Babana nodded. Gulu followed his Mom and chased after the ethnic group that already started heading toward their home slowly.

Gulu still looked back at Pado from time to time. Pado was talking to Ray. They seemed to be "having a good talk."

Pado and Ray were the best leaders. They had admired each other for a long time, but Triceratops and Argentinosaurus were completely different species. Even if they ate together, there would be no intersection. Unexpectedly, because of Gulu, they finally had a chance to get to know more about each other at this time and were both very happy.

However, the "height difference" between them was too great that communication was difficult. Even if both wanted to say a little more to each other, their twisted necks really felt too unbearable. It wasn't long before they returned to their respective ethnic groups.

Although the conversation between Pado and Ray was brief, they had already produced deep friendship. They were both great leaders. Human beings always strived to find some common grounds with one another. Dinosaurs were also the same as humans in this regard. Pado and Ray had formed the so-called "friendship between gentlemen was as light as water".

Just look at Pado and Blunt. They were different kinds of dinosaurs and didn't often communicate with one another, but that didn't affect their friendship at all. When they met each other once in a while, their familiarity was the same as if they saw each other every day.

Babana and Gulu quickly caught up with Pachi and Dudu, who were walking in the middle of the group.

The two little cubs kept turning around and asking Gulu many questions. Gulu just answered in one sentence: "I brought you delicious leaves from the trees."

Babana gave the leaves to the two cubs. The two had never eaten such delicious leaves before. They were both very happy. While eating, they blew various kinds of rainbow farts to Gulu: "Our brother is the best brother! He's the best and greatest brother! …"

In fact, the picked leaves were not as delicious without the dew on them. But for Pachi and Dudu who never ate such tender and delicious leaves before, they were very tasty.

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Gulu knew that Mungo had been following Pado's ethnic group from a distance. If he looked carefully, he would occasionally see Mungo's "lonely" figure. He felt very distressed. Mungo was really like the "empty nest lonely old dinosaur" who suddenly lost his son.

However, Mungo clearly had his own ethnic group and also Guji and Gudong to take care of.

Gulu: Mungo, have you forgotten that you are a leader? Why do you follow me every day? Your brothers will certainly have opinions! Silly Mungo!

While moving after the large army of Triceratopses, they soon arrived back at their territory.

Pachi gathered around every young cub who took part in the competition today.

Dudu used her head to push Gulu to the front of these little ones.

Pachi whispered to Gulu, "Brother, I know why they don't want to play with you. Don't worry, I'll make them like you."

Dudu followed and echoed, "Uh-huh, Brother, they will definitely like you soon."

Then Pachi shouted at the cubs: "I'm telling you. My brother might be raised by a Tyrannosaurus rex, but he's great. He almost got eaten by a Tyrannosaurus rex in order to save me and Dudu before!…Don't listen to those other dinosaurs. My brother will be the best leader. He'll protect us and all Triceratopses in the group…"

From time to time, Dudu would cheer Pachi's speech and added: "Humph, Brother is great, super great! … He'll definitely be the best of the best leader! …"

Gulu listened to Pachi's passionate "speeches" and the divine "assistance" of Dudu. He looked very stunned: My younger siblings are too powerful. It's a waste for Pachi to help other run for "General Manager" with his words. He's simply a "super speaker"!

(T/N: run for "General Manager" = run for office)

Pachi was still making a passionate speech. Gulu was really embarrassed by this kind of "mindless blowing" and "serial rainbow farts". He placed his head near Pachi and Dudu and whispered: "It's too embarrassing. Okay, you don't have to say anymore …"

However, the Triceratops cubs were very excited. They felt that it's really their fault. Gulu was so powerful and so good. Why didn't they like him? When they went back, they had to tell their parents that Gulu was great!

Gulu heard these little Triceratops chanting: "I'm going back to tell Dad and Mom that Gulu is very good. They're not allowed to speak ill of him in the future …"

Gulu didn't know whether these cubs were too easy to brainwash or Pachi was just too powerful. In short, Gulu thought that Pachi's failure to "do pyramid scheme" was really a waste of human talent. Oh, no, it's a waste of dinosaur talent!

Pachi stopped speaking when he saw the desirable effect. He whispered to Gulu: "Brother, they will do whatever you tell them now. You can say that we'll play the Tyrannosaurus Rex game. Whoever you choose will be a Tyrannosaurus Rex and get hit by other cubs. We often play like this and have a lot of fun."

Gulu felt that he might not be able to get off this stage without agreeing to it, so he nodded: "Then let's play the Tyrannosaurus rex game. I'm a Tyrannosaurus rex. Who will like to be a Tyrannosaurus rex with me?"

Pachi and Dudu, of course, immediately replied, "I do, I do!"

Normally, it's not good to be a Tyrannosaurus rex while playing this game, because that cub would get hit. However, there were soon many two or three young ones who're willing to be Tyrannosaurus rex with Gulu.

Siyi hesitated for a long time before finally speaking, "Then I'm also a Tyrannosaurus rex, but I am a Tyrannosaurus rex because of Pachi, not because of Gulu."

At present, Siyi felt very contradictory. Pachi saved his life before, but Gulu also saved his life today. His feeling couldn't change so quickly. He still preferred Pachi for the time being.

