Mungo's nose had very hard scales, but they're extremely sensitive for a Tyrannosaurus rex. Mungo also mastered good control of his strength. This rubbing feeling was very wonderful and completely different from human touch.

Gulu felt strange but comfortable.

Every piece of Mungo's body was very smooth. Gulu's human form was also very smooth. There was almost no friction sound when rubbing on his butts. Although he thought it's abnormal, he still somewhat liked it.

Tyrannosaurus rex's breathing sounded heavy and blew chilly wind against his body. Mungo kept exploring as if he had discovered a new continent.

Oh, no, Gulu felt that some parts of himself were dangerously changing. After all, his human form had already matured. (T/N: Gulu is aroused by the rubbing Haha)

So he immediately changed back to a Triceratops.

Mungo just wanted to rub Gulu's butts to stop him from hurting and kept rubbing even after his form altered again.

Gulu turned over and spoke, "They're not really painful anymore."

Mungo nuzzled his little head.

In fact, Gulu wanted to help dealt with Mungo's wounds very much. He knew that many plants in Cretaceous period had medicinal effects. Even if they didn't necessarily play a great role, they could still diminish inflammation and relieve pain.

For example, the leaves of ginkgo tree, a representative plant of Cretaceous period, had the effects of promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis and relieving pain.

He could become a human to help Mungo debride first, then picked some ginkgo leaves to ground and apply on his wounds. Mungo would feel much better.

However, he refrained from doing so because he knew that dinosaur's self-healing ability continuously got strengthened from being injured. If Mungo's wounds were not fatal, he shouldn't help Mungo heal his injuries by human methods, which would only reduce his self-healing ability.

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If Mungo was treated with human methods this time, when the same wound wasn't debrided and no anti-inflammatory plant was applied to it next time, it's likely that the wound wouldn't heal by itself. This may later kill Mungo.

Therefore, Gulu had to helplessly watch Mungo endure his pain. At this time, he wanted to grow up faster. Once he grew up, he could protect Mungo!

Of course, in Mungo's view, these injuries were nothing at all.

Gulu turned his attention to the other side of river where Ulam's territory laid. Most of the dead male Tyrannosaurus rex's large body had been eaten. The rest of his remains was badly decomposed.

But Ulam, who was now injured, had no ability to hunt. Even rotten food was regarded as a treasure to her current self.

Ulam was only surrounded by four cubs. He thought that the excluded cub must have died.

Gulu never saw Ulam so miserable. Because she couldn't eat well during her recovery, her appearance obviously became much thinner.

It's possible that Ulam's injuries didn't improve much because of eating rotten meat. These wounds even festered. The infection looked horrible, much more serious than Mungo's injuries from getting attacked just now.

Even so, Ulam kept eating. As long as there was a little strength, she forced herself to swallow even if the meat was smelly, filled with maggots and turned black. Only by continuously eating could she survive.

The four cubs beside Ulam also went on biting. They couldn't bear it and spit out the meat several times, but they still ate again immediately. The current situation didn't allow them to be picky.

At this moment, Gulu saw the excluded young Tyrannosaurus rex running out of the luxuriant fern bushes. It turned out that the young cub was not dead. He really possessed tenacious vitality.

This little cub had half a snake in his mouth. He slowly and carefully approached Ulam and his siblings.

Snakes in the early Cretaceous period looked similar to lizards. They were able to hunt warm-blooded animals through the sensitive sensors in their snouts. However, as long as these snakes met carnivorous dinosaurs, there was little chance of survival, even if it's just a Tyrannosaurus rex cub.

Snakes were not easy to find either. Gulu believed that this little Tyrannosaurus rex must have looked for a long time before finding one.

The small cub placed the snake in front of Ulam and spoke, "Mom, eat it. Tata takes a long time to catch it."

Ulam named the four strong cubs, Heita, Hongta, Lanta and Luta according to the color of their top heads.

(T/N: literal translation of their names = Black Tower, Red Tower, Blue Tower and Green Tower; Tata = Tower Tower)

The youngest cub's head didn't have a different color. Ulam never named him either. So, he called himself Tata. She never once spoke his name, nor did his brothers and sisters. His name was only his own to call.

