Gulu didn't want to disturb Tata's rest and turned to leave, but he was too big and made a loud splashing sound. Tata got a fright and stood up at once.

Of course, Tata immediately caught sight of Gulu. The two looked at each other through the lush fern bushes.

Tata spoke cautiously: "Big brother, big brother, can you play with me for a while?"

Gulu: "I can't. Don't you know that I'm a Triceratops?"

Gulu: How do Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus rex play together?! It's not like with Guji and Gudong. We grew up together.

Now Gulu was much bigger than Tata. Tata was also extremely thin. Gulu's whole body could crush him.

Tata: "I know. Triceratopses are chubby and cute."

Gulu: "Tyrannosaurus rex's staple food is Triceratopses. We, Triceratopses, will trample to death any Tyrannosaurus rex cub that we see. Aren't you afraid?"

Tata: "Ah, really? I didn't know. Big brother, can you not trample me to death?"

Gulu: How did Ulam become a mother?! Even if she doesn't want to take care of the weakest cub, she can still afford to tell him the most basic common sense of survival, can't she? When teaching the other four, letting Tata listen won't lose her a piece of meat…

If Gulu was a qualified Triceratops, he should immediately crush the little Tyrannosaurus rex. Otherwise, he wouldn't know how many Triceratopses this guy would eat once he grew up.

But Gulu was not a qualified Triceratops. He had a human mind. He not only didn't want to trample Tata, but also wanted to hug him.

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Gulu: "Tata, remember, when you see any fern-eating dinosaur, as long as it's bigger than you, you should run, or they will trample you to death. If you find any meat-eating dinosaur, big or small, you must run, or they will eat you …"

Tata nodded in a daze. After listening, he still asked, "Big brother, I'll remember. Can you play with me? No dinosaur ever accompanies me to play. My Mom and older siblings will only hit me …"

Mungo looked at Gulu. He hoped that Gulu would fight with this little Tyrannosaurus rex. It would be better to kill this little cub. He wanted to see how fiercely Gulu could fight now.

When a Tyrannosaurus rex saw a small Tyrannosaurus rex that was not of its own group, it would most likely eat the cub. Of course, whether to eat or not also depended on its mood. It's common for Tyrannosaurus rex to eat their own kind. In their eyes, dinosaurs that were not of their own group were all food.

If Mungo met Tata alone, he would probably eat him.

Gulu rubbed Tata and agreed, "Good, I'll play with you for a while."

Tata jumped up happily in the water. He held out his short forelimbs to cuddle Gulu's head. But Gulu's head was high and Tata was too small. At the end, Tata rubbed his own head against Gulu's body instead.

However, Tata didn't know what to play. He had never played anything before. The little dinosaur stared in a daze for a long time before he suddenly remembered and spoke to Gulu, "Big brother, I'll bring you to eat delicious food!"

Gulu didn't know what else Tata had to eat, so he followed Tata to a big stone. Tata laid prone in the water and took out a large scorpion from under the big stone with his short hands. He presented it to Gulu like a treasure and said, "This is for you, big brother. You are the first dinosaur to call my name and play with me."

This scorpion could only be found in the sand. Gulu guessed that Tata must have discovered it in the river sand. He's reluctant to eat it but was afraid of being robbed by his siblings and hid it in the water.

Gulu felt that Tata only survived by learning to please his Mom and siblings. Because he had been bullied since he broke the shell, he had already formed a "pleaser personality". Only by being good to other dinosaurs could he feel safe.

Gulu: "Tata, didn't I just tell you now? I'm a Triceratops. Triceratops eats ferns instead of meat."

Tata: "I'm sorry, big brother. I forgot. I was so happy and forgot …"

Gulu rubbed Tata and told him: "Eat quickly, or you'll only have its shell left. In the future, don't hide your prey. Eat it quickly as soon as you catch one …"

Tata nodded. He's very happy because another dinosaur said so much to him.