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Gulu, of course, wouldn't dispute with Siyi. He also thought that Siyi was cute. Pachi gave Siyi a look of dissatisfaction.

A total of more than 30 chubby Triceratops cubs were chasing and playing together. They were having a great time. The place where they ran completely turned dusty.

However, the big dinosaurs liked to see these young ones playing games. Only young ones who played hard could grow faster and remain healthy.

The little cubs appeared very energetic as if they would never get tired. They played until very late and didn't know when they returned to their nest to sleep. Their big dinosaur parents would bring them back one by one. On the way back, they had to fight to stand on their feet.

The three cubs had a good time. When they reached the nest, they felt very tired and fell asleep in just a short while.

After this, Gulu followed the large army out for food during the day and came back at night to play with the young ones in the group.

Only a few days later, Gulu developed good relationship with most of the young cubs around his age in the group and had a good time every day.

Because these cubs like Gulu very much, they wouldn't allow their Dad and Mom to speak ill of Gulu. They always went back to brainwash their parents by saying how good Gulu was. Gradually, many of these big dinosaurs also put down their prejudice against Gulu.

The little cubs of Heili also wanted to play with Gulu, but Heili strictly forbid them to play with Gulu.

Heili looked at Pado on the high ground from his corner. Pado and a dozen of the strongest Triceratopses stood on the high ground to defend the group.

All male Triceratopses in Pado's ethnic group wanted to stand beside him on the most dangerous highlands and protect the rest of their members. However, only the best male Triceratopses were qualified to be there.

Heili used to be one of those dozen males around Pado, but he could no longer return to that position. He's very sad every day.

Heili's current situation was very humble. He's blinded in one eye. He could no longer be as ferocious as he used to be or return to Pado's side. Now, he just wanted to stay in Pado's ethnic group to eat without worry.

So he hid from Pado and Gulu. He felt that as long as Pado and Gulu didn't see him, they wouldn't remember his misdeeds.

Heili didn't allow his cubs to appear in front of Gulu, for fear that Gulu would know they were his. Gulu might then recall that he often tried to trample him to death before.

Heili now lived carefully every day. To his great relief, Heiwu died. He saw Heiwu fall down the mountain with his own eyes. As long as Heiwu died, Gulu would never know that he sent Heiwu to knock him off the cliff.

Heili's "escape plan" was very successful. Gulu didn't think of him at all, nor did Pado.

Many days after Gulu returned to the group, Mungo came to fetch Gulu for a day because he missed him so much. He roared outside of Pado's group. Pado heard his voice and sent Gulu to him.

After Pado left, Gulu complained to Mungo: "Didn't you say that you'll come to pick me up in five days? Why has it been so long? I thought you won't come anymore. I don't like you …"

In fact, Gulu knew that Mungo stared at him from a distance outside the ethnic group almost every day. When they went out to look for food, Mungo followed. Once they returned to rest, he also trailed after them.

Mungo didn't come to pick up Gulu for so long because he saw Gulu enjoying himself with those cubs. Gulu really needed to learn more quickly on how to survive as a Triceratops.

However, Mungo just rubbed Gulu and admitted his fault, "I know. I'll change."

Gulu: "That's more like it."

Although Gulu wanted to immediately go back to Gaya, Guji and Gudong, he was not in a hurry to return. He had decided to live in the Tyrannosaurus rex group for a few more days this time and already told Pado a moment ago. 

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Now, he thought of going to the foot of Nanshan to find the little Triceratops who hit him. Maybe, he didn't die. During this period of time, Gulu would think of the young Triceratops from time to time. He really wanted to ask the cub why he tried to kill him before then changed to saving him later.

Gulu: "Mungo, let's go find that little Triceratops first, in case he's not dead?"

Although Mungo thought it's unlikely that the little Triceratops was alive, he still let Gulu sit on his head and took him to the foot of Nanshan.

Gulu ate as Mungo walked. It's already noon when they reached the foot of Nanshan.

It's very cold here, but Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops had thick scales covering their bodies. They could withstand high temperatures and cold. Triceratopses also had to pass through glaciers when they migrated.

Gulu thought that it's very beautiful here. It's a vast expanse of white. There was snow and ice everywhere. They looked for the little Triceratops while playing.

Amazingly, some tenacious ferns still managed to grow very green in such a cold place.

Every time Gulu ate one mouthful of fern plants, he also got a bite of snow or ice. It's just like eating iced fern plants. They're super delicious and tasted great.

Mungo was walking slowly with Gulu when a Triceratops cub suddenly jumped in front of them.

Gulu recognized him immediately. This cub was the one who hit him in the beginning. He didn't die!

The Triceratops cub cried out: "Don't go any further. There're a glacier under the ferns here. It's very cold. You'll die if you fall!"

Then Gulu heard a click. The ice cracked and the Triceratops cub fell in!

The water in the glacier was too cold. The cub got a cramp after falling in. He couldn't swim now. No matter how hard he struggled, he kept sinking. Soon, there were only bubbles left on the surface of the water.

Gulu couldn't help crying out: "Mungo, what to do? What to do? He fell in! …"

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