Ulam certainly disdained to eat such a small snake, which was not enough for her to even plug her teeth. However, this little Tyrannosaurus rex's brothers and sisters were frantically drooling. They had only been able to eat rotten meat these days. Although the snake meat was small, it's at least fresh.

Gulu felt that this little Tyrannosaurus rex was really too pitiful. After finding such a snake, he only ate a small part of it and the rest was used to curry favor with his Mom and siblings.

Ulam pushed the snake to the front of the other four cubs who immediately scrambled for it. They fought as hard as they could. Only the best one could grab the most food.

Once the little Tyrannosaurus rex gave precious snake meat to them, Ulam let him eat the rotten meat of the male Tyrannosaurus rex. His brothers and sisters also didn't beat him again to drive him away.

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Gulu thought that Ulam most likely let this cub eat the meat because it was already so rotten. There was still a lot left. It's a waste not to distribute it. Her action might not be necessarily due to the snake that the little one caught for them. After all, that snake meat was too little, not even enough for their snacks.

Tata often ate rotten meat. Even when Ulam was not injured, he had to wait for his brothers and sisters to finish then swallowed the leftovers. Most of the time, these remaining meat were rotten.

Because of this, Tata didn't feel bad or wanted to vomit the food like his siblings. He actually felt it was delicious, especially tasty. For him, as long as he had food, he was happy.

Although the dead Tyrannosaurus rex's meat was rotten, one could still eat to full. On the other hand, the snake meat might be delicious but there was so little of it. He would rather trade the small snake meat for this more abundant rotten meat.

When he was half full, Ulam pushed him aside with her forelimbs in disgust. Then his brothers and sisters began to bite and beat him again.

Tata had long been accustomed to this kind of treatment. He took the opportunity to take two big bites then immediately ran away toward the fern bushes away from them to hide.

Gulu saw Ulam and her four strong cubs sleeping under a giant Alsophila tree after they were full. Meanwhile, the rejected young cub slept alone in the fern bushes.

Today's sun was not very hot. The lazy afternoon light hit the Alsophila tree. Mottled shadows shone on Ulam and her four young cubs. Gulu somehow felt that this family of five scene was very warm.

The weather was really nice. The breeze gently blew across the fern bushes, making rustling sound. This wind also brought cool water vapor from the Dada River and made the dry weather less unbearable. The decomposing male Tyrannosaurus rex was not in direction of the upstream airflow, so they could hardly smell its rotten scent.

However, the warmer the picture of this five members of the family, the more Gulu felt pity for the rejected cub who lied alone in the fern bushes.

The fern bushes had nothing to hide under. It must be very dry and hot. It's also at the downstream airflow of the remains and must stink of rotten meat.

Gulu couldn't help saying to Mungo: "The youngest cub of Ulam is so poor. He's so thin and small. They all bully him …"

Mungo just rubbed Gulu and didn't speak, because he knew that this was how Tyrannosaurus rex cubs grew up. It's perfectly normal for the less robust cubs to be abandoned by the females. Tyrannosaurus rex cubs would even kill their brothers and sisters in order to survive.

Gulu, Guji and Gudong had the fortune to meet Gaya, a rare and wonderful mother, and avoided this fratricide.

Not long after, Gulu saw Ulam and her four cubs asleep while the excluded cub disappeared. He didn't know where he had gone and whether he could come back alive.

Mungo: "Gulu, I'll take you to a place that you'll love."

Gulu jumped up excitedly and agreed, "Yes, yes!"

In fact, the distance was not far away. Gulu walked beside Mungo. After passing the wide middle waist of the Dada River, the river channel narrowed rapidly, and the water level became lower and lower. However, ferns on both sides of the river channel became more and more luxuriant.

After passing the fork of the river, they soon arrived at the narrowed channel.

This was a very hidden floodplain. Generally, no dinosaurs came here because it had nothing for them to eat or drink. The water level was shallow, only about half a person's height. This meant that there was no large aquatic creatures such as crocodiles here.

