Gulu, of course, saw both Pado and Babana running towards his side. Pado also brought along a lot of strong male Triceratopses. He apparently thought that Gulu was "kidnapped" by Ray and was about to fall to his death. The whole family rushed desperately to save him.

All Triceratopses of Pado's ethnic group also stopped eating ferns. More precisely, every dinosaur in the surrounding area stopped their feeding. They craned their necks to look up at Gulu standing on top of the big dinosaur.

Generally speaking, it's impossible for a big dinosaur of this height and size to have any intersection with a little Triceratops. How could a Triceratops cub eat on its head? That's impossible.

Because of standing so high up and seeing far away, Gulu saw Mungo running at an unimaginable speed from the fern bushes a long distance away.

Gulu instantly realized that Mungo must have mistaken the big dinosaur for trying to kill him and was now running desperately to save him.

Whether it's Pado bringing along so many Triceratopses or Mungo storming into the herbivorous dinosaur group, the situation was developing into a frightening "century war".

Never before had Triceratopses attacked Argentinosaurus. Argentinosaurus were too towering and enormous. Triceratopses were also powerful, but Gulu couldn't imagine how they and Argentinosaurus would look like in a fight. However, the battle must be very bloody and resulted in serious casualties.

Some Triceratopses would certainly be trampled to death and many Argentinosaurus would also be injured or killed.

Mungo, as a terrible Tyrannosaurus rex, ran into an herbivorous dinosaur group. It would definitely cause panic. What's more, there're so many Argentinosaurus here. If the group rioted, may cubs would be trampled to death!

Ray's cub, Beibei, wanted to give Gulu what he thought was the best food. He bit off a branch and handed it to Gulu, saying, "Brother, Brother, it's delicious. You eat quickly …"

Gulu didn't have time to respond to the young cub. He hurriedly said to Ray, "Ray! You have to let me down now! My Daddy Mungo and Daddy Pado must think that you're going to drop me. They have come running. You can't fight with them. It'll be terrible …"

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Ray also saw Pado running up with so many Triceratopses, but he didn't notice the farther away Mungo. Since he never meant to hurt Gulu, Ray of course didn't want to fight with Pado.

So, he lowered his big head slowly until it completely reached the ground. Gulu and Beibei slid down from his head.

Ray was too large. Even when completely lowered, his head was too high off the ground. They could only slide down and not jump off. Jumping off from this height would hurt them.

At this time, Pado and Babana just arrived. Babana immediately protected Gulu by placing him under her body. Pado looked warily at the huge Ray and was ready to go to war.

Gulu hurriedly explained, "Dad! Ray didn't hurt me. He just wants to take me to eat the tall leaves …"

Beibei hid behind Ray's big forelimbs and spoke: "Uncle Pado, don't be angry. I asked Dad to take me and Brother to eat leaves on his head. The tallest leaves are super delicious …"

Gulu was Pado's son. The whole continent of Yukan knew about this. Beibei certainly learned about it. He also knew that Pado was the best Triceratops leader. He admired Pado as much as his father, Ray.

Pado relaxed his vigilance and even rubbed Ray's big head to thank him.

Gulu breathed a great sigh of relief. He looked in the direction of Mungo. He's very afraid that Mungo would come right now. Triceratopses and Argentinosaurus would certainly attack him!

Fortunately, Mungo saw Pado rub the big dinosaur's head and realized that the big dinosaur didn't mean to hurt Gulu. By this time, he almost reached the Triceratops group. But these Triceratopses were all looking at Gulu and hadn't noticed him yet.

Mungo quickly hid in the fern bushes nearby after "slamming on the brakes". He didn't want to unnecessarily frighten Pado's Triceratopses.

Gulu thought the way Mungo braked was really interesting. It vividly demonstrated reining in the full-on power of an 80-meter broadsword that was almost unstoppable!

