The Empress Dowager slowly raised her eyes and looked at the emperor and said, "What do you mean?"

The emperor did not speak.

To a certain extent, his silence can already express his attitude.

The Empress Dowager only felt that her breath was held in her throat so that she could barely breathe. She couldn't stand the cough, and patted her chest smoothly.

The emperor silently handed out a cup of tea, and was pushed away by the Empress Dowager: "Emperor! No matter what you are thinking about, I have to say it straight-no, it's impossible!"

The emperor put down the teacup in his hand, "On the family, on the appearance, on… the character, is she not worthy?"

The Empress Dowager did not expect that he really had this idea, and she was anxious and annoyed: "Is this a question of whether she is worthy? If the Empress's seat is such that as long as it is worthy of it, newcomers can occupy it, then you may change three or four in your life. Ten is not enough."

"Also, even if the Empress is bad in your heart, but the past few years have been honestly nesting in the Xianning Palace, you have such an easy idea of ​​abandoning? How do the people in the ruling and opposition parties talk about it? ?"

The emperor's expression was calm, but people felt cold, "She had made a big mistake."

The Empress Dowager paused, her anger subsided a little, and she slowed down and continued to persuade: "That's all the old things of the old sesame seeds and rotten grains, can you tell me now that you can convince others? Yes, if you insist on taking the old things as waste The latter reason may not be impossible with some effort, but anyone with a discerning eye doesn't know that there is something tricky here? If this is to make room for the birth mother of the prince in the future, it's all right. At most, people talk a little bit about the old feelings, but now you The new Empress who is going to marry doesn't have a son to let you stand up. When the time comes, let people discuss that Shao had an affair with you before he came out of the cabinet, making you abandon your wife?"

This was a bit harsh, and the emperor couldn't help frowning.

But the ear-piercing is useful. When the Empress Dowager sees his expression, she knows that it's the point. She understands that the girl is the point: "Don't forget, she's still the niece of Shu fei. She has been in and out of the court since she was a child, and others have to say something. How unpleasant it is, it's spread from ear to ear, and I'm afraid there will be discussions a few generations later."

The Empress Dowager thought that what she said was reasonable. If the emperor was really thinking about it for Shao Xun, he should dispel the absurd idea, but she never received a response.

The emperor seemed to be leaning on the back of the chair calmly, with one hand resting on the armrest, his fingers gently clasping the exquisitely carved animal head at the top, and his long eyes hanging slightly, clearly like an ordinary child chatting with his mother.

But he didn't say a word after listening to the Empress Dowager's persuasion.

The Empress Dowager couldn't help but look into the eyes of the emperor.

The emperor noticed the inquiring gaze and raised his eyelids to look at his mother.

The Empress Dowager's heart sank quickly, and it is not an exaggeration to describe it as an ice cellar.

——There is a cool divine light in his eyes, which makes the expression that should have been calm look vaguely hostile.

It's like an illusion, but it's scary.

The Empress Dowager's throat moved uncontrollably: "Do you-do you want the Empress to die?"

The emperor looked away: "I didn't say that."

But when he found out that the Empress was occupying the seat of his sweetheart, he was really murderous!

The Empress Dowager shuddered.

Her family's population is simple, and she is very capable of marrying a husband. Except that the first emperor had been separated from her husband for half a year during the first uprising, she was almost impervious to the back, and she stayed securely in the back. It can be said that she has been in troubled times. Everyone in the middle of the world can't even think of the land of Taoyuan.

After the first emperor became the king, she was undisputedly the Empress directly. Although there were several former concubines in the palace, they were all old people from a long time ago, and the first emperor could hardly be seen. The only two princes were hers. Yes, whoever becomes the emperor is a certain Empress dowager.

Such an old woman who hasn't experienced much weather, whether she is kind or stupid, facing her son whose murderous heart is now hidden, she is really afraid.

After a moment of fear, she immediately came back to her senses: "The emperor! That is your wife, Zhen'er's biological mother!"

"You, if you really move that mind, you will be pushing Zhen'er to death. If she has a long and two shortcomings, I won't be able to live!"

The Empress Dowager was shocked and frightened this time, she really cried with tears.

The emperor's breathing was very soft, and his voice was low: "I never said what to do with her."

"You don't need to deny it," the Empress Dowager choked and shook her head: "Whether there is or not, you just need to know that there is no impermeable wall in the world, not to mention how the Empress's body is clearer than Zhen'er, if it suddenly appears Could she not guess what happened? Father killed her mother… This is killing her!"

She looked at this son who was born without giving her peace of mind:

"Even if you don't care about my love for giving birth to you in October, it still seems that when your father went to war for the first time, I tried to be beaten to death and starved to death, and you would protect your safety and integrity. …

There was also the Uyghur Battle, when your father was not there, everyone did not approve of your deployment of troops and adventures. It was only your brother and I who believed in your abilities, gritted their teeth and supported you to divide the only troops in half. As a result, you came home in a big victory, with unlimited scenery. But do you know how difficult it is for our mothers to guard a city with few people left? A Ying dragged the sick body to the tower to boost morale. He didn't close his eyes for two days and two nights. Finally… Finally… Do you remember? "

She felt uncomfortably speechless when she thought of the incident, and the emperor replied in a deep voice: "Brother was shot by Liu Yao… almost killed."

