Mungo and Gulu didn't reach their nest until dark.

Both Guji and Gudong were so excited that they kept rubbing on Gulu.

Gaya had prepared many nuts and berries for him. They were all his favorite foods.

There were also a lot of fresh fruits. It's obvious that Gaya picked them today. She knew that Gulu would come back.

In addition, there were many fruits that had completely dried. After Gulu left, Gaya still picked up all kinds of fern leaves and fruits for him every day out of habit.

After these fern leaves and fruits were dried by the sun, they were collected and thrown away by Mungo. Otherwise, they would completely fill up the nest.

Gulu also liked eating dried foods like those berries and nuts. If the dried fern leaves and fruits didn't take up so much space, Mungo would have kept them.

In fact, Gaya's mental state was getting better and better. Since Gaya killed Moke herself, she started to heal. At least, she wouldn't mistake a Triceratops cub for a Tyrannosaurus Rex cub as before.

Gaya's habit of picking these ferns and leaves wasn't really to feed Gulu, who wasn't here. It's because she missed Gulu too much. She would feel very uncomfortable if she didn't do these things that she had long been used to.

Gulu mixed fresh fruit with dried fruit, which were super delicious. After eating these fruits, he also ate some ferns near the nest until he became very full.

It had been more than ten days since Gulu hadn't eaten these ferns near the nest. They now grew very tall. Gulu felt that he shouldn't leave for too long. He needed to come back regularly to eat the ferns in order to keep the areas around the nest trimmed.

Gulu: This Tyrannosaurus rex's lair depends entirely on my energy-saving and environment-friendly mighty lawn mower. I'm really super powerful!

After eating, the three cubs began to play again.

Even if they hadn't seen each other for ten days, their interactions were just like Gulu never left. However, these two cubs were now reluctant to hurt their brother. They just gently bit and scratched him. It wasn't like a real fight at all.

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Gulu had never played with his two Tyrannosaurus Rex brothers in human form since he got one.

He spoke: "I'll become a human and hug you, okay? But my human form is very fragile. You can't bite or scratch me."

Guji and Gudong nodded wildly at once. They also wanted to touch the human form of their older brother.

Gulu found a particularly clean fern bushes and turned into a human being there. His two younger brothers surrounded him. Don't mention touching him. They were even afraid to breathe too much in fear of hurting their brother.

Guji: "Brother, your human form looks too weak. Your hands are so thin, thinner than our forelimbs …"

Gudong: "Brother, why don't you have short scales? You look so strange ah …"

Gulu reached out his hands and touched his two younger brothers. The two younger brothers' scales were also very smooth, but not as hard as Mungo's. The bigger Tyrannosaurus rex grew, the harder their scales would become.

Gaya and Mungo's more than a dozen brothers also gathered around Gulu. Mungo was afraid that they might accidentally hurt Gulu and drove them away.

The instinct to protect her cubs made Gaya just rub her nose softly against Gulu. Guji and Gudong followed the appearance of their Mom and also rubbed Gulu this way.

Gulu felt itchy all over his body.

Guji: "Brother's meat is so soft. This place is chubby. I'm going to rub well …"

Gulu immediately pushed aside Guji with his hands. Those were his butts!

At the same time, Mungo didn't know why, but he felt a little angry. He picked up Guji and placed him aside. Guji was not allowed to rub Gulu again. When Guji came running back, Mungo kept him away with his big head.

Gulu who initially wanted to become human to gather around these Tyrannosaurus rex didn't expect that: emmm…… … it seems that I was actually gathered by them instead!

(T/N: the literal translation is to 'pull' them to him. Apparently, it's a League of Legion slang term to distract mobs so another player can do something else to the Boss. Right? I'm not too sure since I don't play this game haha)

Gulu changed back to a Triceratops, mainly because Cretaceous insects and mosquitoes were too big. His human body didn't even have clothes. He couldn't afford to expose his body to this environment for long.

The three cubs stayed up until very late.

The nest had been greatly expanded by Gaya, so the three cubs could still sleep in the nest and didn't feel crowded at all.

Gaya guarded them by the side of the nest just like before.

Everything here had not changed, as if Gulu had never left.

Gulu lived in the Tyrannosaurus rex group for six days. Originally, the plan was to only live for three days. However, since the third day of his return, there were strong winds and torrential rain, which lasted for another three days. This kind of weather wasn't suitable for his return.

