The Empress Dowager is really angry this time

This Qianqiu banquet was held in Linde Hall. All the top female family members in the court lined up a whole hall. The middle-ranking of the outer hall is high, and there are many ministers close to the royal family. The concubines have a rare presence against the Empress. Expressing fear, Princess Kejing was full of expectation, holding her breath and waiting for the emperor to arrive.

The Empress Dowager revealed the emperor's attendance at the banquet a few days ago. What was said from the Ningshou Palace, almost everyone thought that this was already fixed and unchangeable. As a result, everyone waited and waited. When the energy of picking up for the ride dissipated and couldn't get together, I still didn't see the figure of the emperor and empress.

Seeing the auspicious time for the banquet for a long time passed, there was unavoidable sound of discussion in the hall, and the Lord finally showed his face.

The Empress was late in wearing a golden red dress embroidered with a phoenix. She is not young anymore. The life of confinement called Xiu Jianshi has completely destroyed her beauty, although there are no fine lines under the powder. , But there is no way to hide the depression on his face.

And the thing that makes people feel that the second mother of the nation since the founding of the Great Zhou Dynasty has sunk to the west is that she is alone.

The one person here does not mean that there is no one behind her, on the contrary, this time the Empress's pomp is unprecedented. There are as many as dozens of court ladies behind her, and they file in mightily.

"A person" specifically refers to the absence of the emperor.

If he is not there, it will be of no avail for the Empress to bring hundreds or thousands of people. Everyone's expressions become subtle, and most of the tension and awe are dissipated at this moment. The De fei sitting in front is even more on the spot. Sneered.

The voice was so small that only Shu fei, who was sitting next to her, heard it. She glanced at De fei, raised her eyebrows, and covered the smile in her eyes.

Just thinking about how embarrassing the scene was, you can guess it.

The Empress Dowager is an elder, and she just said that she was sick and it is not easy to talk. The most important thing is that she doesn't want to see the Empress herself, so she thinks that after the banquet, it is finished to reward some gifts. After all, the emperor is there and it doesn't matter if the Empress Dowager goes or not. important.

As a result, the news that the emperor had missed the appointment came.

The empress' embarrassment at the time was what the empress dowager wanted, but what she cared more about was how sad and angry Princess Kejing was this time.

The empress dowager's anger was on the cusp, saying that she didn't want to see the emperor at all, but the emperor was very patient and waited outside the palace gate unhurriedly, sending people in to see him every once in a while.

When it was the fourth time, the Empress Dowager was a little bit unable to sit still. She knew the emperor's temperament. If she really ignored him, people could stand outside for the whole night. Then he would feel at ease and feel that she had made up for it. What would you say?

The Empress Dowager thought about it, but she was relieved and asked Wu to invite the emperor in.

When the emperor came in, the Empress Dowager was sitting on the bed with a wiping forehead and a quilt covering her body. She leaned on the bed with an ugly face. He heard the movement of people coming in, but didn't even look at it.

The emperor bowed to her if nothing had happened, and then sat on the chair that the palace man moved over in time, and asked with concern: "Is the mother's body better?"

The Empress Dowager had made up her mind not to pay attention to him, but he was as if nothing happened, and directly silenced the Empress Dowager.

She sneered: "Thanks to your majesty, not only is it not good, but it will be pissed off."

The emperor paused: "Why do you bother?"

"Why?" The Empress Dowager said in a frenzy: "If you really don't want to go, tell me earlier, who can tie you into the Linde Hall? But you promised so well, and the person who ran away when the matter came to the end was missing… Do you know how uncomfortable Zhen'er can be!"

This is indeed his fault. The emperor lowered his head: "It's me, it's not, but I didn't expect it to happen suddenly."

The Empress Dowager sneered and said: "What is the urgent matter again, to open Wei Niang's eyes."

The emperor didn't change his face and said, "The mother and the Empress may not know about the affairs of the outside world."

The Empress Dowager clenched a fist with her right hand, drooped down the edge of the bed, and snorted coldly: "If you don't grow up, fooling people is getting smoother and smoother."

She is the mother of the emperor who gave birth to the emperor, and she has learned about him for so many years. How can she not know that he is a perfunctory lie to her, and she refuses to be serious at all: "Emperor, your wings are hard, I This mother-in-law can't control you, you… let's go!"

The emperor fell silent for a while before he whispered in the empress dowager's angry gasp: "Mother, why bother to force your son to do something that you don't like?"

When the emperor was young, he was a little bit frizzy and impulsive, but war made people precocious, and he was forced to accept such a crumbling dynasty when he was a teenager. People who are more impulsive will be flattened. Since then, he has been so motionless and always calm and free.

At least the Empress Dowager hasn't felt any ups and downs in this son's mood for many years.

But at this time, when the emperor lowered his head and asked his mother softly why she wanted to force him, the Empress Dowager actually tasted the sadness and loss from it.

