops bite these Allosauruses!

However, as a cub, Gulu's voice was too low for the male Triceratopses outside to hear, so he desperately rubbed Babana's forelimb and called out, "Mom! You have to tell them not to hit Mungo again. Mungo is here to help us!"

Babana finally reacted. She let out a loud roar. Gradually, those male Triceratopses on the periphery realized that this Tyrannosaurus rex was really here to help them. They stopped attacking Mungo.

One couldn't blame these males for attacking Mungo. When a Triceratops saw a Tyrannosaurus rex, it would controllably attack. This was their instinct of survival. Furthermore, these males had been killing Allosauruses until they were all red-eyes. They really couldn't control themselves and kept hitting.

These Allosauruses were completely angered by Mungo. They stopped attacking Triceratopses and concentrated all their fury on Mungo.

Soon, Mungo was totally surrounded by them.

These Allosauruses seemed to be angrily saying: Our labor and capital won't go into feeding Triceratops anymore today! We must kill this Tyrannosaurus rex at all cost! As a carnivorous dinosaur, you actually help other herbivorous dinosaurs. Are you crazy?

They didn't immediately attack Mungo either but kept pushing him away from Pado's ethnic group. Their meaning was: Let you help these Triceratopses! I want to see if they'll come to save you. No, they'll only watch you be eaten alive by us!

Mungo, even as a strong Tyrannosaurus rex, would definitely not be able to beat nearly 20 Allosauruses and could only run while defending.

Gulu knew that if there're no Triceratopses to help him, Mungo would surely die!

Gulu was also helpless but he tried his best to squeeze outside. He wanted to find Pado. Pado could  help Mungo with his strongest male Triceratopses! Mungo was obviously being attacked for the sake of his ethnic group!

Babana wanted to stop Gulu from running out, but Gulu was too small. He could squeeze through the gaps between those huge legs of adult Triceratopses. He also sprinted very fast. Babana had no time to stop him. Not even Pachi and Dudu reacted in time.

When Gulu raced out, Pado also rushed up with his male Triceratopses. Gulu shouted, "Dad! Pado! Please help Mungo! Mungo bit those Allosauruses to help us …"

Pado growled at Gulu, "Return to the center!" Then without pausing, he ran past Gulu with his other males.

Gulu realized that Pado must be very angry. As a Triceratops cub, he shouldn't leave the middle of the group, no matter what's the reason.

So Gulu quickly pushed back through the gap. Pachi and Dudu were frightened. They rubbed Gulu and cried out, "Brother, you are too daring. Dad will be very angry. You will get beaten …"

Gulu thought to himself, as long as Pado helped Mungo, he could do whatever he wanted to him.

All of these male Triceratopses were absolutely obedient to Pado. They either heard or saw that Mungo was attacked by these Allosauruses because he helped their group.

Although without Pado's call, they would certainly not help Mungo. But when fighting, they could only obey their leader's orders.

Pado was already a widely renounced Triceratops leader. With the number of his gathered male Triceratopses increasing, the Allosauruses were instantly overwhelmed and quickly fled in four directions.

They kept looking back at Mungo as they escaped, as if they were searching for another chance to retaliate against him.

Mungo, covered in blood, stood in front of Pado. Pado let out a loud roar at Mungo.

Gulu heard through Pado's roar. Pado was not grateful to Mungo, not at all. He was even very angry.

In fact, Mungo also knew that even if he helped Pado's ethnic group, Pado would not only be unappreciative but also furious, but he just couldn't help himself.

Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops originally had the relationship between predators and preys, not one of cooperation. This was determined by the laws of nature and their food chain level, which couldn't be change under any circumstance. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides idleturtle-translations.com. !!

Under the roar of Pado, Mungo turned and ran away.

Mungo had already dashed out of sight, but Pado still roared in the direction of his departure. He's warning Mungo: Don't sneak around my group! Don't help them anymore! I will protect my own ethnic group!

Pado's Triceratopses started to leisurely graze again. Although an old Triceratops was killed in the war, no Triceratops cubs were trampled to death. This should be regarded as a very successful defensive battle.

Gulu ran to Pado's side. He gently rubbed Pado's stout hind legs and said, "Dad, I'm sorry."