At this moment, Mungo uttered a low roar, which was to call Gulu back. Gulu said to Tata as he headed back, "I'm going home. It's getting dark. You should go home too…"

Tata: "Brother, what's your name?"


Tata couldn't return to absolute being for a long time after watching Gulu left. He thought that this had been the most wonderful afternoon!

Mungo let Gulu sit on his head. It's getting dark and he had to send Gulu back to the Triceratops Group.

The two leisurely walked there.

Mungo was a little angry: "Gulu, you are a Triceratops! You should have killed that Tyrannosaurus rex cub!"

Gulu: "He's so pitiful. I'll kill one the next time I meet another Tyrannosaurus rex cub."

Mungo: …

Gulu looked at Tata who was still standing stunned in the water.

A character like Tata was simply not suitable for living in the Tyrannosaurus rex group. No wonder he's excluded. Tata's behavior was too good. It wasn't like a Tyrannosaurus rex at all. He couldn't tell whether Tata was born like this or if his personality formed this way after being bullied for a long time.

Gulu believed that Tata was smart enough to find all kinds of small things to eat and may survive for a while. But when the dry season came, most herbivorous dinosaurs would migrate leaving scarce preys remaining. Tata might still then become food for Ulam and his siblings.

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Despite his reluctance, Mungo returned Gulu to Pado's ethnic group before dark.

Mungo stopped in the luxuriant fern bush near Pado's territory and didn't move forward any more. He gave a very low roar. Soon Pado and Babana came out to pick up Gulu.

Babana brought Gulu back to the group, but Pado didn't go with them.

Pado and Mungo talked for a long time in the fern bushes. No one knew what they talked about. Pado returned to the group very late. Gulu asked but he wouldn't say anything.

Gulu was awakened by Babana in the early morning of the next day. Pachi and Dudu were also roused one after another. It's time for the ethnic group to go out for food.

The three cubs walked in front while Babana followed them.

Pachi: "Brother, Dudu, let's compete to see who can run the fastest? The one who wins will be the leader and losers will listen to the leader!"

Young cubs often played this game. Whoever won would be the leader. The rest of the young cubs must listen to the winner. They all wanted to be a very domineering leader, just like Pado.

Gulu and Dudu, of course, were not to be outdone. The three cubs ran hard. They raced between these huge legs that looked very dangerous, but they were no longer afraid after habitually running this way.

Babana also didn't stop these seemingly dangerous behaviors of the young cubs. Now there was no unrest in the ethnic group. The young cubs could just practice how to run between so many big feet without getting stepped on. When a real disturbance came, they would be more skilled in protecting their lives.

While the three cubs competed, two Triceratopses about their size joined in. Then more and more little Triceratopses entered the game. The competition scale grew larger in size.

Gulu was stronger than his peers because he ate a lot and ran around with his two Tyrannosaurus rex brothers since he was young.

At first, Gulu wasn't used to running beside so many big feet and was a little behind. After he got used to it, he gradually moved to first place and couldn't be surpassed at all.

The other cubs grew tired from running and got slower. When they reached the feeding ground, there was no doubt that Gulu was first.

Pachi and Dudu were both very proud. They rubbed against Gulu and cheered, "Wow! Brother is super good! Our brother is the best! Our brother is the leader. All of you must listen to him!"

Although the rest of the little Triceratopses admired Gulu, they were taught by their parents not to play with him. Gulu was raised by Tyrannosaurus rex and Tyrannosaurus rex would eat them.

Therefore, these Triceratops cubs just admired Gulu, but didn't dare speak to him.

Sika's son, Siyi, was the most unconvinced. Siyi's favorite was Pachi. Pachi had saved his life before. He wanted Pachi to be the leader instead of Gulu!

Since Gulu came back, Siyi was very uncomfortable. He saw that Pado seemed to prefer Gulu and felt aggrieved for Pachi.

Siyi: "What's so great about Gulu? Pachi must have let him win! Pachi should be the leader!"

Pachi: "Siyi, I didn't let my brother win. My brother should be the leader."