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During the three days of heavy rain, Gaya protected her cubs all day long. The three cubs stood under her huge body. Not much rain and wind reached them since a giant Alsophila tree blocked most of them for the three cubs. These little ones still had fun.

The day Mungo sent Gulu back was sunny, but the smell of the sea was still faintly perceptible in the air. The storm from the previous two days was caused by a tsunami in the Sada Sea.

Dinosaurs that couldn't come out in the last two days because of the heavy rains all came out in succession to look for food. The whole continent of Yukan looked extremely lively.

Gulu sat on Mungo's head while eating ferns and leaves. They didn't need to hurry back, so they walked slowly toward Pado's ethnic group.

At this moment, Gulu saw a huge pterosaur flying towards them. It's the familiar figure of Cassie!

Cassie looked very anxious. He flew very fast. After reaching Gulu, he circled around in the sky and kept on screeching.

Gulu knew that Cassie was seeking his help.

Clearly Cassie was in such a hurry just now, but he still hesitated to fly down here. Gulu knew that Cassie didn't do so not because of Mungo, but because he didn't know whether he should ask him for help.

Gulu shouted to the sky as loud as he could, "Cassie! Quickly come down!"

Cassie hovered too high. Gulu didn't know if he could hear.

In the end, Cassie still landed three meters away from Mungo. He's also very anxious after landing and kept walking around in the same place.

Gulu hurriedly came down from Mungo's head and ran to Cassie. Of course, Mungo followed.

Cassie gently rubbed against Gulu's little body and said: "Gulu, I didn't originally want to come to you, but Nassau is injured and trapped on an island …"

According to Cassie's description, Gulu found out that the tsunami of the previous few days had brought great damage to Nassau's ethnic group.

A few days ago, the tsunami occurred suddenly. Nassau's ethnic group was foraging on an island. The tsunami was going to completely engulf the island. All of them needed to return to their main living area.

Nassau was injured in order to protect members of the ethnic group when leaving the island. He's trapped on the island. Fortunately, he found a cave to escape. Because the island wasn't completely submerged, he managed to survive.

Quetzalcoatluses flew using air and wind. However, if the wind was too strong while they were forced to fly, their wing bones might be broken.

Therefore, when there was a tsunami or a violent storm, Quetzalcoatluses shouldn't fly. They must wait until the wind and rain were light or the weather was fine again before flying.

Nassau's wing bones were injured in the extremely strong storm. Now the tsunami had stopped and it's safe, but he couldn't fly away from the island.

Cassie visited Nassau many times on the island. Nassau never allowed Cassie to come to Gulu because Nassau felt that his wing bone injury wasn't serious or broken. He would definitely be able to fly in a few days.

But Cassie was very worried. What if Nassau's wing bones didn't heal? He finally came to Gulu.

Cassie thought that since Gulu could help Nada to cure his broken wing bones, he must also have a way to deal with Nassau's minor injury.

Gulu immediately told Mungo without any hesitation: "Mungo, I'll go with Cassie. I'll be back in a few days. Don't worry. If it's taking too long, I'll let Cassie send me back at least once, so you can rest assured."

The last time Mungo went hunting on a volcano, he would have died without Cassie's help.

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Gulu must help Nassau to repay him. Otherwise, he would feel guilty.

Although Mungo now thought that pterosaurs wasn't so bad, he still didn't agree with Gulu going so far. It's an island! In the middle of the sea! If anything happened to Gulu, he couldn't fly there to help! Gulu can't go!

So, Mungo refused, "No, Gulu, no! I won't let you go!"

Gulu knew that Mungo wouldn't allow him to leave, but he still said, "Mungo, I can't listen to you this time."

Having spoken, Gulu immediately became a human being and quickly straddled Cassie. He patted Cassie on the neck, meaning: Take off now!

Mungo was very angry. He opened his big mouth full of fangs. If he wanted to, he could bite off Cassie's neck with one move.

At this time, Cassie wasn't afraid of Mungo at all. He ran at full speed and soon flew to the middle of the sky.

Mungo wanted to bite Cassie to death, but he knew that Gulu would be sad if he did. This pterosaur helped Gulu so many times and he couldn't bear to let Gulu feel sad. His moment of hesitation caused him to almost lose sight of the pterosaur.

Mungo was very upset and roared while desperately chasing after them.

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