The Empress Dowager was dissatisfied with the emperor's temperament. When he seemed to really lower his head to show a weak side, she began to restless: "Emperor, I, I am not forcing you…"

The emperor raised his head with a somewhat complicated look in his eyes: "Mother, you know that I hate the Su family in my heart. Why do you always insist on going your own way and force me to get along with someone… You are happy in your heart?"

The Empress Dowager was accustomed to seeing the emperor's strength in the interior, and she was really at a loss when she listened to him complaining to herself: "I don't like the Empress either, but as a grandmother, I always have to think about Zhen'er."

The emperor's eyebrows jumped unconsciously, and then he said: "You love her so much, even if… there is no Empress, who can look down on her?"

"But how many years can I live?" The Empress Dowager looked sad, then waved her hand to stop the emperor's retort, and continued: "You don't need to comfort you. People are scarce in the seventies. It won't last for a few years."

The emperor did not refute this, but said softly, "Isn't there still me?"

The Empress Dowager looked up at the emperor in surprise, and only listened to him: "She is not without a father. Why does the Empress think that I can't support her and call the shots?"

The Empress Dowager was stunned on the spot, and it took a long time to come back to her senses. This time there were tears in her eyes unknowingly. She raised her hand and wiped the already wrinkled corners of her eyes, "You are so busy, so busy that you don't have time to miss your children… …"

"I really don't care about the children, but I am still not a father who ignores his children when they are wronged. It doesn't matter if you put your worries on Ruotong, but Kejing is not the kind of aggrieved father. Whoever speaks-as long as you let me know, no one can insult her."

If one word is used to describe the feelings of the Empress Dowager, it must be the words "mixed flavors". Looking at her son's calm eyes, she was almost speechless with a complicated mood.

"Can you guarantee it?" The Empress Dowager asked tremblingly: "Guaranteed to treat Zhen'er…Love is like a treasure, will you never let people bully her?"

The emperor's tone was very calm: "Love as a treasure may not be easy, but if someone wants to bully her, then I will naturally take charge of her…but her temperament, I am afraid that I have not yet used it."

The Empress Dowager still had tears in her eyes, and was amused by the emperor's serious teasing.

The emperor suddenly said again: "But before Kejing was born, I saw that you hated Su's posture, but you never thought that you would love her child like this… The place where several princes are going to retreat, it seems that it is indeed Natural fate."

The Empress Dowager laughed, and then sighed: "It's just her mother who doesn't care about it, that makes me feel more distressed."

"What the mother said is," the emperor lowered her eyes. "But it is not a long-term solution to doting too much with children, especially in matters between husband and wife. If you always intervene, it may not be a good thing for Ke Jing."

The previous remarks were put to the bottom of the heart, but at this time the Empress Dowager listened: "What you said is reasonable, but…well, I will pay attention to it from now on. Zhen'er is a good boy, just a little more temperamental."

At this point, it seems that the Empress is irrelevant. Although the Empress Dowager is still worried about Princess Kejing's situation with her birth mother, she also knows that when it comes to this, the emperor cannot change his mind anymore and force it. Going on can only backfire.

Because the mother and son reached a consensus on their daughter and granddaughter, the relationship finally eased. The Empress Dowager felt a lot relaxed, and she was also in the mood to say something else: "This time, something happened to the girl in the Shao family."

The emperor was a little surprised.

The Empress Dowager snorted: "You also came out of my stomach. I still don't know what's in my mind? The past few days are calm and there can be no emergency. You ran out of the palace in a hurry, except to meet your sweetheart. , What else is it for?"

I don't know why, putting the three words "sweetheart" with my son, the Empress Dowager always feels a bit awkward.

The emperor did not hide: "I can't hide anything from the mother-she is ill and has a severe fever."

The empress dowager had a good impression of Shao Xun. From the expression of the emperor, she knew that the problem was not serious. She said: "Why, did you coax the little girl?"

The emperor was silent for a moment, because in a sense, what the Empress Dowager said was quite appropriate.

"Since the child agrees, don't delay. Entering the palace earlier will save you from worrying about the outside of the palace all day long. Set your position, and the family will make an order."

The emperor did not move: "Which position does the Empress think is good?"

The Empress Dowager pondered: "Among the concubines you were enrolled in the throne, the highest-ranking Shu fei was the first concubine. When she entered the palace, she was the fourth-rank concubine… She is the child's aunt, do you want to take care of Shu fei's face?"

The emperor smiled, and the Empress Dowager understood: "In this case, she is a bit taller than Shu fei, and the position of Zhaorong among the six noble concubines is vacant, so it is better to reward her."

To be honest, this position is not low anymore. At that time, the most popular Li-嫔, the Yi-嫔 who gave birth to the sixth prince, was only a seventh-grade beauty and talent when he entered the palace.

But the emperor did not answer, the Empress Dowager glanced at him: "Do you want to seal the concubine directly? This is too much…"

Unexpectedly, the emperor still did not give affirmation, and finally said: "She is the eldest daughter of Yingguo public family. What does the Empress think is the most suitable?"

The Empress Dowager thought he was directly looking at the seat of a concubine or imperial concubine, she wanted to frown and object, but when she looked at his expression, she gave a hunch as if she had a premonition in her heart.

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