Gulu could play in the water without any danger. He ran around everywhere. Most importantly, this place had Gulu's favorite water ferns!

Of all ferns, water ferns were the best to eat. They were tender and full of moisture. One light bite spilled out a mouthful of sweet juice.

However, water ferns generally grew in marshes or floated on deep water. These places were very dangerous. One could either fall into marshes or encounter horrible creatures such as Sarcosuchus. Therefore, Triceratopses often had no chance to eat delicious water ferns.

Mungo used to pick water ferns here and carry them back to Gulu to eat.

Mungo recently found that the water level of the Dada River had dropped. The water in this small channel was already very shallow. There was no danger for Gulu to eat here. So, he brought Gulu to the scene and let him eat the freshest food.

There're many water ferns in this floodplain. Gulu ran in and played with water while eating these water ferns. He could lie inside and splash a lot of water.

Such a shallow water level only reached Gulu's belly when standing on all four. He could also lay down and just expose half of his head to breath. Mungo rested by the bank and watched Gulu play.

Mungo was injured. It's better not to wet his wounds. Mungo wanted to go down and play with Gulu, but Gulu didn't let him.

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Gulu kept eating until he reached the shore on the other side. This was Ulam's territory. He could still see her sleeping in the distance.

At this moment, Gulu heard some noises in the fern bushes not far in front of him. Following the sound, he saw the excluded little Tyrannosaurus rex slid down from the lush fern bushes on the bank into the river.

Because Gulu was blocked by some lush ferns, the little Tyrannosaurus rex didn't immediately find him.

Gulu discovered what the small cub was looking for in the water as soon as he ate some Triops longicaudatus from there.

Triops longicaudatus were also called Jurassic shrimps and Tadpole shrimps in China. Until the 21st century, they still existed on the earth and were known as the living fossils.

This kind of shrimp was very small and had three eyes. According to different colors, it's either called a red dinosaur shrimp, green dinosaur shrimp, flower dinosaur shrimp or king dinosaur shrimp. But its body length was only 50-100 mm and was too small for food, even for young dinosaurs.

This little Tyrannosaurus rex constantly looked for this kind of shrimps in the water and the speed was very fast. Obviously, he often came here to find shrimps to eat and appease his hunger.

Gulu found that there're actually many such shrimps in the river. It wasn't difficult to catch them. If one was diligent enough and kept catching then eating them, it's possible to cushion the stomach. However, this way was also a very tiring.

Dinosaurs never fed on this kind of shrimp, not even young ones, mainly because they didn't know. Unfortunately, even if they completely exhausted themselves catching them, they could never eat these shrimps to full.

Gulu thought to himself that this little Tyrannosaurus rex was actually very smart. No wonder he hadn't starved to death after so many days.

He saw this little Tyrannosaurus rex eating shrimps while talking to his reflection in the water: "Tata, is it good? Delicious, delicious, today I want to eat more. Oh, you can also eat more …"

Gulu discovered that this cub was called Tata. This Tata's mentality was really good. He's crowded out by his brothers and sisters. His Mom also wished that he would die outside and not become a drag for her. Yet, he could still be so happy every day?!

In fact, many small Tyrannosaurus rex, who were ostracized by their siblings and hated by their mother dinosaurs, didn't starve to death, but died after running away from home because of this "domestic abuse". As long as the small Tyrannosaurus rex left the nest protected by its mother, it would surely be eaten or trampled to death.

Tyrannosaurus rex was very competitive. If it was always excluded from a group, it would choose to leave.

This Tata was really special. He actually knew that no matter what he shouldn't leave the vicinity of the nest. This area was safe because there's a female Tyrannosaurus rex's smell. Other herbivorous and carnivorous dinosaurs wouldn't dare to come by.

In addition, he could also find all kinds of small prey for himself. Even though they were not enough to fill his belly, they could still support him when he's hungry.

It's too tiring to catch and eat such small preys. Tata laid in the water to sleep after eating for a while. When he lowered himself down, he pretended to hug his reflection in the water and said, "I'm going to lie down. I'll hold you, Tata …"

Gulu was extremely impressed. Tata's skill of "taking pleasure while suffering" was really perfect.

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