"Yeah, he was pierced with an arrow through his left shoulder, and he took a breath. He was in a coma for a long time before finally regaining his life. The first thing he opened his eyes was to tell me not to blame you… but I blame you. Huh? You are also the proud son of me. I have never complained about it even once…"

The emperor closed his eyes and took a deep breath: "The mother and… the brother's gracious son will never forget."

The Empress Dowager wiped her tears: "It's not about letting you do it, just what you want to do. First think about Zhen'er, and think about me… If it doesn't help, you can ask Shao Brothers what she means, and ask her what she wants. Unwilling to walk into the palace with a life debt."

The emperor opened his eyes: "The empress does not need to mention her, I have no intention of wanting the Empress's life."

The Empress Dowager let out a long sigh of relief, and leaned back: "In a few days, I will call Shao into the palace."

The clock next to the door not far away was walking non-stop, the atmosphere in the sleeping hall was so quiet that it made people uncomfortable, the Empress Dowager said in a very soft voice: "Recommendation, emperor, your sweetheart, I will make her innocent, and will not recruit anything. Stepping into the palace without incident…"

The emperor was silent for a while: "Thank you, Empress Dowager."

He stood up, so tall that he couldn't see the thin child when he was a child: "The son is leaving."

When the emperor was about to walk to the door, the Empress Dowager stopped him, her voice inevitably old: "What you want to do…you have to do it step by step, or… let others have a preparation."

The emperor stood by the door, and he bowed and saluted: "Yes."

Shao Zhenyu, Zheng Shi and Shao Qiong were the people who went to Yingguo Gongfu to celebrate the Empress's birthday. Several people returned to the residence. Before Shao Zhenyu had time to drink, he was called away by the people in the Yamen.

Zheng was busy changing his husband's clothes, sending him out, changing his home-made clothes, and packing Shao Qiong. Before he could catch his breath, he was reminded that the eldest girl had a fever for a day, and now it looks like Better.

She remembered this, so she took her daughter to visit Langgan Xiaozhu again.

At this time Shao Xun looked much better than before. Zheng went into the bedroom and saw Shao Xun with his own eyes. Then he breathed a sigh of relief: "Ah Xun, what do you think?"

Shao Xunzheng put on his clothes, leaned on the bedside to read, and raised his head and smiled when he heard the words: "It's already good. Mother and sister have returned from the palace?"

Zheng probed the temperature on Shao Xun's forehead, and said, "Isn't it? This day, I can't breathe when I'm tired… Your father wants to see you too, but there's something going on at the public house… It's still a bit hot. , But it's not serious anymore."

Shao Xun leisurely put the book beside his casual pillow: "It wasn't that serious…Ah Qiong, what's wrong with you?"

Shao Qiong had a sad expression on his face: "This time the palace is not fun at all, the pomp is huge, but it is not as interesting as the last time the birthday banquet of Shu fei concubine, not to say a lot of words, not to let one step more. The vegetables were so oily and soft, they were terribly unpalatable. Everyone didn't laugh or talk. Those who didn't know thought it was a funeral…"

"Ah Qiong!" Zheng scolded, and Shao Qiong narrowed her mouth and dared not speak.

Shao Xun played with the tassel of the jade pendant in his hand, and said nothing.

Zheng looked at Shao Xun for a few moments, and curiously asked, "Ah Xun, is there any good news?"

Shao Xun was taken aback: "No…ah, what's the matter?"

"I see you seem to be very happy." Zheng said: "Although you are sick…"

That's right, although Shao Xun's cheeks are still blushing caused by heat, his eyes are bright and transparent, and when he looks at others, he has a burning light, and his mood is so good that people can tell at a glance.

Shao Xun touched his cheek, blinked, and said with a smile, "Is there? It might be the reason that his body is about to heal."

Zheng had some doubts, but couldn't get the answer, so he could only habitually ask her to take care of her body, and then said a few more words to show her concern, which led Shao Qiong to leave.

Liucui came in and gave Shao Xunduan the medicine: "Just leave? I really just came and took a look."

Shao Xun drank the cup of medicine in one fell swoop: "As for how to do these things, it's still good if I haven't seen others, but the others didn't even show their faces."

It's no wonder that Zheng thinks that she is in a surprisingly good mood today. In the past, Shao Xun was always upset when she said such things, but she has a brisk tone today, and even this kind of complaint sounds sweet.

Liucui moved her mouth, and as soon as she was about to say something, Shao Kui, as "Cao Cao", was already there.

Shao Kui hurried over, sweating on his head, and asked about Shao Xun's situation first when he entered the door: "How's it going?"

Liu Xin, who led him in, secretly rolled his eyes with Yuhu, and Yuhu almost couldn't help laughing.

Liu Xin said: "Oh, it's the son of the elder who is here. Unfortunately, you are late, and our girl will be in peace soon."

Shao Kui was choked as soon as he entered the door, and he felt a little uneasy, but recently Shao Xun's patience with him gradually faded, and he was too lazy to give him a good face, so that he, the elder brother, also became cautious. In the past, he must reprimand Liu Xinxia for committing crimes, but now even the girl in his sister's room dare not discipline at will.

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