In fact, Pado knew that without Mungo's help, at least five strong adult Triceratopses would have been killed, but he would never be grateful to Mungo! Never! Mungo's behavior violated the laws of nature and should be punished!

Pado turned around and reprimanded Gulu very harshly: "Do you know how dangerous it was just now? When the group and the carnivorous dinosaurs rushed together, the cub must be in the middle of the group. What if you ran out and got eaten?"

Gulu also understood that he was wrong. He dropped to the ground and called out, "Pado, I was wrong. You hit me."

This was a very serious mistake. Pado's tail firmly spanked his butts three times. Gulu jumped up in pain and looked at Pado with tears in his eyes. "wu wu, Pado, you hurt me too much. You and Mungo are both tyrants and hateful …"

Pado rubbed his big head lightly against Gulu, "Don't do this again, or it will hurt more!"

Gulu desperately nodded and rubbed Pado: "Pado, you have a lot of blood on you. Are you seriously injured?"

Pado: "I'm not hurt. It's the blood of those Triceratopses."

Before, Pado was besieged by other Triceratopses from nearby field. Pado killed several of them before rushing out and returning to his own ethnic group to attack the Allosauruses.

Gulu: "Dad, Mungo was covered in blood. Mungo must have been seriously injured. Can you …"

Before Gulu finished speaking, Pado immediately understood what he wanted to do. Pado was almost angered into laughing: "I thought Gulu finally knows how to worry about Dad. But it's actually about Mungo. Is Dad not as good to you as Mungo?"

Gulu hurriedly explained: "No, no, I'm worried about you, too, I …" But Gulu rarely used sweet words and couldn't say anything sappy.

Pado was just talking about it. He recognized that he couldn't replace Mungo in Gulu's heart for the time being. After all, Mungo had raised Gulu to this big. Gulu only returned to him for a few days. But Pado was still a little "jealous".

In fact, Pado knew that Mungo must not have gone far. He spoke to Gulu, "Climb up. Dad will take you to Mungo."

Gulu was extremely happy. When Pado lowered down, he rubbed Pado's horns twice before climbing onto his back.

Sure enough, Pado just walked out with Gulu and soon saw Mungo. Mungo was lying in a fern bush where he could still observe Pado's ethnic group.

Mungo was afraid that the Allosauruses would return to attack Pado's Triceratopses and didn't leave immediately. He didn't expect Pado to deliver Gulu.

Gulu came down from Pado's back and ran towards Mungo. He's very distressed and kept rubbing on Mungo's front paws and said, "Mungo, why are you still here after you're so badly injured? You must be very painful. Why don't you go home? …"

Pado: "Send Gulu back before dark."

Mungo gratefully looked at Pado and nodded.

Now Pado couldn't leave the group. What if the Allosauruses returned? Those other Triceratopses in the nearby fern fields were also worrying.

Pado took Gulu to Mungo then returned to the group.

Mungo still let Gulu sit on his head. Before Gulu noticed it, they already reached the Dada River. Mungo used to take Gulu to this river to play. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides idleturtle-translations.com. !!

Gulu and Mungo laid down under a huge Alsophila tree as usual.

Gulu: "Mungo, you can't help Pado's ethnic group to kill those carnivorous dinosaurs in the future. You will make all carnivores hate you. Even if you're stronger, can you fight against so many carnivorous dinosaurs? …"

Mungo didn't answer Gulu's question. He stared at the three tender bumps on Gulu's butts and asked, "Did Pado hit you?"

Gulu finally felt the pain there at this time. Triceratops couldn't rub its butts, so he just turned into a human who gritted his teeth as he rubbed them and answered: "Yes, Pado is so fierce. It's super painful …"

Mungo: "It must be because you ran out of the protection circle that Pado hit you. If I was Pado, I would also hit you …"

Gulu: "Mungo, what's the matter with you? When did you and Pado get together? Aren't you afraid that I'll be angry! So angry that I can't be coaxed!"

Mungo bowed his head and gently rubbed Gulu's injured butts with his nose.

Gulu: … Mungo, what are you doing?

As a Triceratops, it didn't matter where he was rubbed. But now, he's in human form!

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