As soon as Siyi walked up to Pachi, he whispered, "Pachi, you are silly. You let Gulu take your power everywhere. If Gulu really becomes the leader of the ethnic group, what will you do?"

Pachi: "I, I follow my brother. What's good about being a leader? I like my brother."

Siyi looked like he hated iron for not becoming steel.

Gulu was standing in front of the group of young cubs. Pachi spoke aloud, "All of you have to listen to my brother! Quick, Brother, you tell them what to do. They'll do it. It's fun …"

In the past, playing this game was just like this. The young one who won could command the rest to do anything.

Gulu also wanted to integrate into the group as soon as possible. He was about to speak, but all of the young cubs suddenly dispersed in a ruckus under the leadership of Siyi.

Gulu: emmm…… … a little embarrassing.

Pachi: "Hello! Why are you doing this? Siyi, I'll kill you!"

Then Pachi went after Siyi to beat him.

Siyi ran fast. Pachi chased him from behind. Gulu watched them disappear before his eyes.

Gulu was a little worried. Babana was eating now. Because there's no danger, she wouldn't pay attention to Pachi. They were at the edge of the forest. It would too dangerous if Pachi ran into the forest.

So Gulu followed and Dudu also came after him.

As they ran in, Gulu saw Argentinosaurus not far away.

Herbivorous dinosaurs like Argentinosaurus and Triceratopses could feed together, because Argentinosaurus ate very high leaves while Triceratopses chewed on low ferns and shrubs. So there was no competition for food.

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However, Triceratops cubs were absolutely not allowed to eat beside Argentinosaurus. It's too dangerous. Argentinosaurus were too tall to notice such small Triceratops cubs and could easily trampled them to death in an accident.

Gulu saw that Pachi and Siyi had already run to the side of a huge Argentinosaurus.

Gulu desperately raced toward them.

The Argentinosaurus raised its enormous leg. Pachi and Siyi were going to be trampled! The two little brats who had gotten carried away in the fight were now too frightened and didn't dare to move.

Gulu recognized this Argentinosaurus as Ray. Ray's cub saw Gulu immediately.

Ray's cub had long wanted to play with Gulu, but his father wouldn't let him find Gulu. He caught sight of him here and quickly ran to him.

Gulu hurriedly pushed Ray's son aside then sprinted to Ray and shouted, "Don't step down! Don't step down!"

However, Ray was too high to hear him. Ray's cub ran under his father's feet and called out, "Brother Gulu, my father can't hear you. As long as I run in, he won't step down …"

Sure enough, there was a loud bang and Ray put his big foot beside him.

An adult Argentinosaurus was too big and heavy. The force from the fallen leg sent all of the cubs flying. Dong. They landed on the ground with sore butts.

Pachi and Siyi were both frightened and stunned.

Pachi: "Brother, you are too good! How do you know such a big dinosaur?"

Siyi was speechless from his surprise.

Gulu: Er … I forgot. Ray said that if he sees me again, he'll trample me to death!

However, to Gulu's surprise, under the beating of Ray's cub, Ray let him stand on his head with his cub and eat the highest leaves. No matter how unwilling Gulu was, Ray insisted that he stood on top of his head and eat those leaves.

Gulu reached such an extremely high place while he was still in shock.

Ray's cub: "Brother! Eat quickly, the tallest leaves are the best ~ "

Gulu: Can you let me down? I'm suddenly afraid of height. This is more than 20 meters. F*** …

When flying so high on pterosaurs before, Gulu wasn't afraid, but now he was.

Pachi ran back to the group: "Dad! Hurry and go see! Brother was caught by a big dinosaur. He'll fall to death …"

At this time, all Triceratopses looked at Gulu, including Pado and Babana.

Pado and Babana immediately rushed toward Gulu.

Even Mungo, who was hiding far away, saw Gulu. He immediately recognized this big dinosaur as the one eaten by him before!

Mungo was scared and instantly dashed toward Gulu as well. He feared that this dinosaur would drop Gulu to death in order to retaliate against him!

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