Although none of his Triceratopses found Mungo, Pado was an extremely observant leader. Such a powerful Tyrannosaurus rex was approaching his group at top speed. He instantly alerted to it and even recognized this Tyrannosaurus rex to be Mungo.

Pado had planned to save Gulu then ordered the members of his group not to hurt Mungo. Of course, it's better now that Mungo didn't rush in.

Many of Mungo's actions seemed so childish to Pado. He's indeed a dinosaur who hadn't fully grown up. Even though Mungo was already a leader, he still didn't understand much. Pado inexplicable felt that he suddenly gained a Tyrannosaurus Rex son that he also had to worry about from time to time.

However, what Pado didn't know was that Mungo was much more mature and stable than any adult dinosaur before he met Gulu.

Beibei wanted Gulu to eat the best leaves. He grabbed the leaves he had just picked up and said to Gulu, "Brother, they're really super delicious, much better than the leaves below. If you don't believe me, you can eat them …"

Gulu couldn't refuse such an enthusiastic young cub either. He grabbed the leaves and ate them. One bite made him feel that he was eating leaves watered by dew from a jade pool. They were tender and juicy. It's hard to imagine that there were such delicious leaves!

This bite made Gulu jump up and exclaimed, "Wow! Yummy, Yummy! Uncle Ray, can you take me up to eat?" Gulu didn't know that his eager eyes had completely filled with stars.

He knew that he could now stand on top of Ray's head to eat leaves without Mungo's misunderstanding about Ray harming him, as long as Mungo saw Pado giving his permission. Mungo fully trusted Pado to protect him.

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But Pado and Babana refused in unison: "No, It's too high and dangerous to go up!"

Gulu ran around rubbing on Pado and Babana's forelimbs and persuaded: "Dad, let me go. There won't be any danger. Ray is very kind to me, and the leaves are really delicious."

Ray also guaranteed: "Pado, don't worry. I won't let Gulu have any danger. I will let him eat the best leaves."

In the whole continent of Yukan, Ray was also a very powerful leader. Ray's "reputation" was very good. He nearly died many times in order to protect his ethnic group and was one of the best leaders around. Even Pado admired him.

What's more, if Ray really wanted to hurt Gulu, he could have dropped Gulu long before. Why did he wait until now? Pado trusted Ray.

Pado nodded his head, but still lectured: "Gulu, listen to Uncle Ray. It's very high off the ground. You can't move around too much to eat, do you understand? …"

Gulu nodded desperately and reassured, "Dad, Mom, don't worry. I flew on pterosaurs before. I know how to protect myself."

Just a moment ago, Gulu was completely afraid of heights when standing on Ray's head. Now, he became entirely unafraid and couldn't wait to eat immediately.  This was probably the spirit of a "foodie". Nothing could stop him from running towards "delicious food"!

Ray placed his big head back on the ground. Gulu and Beibei eagerly climbed up there.

Ray's head, which weighed more than 110 tons, was extremely large for these two cubs. They couldn't even see the outside when sitting in the middle. At the same time, being on here felt no different than sitting on the ground.

Ray slowly elevated his big head to a greater height. His movement was always smooth and didn't make Gulu excited at all. This was a completely different experience than flying on the pterosaur. He didn't realize the different so vividly till now.

Gulu stared at the sky that was getting closer and closer to himself. Trees that were originally very tall had become so much smaller. Pado, who was very large on the ground, also shrank in size and even appeared somewhat cute.

Ray walked some distance into the forest. The leaves there were the best to eat.

Gulu found that most of the trees in the forest were shorter than them. Only a few trees were taller than their height. Other adult dinosaurs in the distance looked just as small as baby dinosaurs. It's really amazing to suddenly look down on all things.

There was a thick layer of clouds in front of them. Soon they entered the cloud layer. The dense water vapor covered them. Gulu knew that this cloud layer was originally formed by concentration of dense water vapor.

Gulu used the top of his head to poke through the layer. Small water droplets smashed against his face. The dense water vapor made Beibei nearby look like a shadow. It's really as foggy as in Yunshan on TV.

Because Beibei often sat on his father's head, he had long been accustomed to these things.

Ray stopped in front of a very tall tree, which was towering into the clouds. The top leaves were nourished by the vapor in the clouds and were dripping with dew, which made them really tender.

Gulu's saliva flowed to his chin.

Beibei urged: "Brother Gulu, eat quickly. It's delicious!"

Gulu opened his mouth and tasted the continuously flowing dew. The dew was fragrant and sweet with the flavor of leaves. It was better than nectar.

Beibei also learned to gulp down dew like him and said happily: "Wow, my brother is so smart. I never know I can drink this. It's even more delicious when eating with leaves. Brother, hurry and eat …"

Having said that, Beibei buried himself in eating.

Gulu also quickly took a bite. Fragrant and sweet taste immediately overflowed his mouth. While chewing, the thick juice and clear dew infusion was so delicious that he screamed: Oh my god! How can there be such delicious food!

These leaves were extremely tender and seemed to automatically melt when placed inside his mouth. They were plump, "juicy and fleshy". There was no dust in the air. The clear dew collected in the heart of the leaves made him think that the Jade pool should be like this!

The two cubs kept on eating very happily.


Mungo hid in the lush fern bushes and looked up at Gulu. He couldn't take his eyes off them and was somewhat regretful. If he knew that this big dinosaur was so good to Gulu, he wouldn't have eaten his meat. Anyway, he wouldn't bite this big dinosaur again.

All Triceratopses of Pado's ethnic group and every dinosaur nearby looked at Gulu with their necks tilted up. This craned up posture almost broke their necks, but they didn't care. They thought that it's really amazing.

Mungo and all dinosaurs around here would definitely suffer from "crooked neck disease" tonight, but they didn't mind.

Siyi originally disliked Gulu very much, but now he couldn't help exclaiming to himself: "Wow, Gulu is so powerful. How does he know such a big dinosaur? He still stands on his head and eats leaves. He looks like he's having fun and eating well! …"

Dudu: "I told you! My brother is the best!"

Pachi was even more excited. He called up all Triceratops cubs who had just competed with them and asked, "Is my brother good? Isn't he great?"

They enthusiastically nodded.

Pachi: "Do you want to listen to my brother in the future?"

These cubs hurriedly nodded again.

Pachi: "When my brother comes back later, you will do whatever he asks you. He came first before. You should have listened to him …"

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Ray took Gulu and Beibei to eat the big tree until it was bald. The stomachs of these two cubs became plump. But those leaves tasted so delicious. Even when they couldn't eat anymore, they just rested then ate again.

At last, these two cubs could only lie on their back on Ray's head because they were too full to sit or stand.

The big bald tree: These two cubs can really eat! Especially that Gulu! wu wu, I'm bald …

After the cubs had a good rest, Ray slowly released them. Before coming down, Gulu folded many leaves and held them in his mouth to bring to Pachi and Dudu.

Once he's back on the ground, Gulu handed over the leaves to Babana.

By this time, the sky was getting dark. Both groups had started returning to their rest areas.

Beibei rubbed against Gulu a lot and said: "Brother, next time we will eat more leaves together, ok? You must come find me to play."

Gulu: "Mmm-hmm, I will definitely come to visit you. They're really delicious, Beibei. It's very kind of you."

Beibei: "Brother is also very good. I like you very much."

Gulu rubbed the big dinosaur's head and spoke, "Thank you Uncle Ray for taking me to eat such delicious leaves. Uncle Ray is really nice."

Ray also rubbed Gulu back. In fact, when he found out that Gulu was Pado's son, he no longer placed the hatred of Mungo eating his meat on Gulu's head. Ray liked Pado very much.

Pado: "Babana, take Gulu back first. I'll return soon."

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